ONE Unified Gospel of Jesus,Harmony of Gospels,Parallel Gospels
ONE Unified Gospel of Jesus,Harmony of Gospels,Parallel Gospels
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Can you add a single moment to your life by worrying?  Why become anxious about clothes?  If even the smallest things are beyond your control, why are you anxious about the rest?  Learn from the way the wild flowers grow; they do not work or spin.  I tell you: not even Solomon, in all his splendor, was clothed so well as one little flower.  --Jesus
ONE: 596-600

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ONE: The Unified Gospel of Jesus Gift Ideas

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ONE: The Unified Gospel of Jesus

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One The Unified Gospel of Jesus.  Harmony of Gospels Parallel of GospelsOne The Unified Gospel of Jesus.  Harmony of Gospels Parallel of Gospels

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ONE is a harmony of the Gospels.  ONE is a parallel of the Gospels.  ONE is a harmony of the gospels within a parallel of the gospels.   Proclamation World's Hate. world hates you, realize hated me first. you belonged world, world would love its own; because you do belong world, i and have chosen you out world, world hates you. Remember word i and spoke you, ‘No servant greater than master.’ they persecuted me, they will also persecute you. they kept my word, they will also keep yours. they will do all these things you account my name, because they do know one who of sent me. i and had come spoken them, they would have sin; they have no excuse their sin. Whoever hates me also hates my Father. i and had done works among them no one else ever did, they would have sin; is, they have seen hated both me my Father. order word written their law might fulfilled, ‘They hated me without cause.’ When Advocate come, whom i and will send you Father, Spirit truth proceeds Father, he will testify me. you also testify, because you have been me beginning. i and have told you you may turn away. They will expel you synagogues. fact, hour coming when everyone who of kills you will think he offering worship God. They will do because they have known either Father me. i and have told you when their hour comes you may remember i and told you. Proclamation Jesus Replaced Advocate. i and did tell you beginning, because i and you. i and go my way one who of sent me, one you asks me, ‘Where you going?’ because i and told you this, sorrow filled your hearts. i and tell you truth, better you i and go away. i and do go away, Advocate will come you. i and go, i and will send him you. when he comes, he will convict world sin righteousness judgment. sin, because they do believe me. righteousness, because i and am going Father you will no longer see me. judgment, because ruler world been condemned. i and have much more tell you, you cannot bear now. But when he comes, Spirit truth, he will guide you all truth. He will speak own, he will speak what he hears, will show you things coming. He will glorify me, because he will take me declare you. Everything Father mine; reason i and told you he will take me declare you. little while you will no longer see me, again little while later you will see me. Because i and go Father. some disciples one another, “What does mean he saying us, ‘A little while you will see me, again little while you will see me,’ ‘Because i and am going Father’?” they said, “What ‘little while’ which he speaks? We do know what he means.” Jesus knew they wanted ask him, he them: you discussing one another what i and said, ‘A little while you will see me, again little while you will see me’? Amen, amen, i and say you, you will weep mourn, world shall rejoice; you will grieve, your grief will become joy. When woman labor, she sorrow because her hour arrived.

