ONE - The Original Unified Gospel of Jesus. Authoritative Gospel Reference, Bible.
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ONE - The Original Unified Gospel of Jesus. Authoritative Gospel Reference, Bible.ONE - The Original Unified Gospel of Jesus. Authoritative Gospel Reference, Bible.

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Another year gone by.  What have we done, and why?  G. Zegarelli


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ONE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Shipping and Availability



Author Contact

Are limited editions and/or future editions planned?

The Original Printing is naturally a limited editionThe edition currently being shipped, entitled "Original Printing" (see copyright notice page), will never be printed again; that is, future reprints will not bear the designation "Original Printing."  The quest for perfection notwithstanding, the author specifically required the phrase "Original Printing" rather than "First Printing" because he contemplated that at least technical corrections would be necessary and that the original print run would naturally include the errors that occur in any first iteration of a major work.  The publisher currently has a short list of corrections that will be made in future prints--all regrettable--but all substantively immaterial.  In the long term, whether such errors in the Original Printing lend value to collectibility cannot be determined other than retrospectively.   The next printing will be either be designated as "First Printing" or "Second Printing" depending upon the nature of the revisions to be made, but it will NOT be designated as "Original Printing."  If you find any necessary corrections, please inform the publisher on the Feedback page and the correction will be made in the future printings.

A keepsake limited edition red-letter (Jesus' words in red type) hardbound edition is planned, but a release date has not been determined--anticipated March, 2007.  We anticipate offering it first to's existing customers before being made otherwise available to the public.  Please give us your feedback; we would like to know if you are interested in such an edition, and whether it should be made available on a personalized basis (such as imprinted with family names or other designations).

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How many versions of ONE are there?

  • There are two versions of ONE, separately published.  Each version is published in different media, physical books, electronic e-book and audio.  Following is the status of publication:
    • DIVINE VERSION.  Also called the “Christian Version.” The DIVINE version contains the whole unified text of the original Gospels. The full text includes the “divine miracles” that Christians believe on faith. For example, the immaculate conception of Jesus by the Virgin Mary, the raising of Lazarus from the dead, Jesus walking on water, and Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. This is the full unified gospel. If you are a Christian of any denomination, the DIVINE version is recommended.
    • UNIVERSAL VERSION.  Non-Christians, by definition, do not believe in the divinity of Jesus. And, in fact, some non-Christians may find it violative of their own beliefs to study any work that includes the events that plainly rest on Christian faith. The UNIVERSAL version—unlike the DIVINE version—is for those who desire to conduct a more philosophical study of Jesus. For the most part, these are probably non-Christians; however, the study of Jesus’ teachings from a non-religious perspective does not contradict Jesus’ purpose. To some Christians, it may be a refreshing study or perspective. Accordingly, the UNIVERSAL version is a subtext of the DIVINE Version: it removes certain divine miracles that necessarily require a Christian faith. Where it does so, the removal is well-documented for scholars. For example, the UNIVERSAL version does not reference Jesus being born of a virgin or rising from the dead. It does, however, have all the beautiful teachings of goodness from someone who is admitted by most to be one of greatest persons who has ever lived, whether or not the student believes him to be divine. If you are not a Christian of any denomination, the UNIVERSAL version is recommended.
  • Each version of ONE is published in three separate media, separately available: Physical book, electronic e-book and CD audio.

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How do I join the newsletter?

To join the newsletter, please go to our Newsletter page.

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When is ONE shipping?

  • ONE - Divine
    • Physical Book, Shipping Now: Shipping.  Depending upon order date, Holiday delivery is guaranteed.  Supplies limited.
    • E-Book.  Shipping Now: First edition E-book is currently shipping
    • Audio CD, In Production: Audio CD is currently in production.  Release is anticipated for January 2007.  The pre-production editions sound wonderful!
  • ONE - Universal
    • Physical Book, Anticipated Shipping January, 2007: Physical book, softbound, is in final edit preparation for pre-press.  Delivery will begin for pre-orders on or about late January, 2007.  If you purchased this product and our shipping timing does not satisfy your particular need for delivery, please contact us immediately for a full refund.  We want your complete satisfaction.
    • E-Book. : First edition E-book anticipated for mid-January, 2007. 
    • Audio CD: Release is anticipated in early 2007.

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Is ONE available in bookstores?

Not yet.  Print run timing did not permit delivery of the books to bookstores.  Accordingly, the books are not anticipated to be in bookstores until 2007.  Currently, is the only purchase source. availability is anticipated late 2006 following their internal processing.  We do not anticipate that will have any copies of the work signed by the author.

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What is the ordering and return policy?

The publisher cannot resell any book that has been opened or otherwise used.  Accordingly, all sales are final.  However, the publisher has an Early Holiday Special Deals, for which there is special 100% money back return policy--no questions asked--on small volume gift purchases.  See Special Deals.  Personalized books cannot be returned; return authorization required.

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How do I contact the author of ONE?

Contact for scheduling, appearances or events is handled through Sandra M. Marr, C.P. at  If you already know Gregg Zegarelli personally or professionally, then you should contact him in the manner in which you would otherwise do so.

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Can I read ONE to my children?

Absolutely.  But, remember that, although ONE is a "unified" gospel, it is not "sugar-coated" in some manner.  It is an authentic verbatim unification.  So, the real answer is that, if you would read your children any of the individual Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and/or John), then you would read ONE to your children as well.

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How do I notify the publisher of an editing issue or typographical error?

We are interested in your comments about ONE.  Please give us your suggestions at our Feedback link (bottom of home page).  Although we strive for or may even achieve excellence, we understand that that nothing is perfect, but we'll keep trying.  We want to know if you find a particular section interesting, or if you find a typographical error, editing mistake or take issue with any aspect of readability or unification.  Please let us know, and feel free to be as complimentary or as critical as you see fit.  All feedback is anonymous unless you identify yourself.  Please see our Help Us Edit - ONE page for information on known necessary revisions; you can receive a free autographed copy of ONE for assisting us!

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What are your general ordering terms and conditions?

See Ordering FAQs.

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Can I have ONE gift wrapped and drop shipped to the recipient of my gift?

You can have ONE shipped to your gift recipient; please specify this during the checkout process.  Included in the price of shipment, for the ORIGINAL PRINTING currently shipping, we are sending the book in red foil envelopes that are already suitable as gift packaging.  If you would like to add a gift card, that is a product option Add Gift Wrapping Now.

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Will the author personalize my copy?

From the author's perspective, generally, yes.  This is an advantage of purchasing directly from, rather than from another source.  However, it depends upon timing and fulfillment constraints.  For example, if the author is unavailable for two weeks, the order cannot be fulfilled in a timely manner.  Accordingly, orders CANNOT be conditioned upon the author's signature.  Books are sent without signatures unless requested in accordance with's policy.

Regarding signatures, some persons prefer personalized greetings/messages/signatures and others prefer only the author's signature.  This is generally because of collectibility issues.  Accordingly, all requests for signatures will be only the author's name, unless requested otherwise.  The probability of obtaining an immediate signature without personalization is greater because has a limited number of pre-signed books.  Personalized copies require coordination with the author.  If you know the Gregg Zegarelli personally, please contact him directly regarding signatures and he will coordinate with us; you should communicate with him in the same manner as customary for you.  If Mr. Zegarelli has corresponded to you regarding providing a signature, and you receive a book without a signature, please contact and we will manage the situation for you immediately.

After you have made an order, please send a request to  It is important to see our general terms for ordering at  Ordering FAQs.   

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Can I purchase the Unification Index separately?

Yes.  The Unification Index is also published separately.  Click here for the product page.

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