ONE Unified Gospel of Jesus,Harmony of Gospels,Parallel Gospels
ONE Unified Gospel of Jesus,Harmony of Gospels,Parallel Gospels
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Can you add a single moment to your life by worrying?  Why become anxious about clothes?  If even the smallest things are beyond your control, why are you anxious about the rest?  Learn from the way the wild flowers grow; they do not work or spin.  I tell you: not even Solomon, in all his splendor, was clothed so well as one little flower.  --Jesus
ONE: 596-600

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ONE: The Unified Gospel of Jesus Gift Ideas

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ONE: The Unified Gospel of Jesus Gift Ideas

ONE Table of Contents
Divine Version

If you are interested in viewing particular sample pages in ONE, click here.  If you are interested in reviewing the product detail page in ONE, click here.  Also, our Newsletter Volume 1 Number 2 contains an UNABRIDGED excerpt from ONE, with a superb example of the benefits of the unified text:  Newsletter Volume 1 Number 2.

* The first word in each index item permits ease of reference for the reader; for example, use of the word "Teaching" denotes a passage where Jesus teaches a certain subject in the related text, and "Reproach" denotes a condemnation. The titles are also intended to provide one framework of review—of many possibilities—to ease understanding the related text; however, the possible interpretations of Jesus’ words are innumerable, and the author hopes that the titles as chosen, rather than limitation, will serve as a foundation for empowerment of the reader for those many interpretations.

[Publisher's note: The Table of Contents is a powerful tool in the lessons and has been developed in a formulaic manner to assist the reader ([Type] [What] [Figure of Speech] [Name]).  For example:

Teaching Reciprocal Forgiveness by Parable of Unforgiving Servant
Teaching about Persistent Prayer by Parable of the Persistent Widow
Explaining Rejoice in Return by Parable of Woman’s Lost Coin 
Proclamation by Simile of Sheep without a Shepherd; Compassion for the Flock 
Invitation by Parable of the Sower; Accept the Word and Do]


I. Prelude

II. Visitation and Birth

Visitation for John the Baptist
Visitation for Jesus (The Annunciation)
Mary Meets with Elizabeth
Proclamation by Mary of Joy
Birth of John the Baptist
Proclamation by Zechariah of Jesus’ Role 
Birth of Jesus 
Herod, the Magi and Shepherds

III. Jesus as a Child

Circumcision of Jesus 
Presentation of Jesus at the Temple 
Flight to Egypt 
Herod's Massacre of Infants 
Return to Nazareth 
Genealogy of Jesus 
Statement of Fundamental Spirituality of Jesus 
Jesus in the Temple; My Father’s House

IV. The Baptism and Preparation

Mission of John the Baptist 
Baptism of Jesus 
Introduction to Andrew and John (Son of Zebedee) 
The Temptation of Jesus

V. The Mission Begins

Beginning of Mission 
Rejection at Nazareth 
Healing of the Possessed 
Jesus Leaves Capernaum 
First Disciples; Fishers of Men

Miracle of Water into Wine; Wedding at Cana 
Jesus' Fame Broadens 
Reproach at a Temple (First); Rebuild Temple in Three Days 
Teaching of Nicodemus; Being Born Again 
Final Testament of John the Baptist; He Must Increase 
Imprisonment of John the Baptist

VI. The First Teachings; Galilean Ministry

Beginning of Galilean Ministry 
Teaching the Samaritan Woman at the Well 
Teaching by Metaphor of Food for Life 
Teaching on the Mount 
Invitation by the Beatitudes

Teaching by Simile of Salt 
Teaching by Simile of Light 
Teaching about the Law 
Teaching about Anger 
Teaching about Adultery

Teaching about Divorce (First) 
Teaching about Oaths 
Teaching about Vengeance 
Teaching about Love of Enemies 
Teaching about Almsgiving

Teaching about Praying 
Teaching the Lord's Prayer 
Teaching about Persistence 
Teaching about Fasting 
Invitation to Rewards in Heaven 
Teaching by Simile of Light of Body 
Teaching about God and Money by Parable of Rich Man’s Futile Treasure 
Teaching about Judging Others; Metaphor of Beam 
Teaching by Parable of Blind Leading Blind

Teaching by Metaphor of Pearls before Swine 
Teaching the Golden Rule: Do Unto Others 
Teaching by Metaphor of The Narrow Gate 
Reproach of Words Over Deeds; False Prophets 
Teaching by Metaphor of Good Tree/Good Fruit 
Teaching by Simile of Building a House

Jesus Finishes the First Teaching

VII. Signs and Healings

Healing of a Leper 
Healing of the Centurion's Servant 
Healing of Peter's Mother Law 
Miracle of Raising of Widow’s Son 
Healing of Official’s Son at Cana

Other Healings 
Jesus Shunned in Samaria 
Invitation to Would-Be Followers of Jesus; Dead Bury Dead 
Miracle of Calming of the Storm at Sea 
Healing of the Gadarene Possessed; Legion