But, when she given birth child, she no longer remembers pain because her joy child been born world. you also have sorrow. But, i and will see you again, your hearts will rejoice, no one will take your joy away you. day you will ask me about anything. Amen, amen, i and say you, whatever you ask Father my name he will give you. Until you have asked anything my name; ask you will receive, your joy may complete. i and have told you figures speech. But, hour coming when i and will no longer speak you figures speech, i and will tell you clearly about Father. day you will ask my name, i and do tell you i and will ask Father you. Father himself loves you, because you have loved me have come believe i and came God. i and came Father have come world. i and am leaving world going back Father. disciples said, “Now you talking plainly, any figure speech. we realize you know everything you do need have anyone question you. Because this, we believe you came God.” Jesus answered them: Do you believe now? Behold, hour coming arrived when each you will scattered, every man own home you will leave me alone. i and am alone, because Father me. i and have told you you might have peace me. world you will have trouble, take courage, i and have conquered world. Jesus Prays; One. When Jesus had this, he raised eyes heaven said: Father, hour come. Glorify your son, your son may glorify you. Just you gave him power over all people, he may give eternal life all you have given him. eternal life, they should know you, only true God, one whom you sent, Jesus Christ. i and glorified you earth accomplishing work you gave me do. glorify me, Father, you, glory i and had you before world existed. i and revealed your name those whom you gave me out world. They belonged you, you gave them me, they have kept your word. they know everything you gave me you, because words you gave me i and have given them, they received them know surely i and came you, they have believed you did send me. i and pray them. i and do pray world ones you have given me, because they yours, everything mine yours everything yours mine, i and have been glorified them. i and will no longer world, those who of speak good news world. i and am coming you. Father, bless them your name you have done me, they may one just we one. When i and them, i and protected those you gave me your name, i and guarded them, none them lost except son destruction, order scripture might fulfilled. i and am coming you. i and speak world they may share my joy completely. i and gave them your word, world hated them, because they do belong world any more than i and belong world. i and do ask you take them out world, you keep them devil. They do belong world any more than i and belong world. Consecrate them truth. Your word truth. you sent me world, i and sent them world. i and consecrate myself them, they also may consecrated truth. i and pray only my disciples, also those who of will believe me through their words. i and pray all people may perfectly one, Father, you me i and you. i and pray they also may us, world may believe you sent me. i and have given them glory you gave me, they may one, we one. i and them you me, they may brought perfection one, world may know you sent me, you loved them even you loved me. Father, they your gift me. i and wish where i and am they also may me, they may see my glory you gave me, because you loved me before foundation world. Righteous Father, world also does know you, i and know you, they know you sent me. i and have taught them your name. And, my deeds will continue make known your love me also them i and may them always. XIV. Betrayal, Arrest Trial A gony Garden. Then, going out, Jesus went across Kidron valley came disciples place called “Gethsemane,” custom, Mount Olives where there garden. disciples followed him entered.  he disciples, “Sit here while i and go over there pray.” He took along Peter two sons Zebedee, James, John, began feel troubled, sorrow distress. he them, “My soul sorrowful even death. Remain here keep watch me.” He withdrew little, about stone’s throw them, falling prostrate prayer possible hour might pass him, saying, “Abba, my father, possible, all things possible you, take cup away me you willing; yet, my will your will done.” And, order provide strength him, an angel heaven appeared him.

