ONE Unified Gospel of Jesus,Harmony of Gospels,Parallel Gospels
ONE Unified Gospel of Jesus,Harmony of Gospels,Parallel Gospels
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Can you add a single moment to your life by worrying?  Why become anxious about clothes?  If even the smallest things are beyond your control, why are you anxious about the rest?  Learn from the way the wild flowers grow; they do not work or spin.  I tell you: not even Solomon, in all his splendor, was clothed so well as one little flower.  --Jesus
ONE: 596-600

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ONE: The Unified Gospel of Jesus Gift Ideas

ONE Testimonials
ONE - The Unified Gospel. The Original Unified Gospel of Jesus. Authoritative Gospel Reference, Bible.
Some of our recent feedback.  Please leave your feedback on the feedback page. 
We encourage you to help others by sharing your testimonials at Amazon.  Amazon's worldwide pervasiveness is a unique opportunity to share the message and goodness of
ONE with others.  We are so deeply appreciative of your comments and encouragementsit gives us strength. 
  • Simply magnificent.  ONE is a book everyone should have!  It takes all four gospels and wraps them into one fascinating read. I didn't want to put it down! And by combining the 4 witnesses--Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John--one really sees Jesus in a totally different way. Complete! One doesn't have to wonder if Matthew said 'this', did any of the others say the same or what?  And the index is supreme and great for study!  All I know is that our Lord became more real than ever before as we go from annunciation to resurrection in one combined message of Love!  You don't get Matthew's view; Mark's rendition; Luke's message; or John's marvelous get them all at once.  I have a large print version which I definitely recommend.  It is my understanding that it should be available soon from Amazon, but if not, go to the author's website and read all about it!  Believe me, you will truly love this ONE!  I wish I could find better ways to tell you to: BUY IT!!!!!! A.W.
  • Thank you for the copy of "One."  I've had a chance to read through some of it and I must say that it's a very clever and useful way to present a synthesis of the four Gospels.  I've never seen it done this way.  The resource I have lays out the Gospels in parallel structure with each individual Gospel in columns next to the other.  Both approaches have their merits I suppose, but the unified approach is certainly more user-friendly to the lay reader and to someone new to the faith.  I really like how it is well-footnoted with references to the chapters and verses of each Gospel.  Kudos...It's a great addition to my library.  Pastor D.
  • [I] look forward to reading ONE and feel that it will teach and guide me to gain a better understanding of the bible.  Unfortunately, as a young Catholic student, we were never instructed to study the Bible, so I've always found it difficult to read. I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness, and I admire you for creating this beautiful piece of work that is so desperately needed in our World today. God bless you, K.K.
  • This is a superb project!  I particularly like the idea of the two versions so that the teachings of Jesus are available for everyone.  As a Christian believer in the divinity of Christ, I am reading the Original Printing. M.H.
  • "BRAVO !!!!!" J.M.
  • "As a seminarian, this blew me away." M.E.
  • "LOVE 'ONE'...........I have never felt this close to my Lord as I have been from reading this.  It is like walking with Him!!!  Awesome." A.W.
  • "... I think they represent an impressive degree of scholarship and dedication, and now that I've had a chance to examine them more closely, I'm even more impressed.  Not a biblical student myself, I found them to be fascinating, and I learned a lot." R.W.
  • "[ONE] has made me aware of the Gospels, once again.  I do not belong to a Bible Study group, so your book has brought the Bible into focus for me, after many years and that is a good thing." B.&A. F.
  • The Large Print Edition arrived today and it is marvelous!!!  It is spiral bound so that if you wish to spread it out, there is no fear of damaging a spine!  AND the paper is a light tan [I am not good with colors] but it is subdued and so much better than white as there will be no light reflections!  Again, God Bless you for publishing this in large print!  ONE is a blessing within itself but having it in LARGE PRINT is a double blessing!  ... A.W.
  • "I have just purchased your book ONE, and am enjoying its read. I believe it has accomplished, in one fell swoop, what many other authors have attempted in presenting as complete as possible a compendium on the Life of Christ and his mission.  ...  With the plethora of versions available these days, I believe that your version, if it catches on, just MAY become the Study Bible of the future...."  R.H.
  • "Wonderful reading. You have really done the World a Service."  P.S.
  • "[I] thought the book was fabulous! I enjoyed the read."  T.P.
  • "Thank you so much for the extra fast turnaround time with my order of ONE. Just want to say how excited I am with the book. I'm sure I feel the same excitement the earliest Christians must have felt when first hearing, and reading, the Gospel. I will certainly tell the pastors and members of my church about such a wonderful resource.  I hope someday you will publish a large print version.  Once again, thank you so much.  You should all feel very proud of your efforts."  C.S.
  • "I received the books today and they look great, especially the signed one for me!  I’ve decided to keep them as Christmas gifts. ... You may go ahead and charge my account for 6 more books. ... Thank you so much for everything!  You all are a blessing!" D.M.
  • "Just wanted to let you know how easy and ENJOYABLE it is to read ONE so far!  What an accomplishment!!"  L.B.
  • "This book is a wonderful resource for my casual reading and bible study. ... I think it would also be great for young adults and bible study classes." S.M.
  • "What a research [the author] did to combine the four gospels and compare the versions and their content. ... [T]he contents will be helpful to me in my teaching an adult Sunday School class. Facts many do not know, since the Bible is the most unread book except for the owner's manual which comes with every car." E.W.
  • "I started reading it over the weekend.  I read about 35 pages in a flash.  I am amazed at how it flows so smoothly." H.A.
  • "The Unification Index makes this book really special." L.L.
  • "Presented this way, the Word really stays with you."  S.D.

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One, by Gregg Zegarelli, is the Unified Gospel of Jesus.  It is the only fully-referenced unified gospel available anywhere at any price.
It is a harmony of the Gospels of Jesus.  One is the Unified Consolidated Integrated Gospels of Matthew, Gospel of Mark, Gospel of Luke and Gospel of John.  It is a parallel of the Gospels.
Your religious library is not complete without this special study bible; a parallel gospel within a harmony of the gospels.  Truly a work of inspiration.  It will inspire you.
  Copyright © 2006 by OUG Press, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.