Healing of a Paralytic
Calling of Matthew (Levi) 
Teaching about New Covenant by Metaphors of Wedding; Cloth and Wineskins 
Healing of the Beloved Official's Daughter; Woman with a Hemorrhage

Healing of Two Blind Men 
Healing of a Mute Person 
Healing of a Deaf Person 
Healing of Cripple at Pool on Sabbath

VIII. Discipleship

Proclamation by Simile of Sheep without a Shepherd; Compassion for the Flock 
Jesus Continues His Ministry 
Proclamation of Work of the Son 
Proclamation of Witnesses to Jesus

Selection of the Apostles 
Commissioning of the Apostles 
Mission of the Seventy-Two 
Reproach to the Unrepentant 
Proclamation on Discipleship; Relinquish Possessions

Return of the Seventy-Two 
Proclamation of Praise of the Father; Revelation of the Son 
Proclamation of Privileges of Discipleship 
Proclamation of Coming Persecutions

Proclamation of Courage under Persecution 
Proclamation that Jesus a Cause of Division 
Proclamation of Conditions of Discipleship 
Proclamation of Rewards for Receiving

IX. Opposition

Messengers from John the Baptist 
Proclamation by Jesus' Testimony to John 
Teaching the Greater Love by Forgiveness of the Sinful Woman 
Teaching Love by Parable of the Good Samaritan 
Martha and Mary; Choosing the Better Part

Invitation to Gentle Mastery of Jesus 
Reproach of Tradition (First); Mercy Not Sacrifice 
Healing on the Sabbath; Metaphor of Rescuing Fallen Sheep 
Statement of Chosen Servant 
Defense of Jesus’ Works by Metaphor of House Divided

Reproach for Sayings against the Holy Spirit 
Teaching by Metaphor of Tree and Its Fruits 
Reproach for Demanding a Sign (First) 
Reproach by Allegory of Return of Unclean Spirit to Places Devoid of Holy Spirit 
Proclamation by Crowd of Blessed Womb 
Proclamation of True Family of Jesus 
Jesus Continues His Ministry

Invitation by Parable of the Sower; Accept the Word and Do 
Teaching by Explanation of Purpose of Parables 
Proclamation of Privileges of Discipleship 
Teaching by Explanation of Parable of Sower 
Invitation by Parable of the Weeds among Wheat

Invitation by Simile of the Mustard Seed 
Invitation by Simile of Yeast 
Explanation of the Use of Parables 
Teaching by Explanation of Parable of the Weeds 
Invitation by Simile of Kingdom of Heaven; Treasure

Invitation by Simile of Head of Household 
Invitation by Simile of Treasures New and Old

X. Return to Nazareth

Not a Prophet at Home 
Herod  Beheads John the Baptist 
Herod's Opinion of Jesus 
Return of the Twelve and Miracle of Feeding Five Thousand 
Miracle of Walking on Water

Invitation by Metaphor of Bread of Life; Rejection 
Healings at Gennesaret 
Reproach of Tradition (Second); Deeds Not Words 
Healing by Canaanite Woman's Faith
Feast of Tabernacles; Jesus Delays Fulfillment

Reproach of Tradition (Third); Substance Not Appearance 
Jesus Desired for Arrest 
Healing of Many People
Miracle of Feeding Four Thousand

Teaching about Forgiveness; Adulterous Woman and Casting First Stone 
Proclamation of Light of World Proclamation; I AM 
Proclamation of Truth; Satan Father of Lies 
Reproach for Demanding a Sign (Second)

Teaching by Metaphor of Leaven 
Healing of Blind Man; Metaphor of Seeing the Light 
Proclamation by Metaphor of Church Built upon Rock of Peter 
Prediction of the Passion (First); Get Behind Me, Satan 
Proclamation of Conditions of Discipleship

Proclamation by Metaphor of Good Shepherd 
Jesus Defends Claimed Blasphemy; You are Gods 
Cure by Belief; Metaphor of Faith Size of Mustard Seed
Prediction of the Passion (Second)

Paying Taxes for Foreigners; Metaphor of Division 
Teaching Least is Greatest; As a Child 
Teaching about False Prophets 
Reproach for Sinning and Causing Sin; The Millstone 
Explaining Rejoice in Return by Parable of Lost Sheep

Explaining Rejoice in Return by Parable of Woman’s Lost Coin 
Explaining Rejoice in Return by Parable of the Prodigal Son 
Teaching Forgiveness; Resolving Disputes 
Teaching Unending Forgiveness;  Seventy-Seven Times 
Teaching Reciprocal Forgiveness by Parable of Unforgiving Servant

Reproach and Call to Repentance 
Teaching Necessity of Deeds by Parable of Barren Fig Tree 
Teaching to Exceed Duty by Parable of Unprofitable Servant 
Healing of Ten Lepers; Acceptance of Foreigners 
Proclamation of the Kingdom of God; It is Within You