He such agony he prayed fervently sweat became like drops blood falling ground.  When he rose prayer, he returned disciples found them sleeping grief. He Peter, “Simon, you asleep? Why? Could you keep watch one hour?”  He them, “Get up pray you may undergo test. spirit willing, flesh weak.” Withdrawing second time, he prayed again, saying same thing, “My Father, possible cup pass without my drinking it, your will done!”  he returned once more found them asleep, they could keep their eyes open did know what answer him. He left them withdrew again prayed third time, saying same thing again. Then, again, he returned third time disciples them, “Are you still sleeping taking your rest? enough. Behold, hour hand when Son Man handed over sinners.  “Get up, let us go. Look, you see my betrayer hand.” Proclamation . world hates you, realize hated me first. you belonged world, world would love its own; because you do belong world, i and have chosen you out world, world hates you. Remember word i and spoke you, ‘No servant greater than master.’ they persecuted me, they will also persecute you. they kept my word, they will also keep yours. they will do all these things you account my name, because they do know one who of sent me. i and had come spoken them, they would have sin; they have no excuse their sin. Whoever hates me also hates my Father. i and had done works among them no one else ever did, they would have sin; is, they have seen hated both me my Father. order word written their law might fulfilled, ‘They hated me without cause.’ When Advocate come, whom i and will send you Father, Spirit truth proceeds Father, he will testify me. you also testify, because you have me beginning. i and have told you you may turn away. They will expel you synagogues. fact, hour coming when everyone who of kills you will think he offering worship God. They will do because they have known either Father me. i and have told you when their hour comes you may remember i and told you. Proclamation Jesus Replaced Advocate. i and did tell you beginning, because i and you. i and go my way one who of sent me, one you asks me, ‘Where you going?’ because i and told you this, sorrow filled your hearts. i and tell you truth, better you i and go away. i and do go away, Advocate will come you. i and go, i and will send him you. when he comes, he will convict world sin righteousness judgment. sin, because they do believe me. righteousness, because i and am going Father you will no longer see me. judgment, because ruler world condemned. i and have much more tell you, you cannot bear now. But when he comes, Spirit truth, he will guide you all truth. He will speak own, he will speak what he hears, will show you things coming. He will glorify me, because he will take me declare you. Everything Father mine; reason i and told you he will take me declare you. little while you will no longer see me, again little while later you will see me. Because i and go Father. some disciples one another, “What does mean he saying us, ‘A little while you will see me, again little while you will see me,’ ‘Because i and am going Father’?” they “What ‘little while’ which he speaks? We do know what he means.” Jesus knew they wanted ask him, he them: you discussing one another what i and ‘A little while you will see me, again little while you will see me’? Amen, amen, i and say you, you will weep mourn, world shall rejoice; you will grieve, your grief will become joy. When woman labor, she sorrow because her hour arrived. But, when she given birth child, she no longer remembers pain because her joy child born world. you also have sorrow. But, i and will see you again, your hearts will rejoice, no one will take your joy away you. day you will ask me about anything. Amen, amen, i and say you, whatever you ask Father my name he will give you. Until you have asked anything my name; ask you will receive, your joy may complete. i and have told you figures speech. But, hour coming when i and will no longer speak you figures speech, i and will tell you clearly about Father. day you will ask my name, i and do tell you i and will ask Father you. Father himself loves you, because you have loved me have come believe i and came God. i and came Father have come world. i and am leaving world going back Father. disciples “Now you talking plainly, any figure speech. we realize you know everything you do need have anyone question you. Because this, we believe you came God.” Jesus answered them: Do you believe now? Behold, hour coming arrived when each you will scattered, every man own home you will leave me alone. i and am alone, because Father me. i and have told you you might have peace me. world you will have trouble, take courage, i and have conquered world. Jesus Prays; One. When Jesus had this, he raised eyes heaven said: Father, hour come. Glorify your son, your son may glorify you. Just you gave him power over all people, he may give eternal life all you have given him. eternal life, they should know you, only true God, one whom you sent, Jesus Christ. i and glorified you earth accomplishing work you gave me do. glorify me, Father, you, glory i and had you before world existed. i and revealed your name those whom you gave me out world. They belonged you, you gave them me, they have kept your word. they know everything you gave me you, because words you gave me i and have given them, they received them know surely i and came you, they have believed you did send me. i and pray them. i and do pray world ones you have given me, because they yours, everything mine yours everything yours mine, i and have glorified them. i and will no longer world, those who of speak good news world. i and am coming you. Father, bless them your name you have done me, they may one just we one.

When i and them, i and protected those you gave me your name, i and guarded them, none them lost except son destruction, order scripture might fulfilled. i and am coming you. i and speak world they may share my joy completely. i and gave them your word, world hated them, because they do belong world any more than i and belong world. i and do ask you take them out world, you keep them devil. They do belong world any more than i and belong world. Consecrate them truth. Your word truth. you sent me world, i and sent them world. i and consecrate myself them, they also may consecrated truth. i and pray only my disciples, also those who of will believe me through their words. i and pray all people may perfectly one, Father, you me i and you. i and pray they also may us, world may believe you sent me. i and have given them glory you gave me, they may one, we one. i and them you me, they may brought perfection one, world may know you sent me, you loved them even you loved me. Father, they your gift me. i and wish where i and am they also may me, they may see my glory you gave me, because you loved me before foundation world. Righteous Father, world also does know you, i and know you, they know you sent me. i and have taught them your name. And, my deeds will continue make known your love me also them i and may them always. XIV. Betrayal, Arrest Trial Agony Garden. Then, going out, Jesus went across Kidron valley came disciples place called “Gethsemane,” custom, Mount Olives where there garden. disciples followed him entered.  he disciples, “Sit here while i and go over there pray.” He took along Peter two sons Zebedee, James, John, began feel troubled, sorrow distress. he them, “My soul sorrowful even death. Remain here keep watch me.” He withdrew little, about stone’s throw them, falling prostrate prayer possible hour might pass him, saying, “Abba, my father, possible, all things possible you, take cup away me you willing; yet, my will your will done.” And, order provide strength him, angel heaven appeared him. He such agony he prayed fervently sweat became like drops blood falling ground.  When he rose prayer, he returned disciples found them sleeping grief. He Peter, “Simon, you asleep? Why? Could you keep watch one hour?”  He them, “Get up pray you may undergo test. spirit willing, flesh weak.”