Proclamation of the Day of the Son of Man; No Forewarning

XI. Ministry in Judea

Teaching about Divorce (Second) 
Teaching to Accept the Kingdom with Open Heart as a Child 
Teaching about Compassionate Giving by Metaphor of Eye of Needle; Being Perfect 
Teaching about Equal Privilege in the Kingdom by Parable of Vineyard Workers

Prediction of the Passion (Third) 
Request to Sit at Right Hand 
Healing of the Two Blind Men; Persistence in Meaningful Prayer 
Teaching about Reconciliation of Past and Future by Parable of the Dishonest Steward 
Teaching the Application of the Parable

Reproach for Proud Esteem 
Proclamation about the Law 
Teaching Acceptance of the Good News by Parable of Rich Man and Lazarus 
Zacchaeus the Tax Collector; Reconciliation of Past Deeds

Teaching about Persistent Prayer by Parable of the Persistent Widow 
Teaching against Presumptuous Despise by Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector 
Miracle of Raising of Lazarus
Session of Sanhedrin; Planning Death

Last Passover
Anointing at Bethany (First)

XII. Entry into Jerusalem

Proclamation of Lament for Jerusalem (First) 
Entry into Jerusalem 
Proclamation of His Destiny Unbelief among Jews 
Invitation by Metaphor of the Light

Reproach at a Temple (Second); Den of Thieves 
Withered Fig Tree; Metaphor for Fruit of God’s Creation 
Explaining Jesus' Authority; Authority of John the Baptist 
Teaching Deeds Supersede Words by Parable of the Two Sons; Acceptance, Repentance and Change

Explaining Jesus’ Destiny by Parable of the Heir to Land Owner 
Explaining Invitation and Preparation by Parable of the Wedding Feast Without Attendance 
Teaching Humility and Compassionate Giving by Parable of the Conduct of Invited Guests

Explaining Accepting Invitation by Parable of the Great Feast 
Teaching about Giving God’s Due; Paying Taxes Caesar 
Explaining the Resurrection
Teaching the Greatest Commandment

Healing Man with Dropsy on the Sabbath 
Healing Crippled Woman on the Sabbath 
Explaining David's Authority 
Reproach of the Ostentation of the Scribes 
Teaching by Example of Poor Widow's Gift

Reproach of Pharisees and Scholars of the Law 
Reproaches-Final; The Woes 
Proclamation of Lament Over Jerusalem (Second) 
Herod's Desire to Kill Jesus; To Die in Jerusalem 
Proclamation by Prophecy of Persecution and Division

Teaching Vigilance by Parable of the Vigilant Servant; Relative Punishment 
Teaching Preparedness by Parable of the Ten Virgins 
Teaching Importance of Deeds by Parable of the Talents

Proclamation of Son of Man Coming in Glory

XIII. Preparation for Death

Conspiracy against Jesus 
Anointing at Bethany (Second) 
Betrayal by Judas
Preparations for the Passover 
Washing of Disciples' Feet; Metaphor for Humble Service

The Betrayer
Teaching the New Commandment to Love 
Dispute of the Greatest Disciple; Teaching Humble Service 
Last Supper; Body and Blood 
Proclamation by Prophecy of Peter's Denial

Proclamation in Final Discourse 
Proclamation of the Advocate 
Invitation by Metaphor of the True Vine 
Proclamation of the World's Hate 
Jesus Replaced by the Advocate 
Jesus Prays; One

XIV. Betrayal, Arrest and Trial

Agony in the Garden 
Betrayal and Arrest 
Peter's Denial of Jesus 
Jesus before Annas 
Jesus before the Sanhedrin

Jesus Taken to Pilate 
Death of Judas 
Jesus Questioned by Pilate (First Time) 
Jesus before Herod 
Jesus Questioned by Pilate (Second Time)

Scourging of Jesus 
Pilate's Capitulation to the World 
The Crowd's Capitulation to the World 
The People Choose Barabbas 
Mockery by Soldiers

XV. Crucifixion and Death

Way of the Cross 
The Crucifixion; Father Forgive Them 
Death of Jesus 
Blood and Water

XVI. Burial and Resurrection

Burial of Jesus 
Guard at Tomb 
Resurrection of Jesus 
Appearance to Mary Magdelene 
Report of the Guard

Appearance on the Road to Emmaus 
Appearance to the Disciples 
Doubting Thomas; Faith without Proof 
Second Charge to the Disciples 
Appearance to the Seven Disciples

Jesus and Peter; Feed My Sheep 
Beloved Disciple 
Commissioning of the Apostles 
The Ascension 


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Copyright 2006.  Original Printing.
320 pages, including 56 page Unification Index
7.5" x 5" x .75"; 15 oz.
ISBN-10: 0-9789906-0-9; ISBN-13: 978-0-9789906-0-2
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