Withdrawing second time, he prayed again, saying same thing, “My Father, possible cup pass without my drinking it, your will done!”  he returned once more found them asleep, they could keep their eyes open did know what answer him. He left them withdrew again prayed third time, saying same thing again. Then, again, he returned third time disciples them, “Are you still sleeping taking your rest? enough. Behold, hour hand when Son Man handed over sinners.  “Get up, let us go. Look, you see my betrayer hand.” Healings Gennesaret. After making crossing, they came land Gennesaret docked there. As they leaving boat, people place immediately recognized Jesus they sent word all surrounding country. people hurried around surrounding country began bring sick beds wherever they heard Jesus located. Whatever villages towns countryside he entered, they laid sick streets begged him they might touch only edge cloak. And, many touched healed. Reproach Tradition (Second); Deeds Words. Pharisees scribes Jerusalem came Jesus “Why do your disciples break tradition elders? They do wash their hands when they eat meal.” He them reply, “And why do you break commandment God sake your tradition? “For God commanded, ‘Honor your father your mother,’ ‘Whoever curses father mother shall die death.’ you say, ‘Whoever says father mother, “Any support you might have had me redirected dedication God,” released honoring father mother.’ You have nullified word God sake your tradition. “You hypocrites! Well did Isaiah prophesy you when he said: ‘These people honor me their lips, their hearts far me; vain do they worship me, teaching doctrines human precepts.’” He called multitude them, “Hear understand. “It what goes one’s mouth defiles person; but, rather, what comes out person’s mouth defiles. Anyone who of ears hear ought hear.”  disciples approached him, “Do you know Pharisees offended when they heard what you said?” He reply, “Every plant my heavenly Father planted will uprooted. “Let them alone. They blind guides blind. blind lead blind, both shall fall ditch.” When he got home away crowd, Peter him reply, “Explain parable us.” He them, “Are you too still without understanding? “Do you realize everything goes person outside cannot defile, since does enter heart, stomach, passes out latrine?” And, thereby, he declared all foods clean. “But things come out within people—from out their hearts—that what defiles. evil thoughts, murder, adultery, unchastity, theft, false witness blasphemy all come heart. All these evils come within these type things defile person. But, eat unwashed hands does defile person.” Healing Canaanite Woman’s Faith. Jesus went place withdrew region Tyre Sidon. He went house wanted no one know about it, he could escape notice.  And, behold, soon woman whose daughter had unclean spirit heard about him. She came fell feet. She Greek, Syro-Phoenician birth, living district Cana. She persistently begged him eject demon her daughter. She called out, “Have pity me, Lord, Son David! My daughter tormented demon ill.” he spoke no word answer her. disciples came asked him, “Send her away, she following us calling out after us.” He reply, “i and sent only lost sheep house Israel.” woman came knelt front him, saying, “Lord, help me.” He reply, “Let children fed first. right take food children cast dogs.” She “Yes, Lord, even dogs eat children’s scraps fall table their masters.” Jesus her reply, “Oh, woman, great your faith! Let done you you wish. saying this, you may go. demon gone out your daughter.” her daughter healed hour. When woman went home, she found child lying bed demon gone. Feast Tabernacles; Jesus Delays Fulfillment. After this, Jesus traveled within Galilee, he did want travel Judea, because Jews trying kill him. Jewish feast Tabernacles near, brothers him, “Leave here go Judea, your disciples also may see works you doing. No one works secret he wants known openly. you do these things, show yourself world.” brothers these things because even they did believe him. Jesus them, “My time here yet. But, your time anytime. world cannot hate you, hates me, because i and testify its works evil. You go up feast. i and am going up feast, because my time yet fully come.” After he had this, he still Galilee. But when brothers had gone up feast, he himself also went up, openly secret. Jews sought him feast saying, “Where he?” there considerable murmuring about him among people. Some “He good man,” others “No; fact, he deceives people.” Although, no one spoke openly about him, because they feared Jews.

Reproach Tradition (Third); Substance Appearances. middle feast, Jesus went up temple area began teach.  Jews marveled “How does he know scripture without having studied?” Jesus answered them “My teaching mine, one who of sent me. Anyone who of chooses do will God knows whether my teaching God whether i and speak my own. He speaks himself seeks own glory, whoever seeks glory one who of sent him truthful, there no wrong him. “Did Moses give you law? And, yet none you keeps law. Why you trying kill me?” crowd answered, “You possessed! who of going about trying kill you?” Jesus answered them, “i and have done one work all you amazed because it. Moses gave you circumcision—not because Moses, but, rather, patriarchs—and you, yourselves, circumcise man Sabbath. “If man can receive circumcision Sabbath, law Moses broken, why you angry me because i and made person well Sabbath?

“Do judge appearances. Judge righteously.” Jesus Desired Arrest. some inhabitants Jerusalem “Is one they trying kill? look, he speaks open they say nothing him. Do authorities realize, fact, he Messiah? “But, how we know where he from? Although, when Messiah comes, no one will know where he from.” So, Jesus cried temple area he teaching “You know me where i and am from. Yet, i and did come my own, one who of sent me true, whom you do know. i and know him, because i and am him, he sent me.” they tried arrest him, no one laid hand him, because hour had yet come. But, many people began believe him, “When Messiah comes, will he perform more signs than man done?” Pharisees heard people murmuring such things about him, chief priests Pharisees sent guards arrest him. Jesus “Only little while longer will i and you, i and will go one who of sent me. You will seek me find me, where i and am you cannot come.” Jews one another, “Where he going we will find him? Can he going Jews dispersed among Greeks teach Greeks? What meaning saying, ‘You will seek me find me, where i and am you cannot come’?” last day feast, great day, Jesus stood up exclaimed, “Anyone who of thirsts, let them come me drink. Whoever believes me, scripture says: ‘Out inside him shall flow rivers living water.’” He about Spirit, those who of believed him receive. But, course, Holy Spirit yet given, because Jesus had yet glorified. Some crowd, when they heard “This truly Prophet.” Others “This Messiah.” others “The Messiah will come Galilee, will he? Does scripture say Messiah will descendant David come Bethlehem, village where David lived?” there became division crowd because him. Some them wanted arrest him, no one laid hands him. guards went chief priests Pharisees, who of asked them, “Why did you bring him?” guards answered, “Never before anyone spoken like man.” Pharisees answered them, “Are you also deceived? Have any authorities Pharisees believed him? these people, who of do know law, accursed.” Nicodemus, one their members who of had gone Jesus earlier night being one them, “Does our law condemn any man before first hears him determines what he doing?” They answered him, “You Galilee well, you? Search see no prophet arises Galilee.” each man went own house. ONE UNIFIED GOSPEL Jesus from Books Matthew Mark Luke, John Divine Version Universal Version available separately. See last page details. One Unified Gospel Press Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA © Copyright Gregg R. Zegarelli and . Published United States America One Unified Gospel Press. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA All rights reserved. No part book may reproduced transmitted any form any means, electronic mechanical, including photocopying, recording, any information storage retrieval system, without permission writing publisher. Published two related editions: Divine Version Universal Version. version Divine Version. (The Universal Version available separately ISBN - - - - /ISBN - - - . Read more last internal page book.) information, address Unified Gospel Press, Forbes Avenue, 12th Floor, Pittsburgh, PA - USA. First Printing Printed United States America — Library Congress Control Number: Zegarelli, Gregg R. One, Unified Gospel Includes Index . Religion. . Gospels. I. Title. .Z ISBN - - - - ISBN - - - ONE “i and will no longer world, those who of speak good news world. Now, i and am coming you. Father, bless them your name you have done me, they may one just we one. ... i and do ask you take them out world, you keep them devil. ... Consecrate them truth. Your word truth. you sent me world, i and sent them world.

i and consecrate myself them, they also may consecrated truth. ... i and pray only my disciples, also those who of will believe me through their words. i and pray all people may perfectly one, Father, you me i and you. i and pray they also may one us, world may believe you sent me. ... i and have taught them your name. And, my deeds will continue make known your love me also them i and may one them always.” John : - ; One: - To My Father, My Teacher. Without love, life would have no meaning. Without reason, we could appreciate life’s meaning. And, we could discern, truth. To love, perfection reason. To reason, perfection love. One. Healing Deaf Person. Again he left district Tyre went way Sidon Sea Galilee, district Decapolis.  people brought him deaf man who of had speech impediment begged him put hand him.  Jesus took him himself away crowd. He put finger man’s ears he spit while touching man’s tongue.  Jesus looked up heaven groaned, him, “Ephphatha!” (that is, “Be opened!”).  immediately man’s ears opened, speech impediment removed, he spoke plainly. Jesus ordered them tell anyone. more he ordered them to, more they publicized it.   They amazed beyond measure, they “He done all things well. He makes both deaf hear mute speak.” Healing Cripple Pool Sabbath. After this, there feast Jews, Jesus went up Jerusalem. Now, Jerusalem there sheep gate pool called, Hebrew, “Bethesda,” having five porches.  these lay many ill, blind, lame, crippled persons.  believed that, time time, angel Lord went down pool stirred up water, first person get after stirring water would healed any disease.  certain man there who of had diseased thirty-eight years.  When Jesus saw him lying there knew he had diseased long time, he him, “Do you want well?”   diseased man answered him, “Sir, i and have no one who of will put me pool when water stirred up. soon i and am my way, someone else gets down there before me.”  Jesus him, “Rise, take up your bed, walk.”   And, immediately, man became well, took up bed, walked. Now, day happened Sabbath.  Thus, Jews cured man, “It Sabbath, lawful you carry your bed.” 

He answered them, “The man who of made me well told me, ‘Take up your bed walk.’”  They asked him, “who of man who of told you, ‘Take up your bed walk’?”  man who of healed could locate who of was, Jesus within crowd there. Later, Jesus found man temple area him, “Look, you well. Do sin any more, nothing worse may happen you.”  man went told Jews Jesus one who of had made him well.  result, Jews began condemn Jesus because he did Sabbath.  Jesus answered them, “My Father goes work until now, i and go mine.”  reason Jews sought all more kill him, because he only broke Sabbath he also God own father, making himself equal God. VIII. Discipleship P roclamation Simile Sheep without Shepherd; Compassion Flock. Jesus went around all towns villages, teaching their synagogues, proclaiming good news kingdom, healing every disease illness.  When he saw multitudes, he moved compassion them, because they lost troubled, like sheep without shepherd. he disciples, “The harvest abundant, laborers few. So, ask master field send out laborers harvest.”

Jesus Continues Ministry. Jesus disciples withdrew sea. Many people followed Galilee Judea. Hearing what great things he doing, multitude people also came him also Jerusalem, Idumea, beyond Jordan, areas Tyre Sidon. Because crowd, he told disciples have boat ready him, they would crush him. He had cured many and, result, those who of ill pressing against him touch him. whenever unclean spirits saw him they would fall down before him shout, “You Son God.” He warned them sternly make him known. Proclamation Work Son. Preparing them, Jesus “Amen, amen, i and say you, son cannot do anything himself, only what he sees father doing. what father does, son will do.  “For Father loves Son shows him everything he does himself, he will show him greater works than these, you will astonished.  just Father raises dead gives life, also does Son give life whomever he wishes.  “The Father judges no one, he given all judgment Son,  all may honor Son just they honor Father. Whoever does honor Son does honor Father who of sent him.  “Amen, amen, i and tell you, anyone who of hears my word, believes one who of sent me, shall have eternal life will come condemnation, passed death life.  “Amen, amen, i and tell you, hour coming here: when dead will hear voice Son God, they who of hear will live.   Father life himself, he given Son have life himself.   he gave Son authority exercise judgment, because he Son Man. “Do marvel this, because hour coming which all who of graves will hear voice   will come out. Those who of have done good deeds will come resurrection life, those who of have done wicked deeds will come resurrection condemnation. “i and cannot my own do anything. i and judge i and hear, my judgment just, because i and do seek my own will will one who of sent me.”  Proclamation Witnesses Jesus.  “If i and testify myself, my testimony verified.   there another who of testifies my behalf, i and know testimony he gives my behalf true.   “You sent truth John Baptist, he testified truth.   i and do accept testimony human being, i and say you may saved.   He burning bright light, and, time, you content rejoice light.   “But i and have testimony greater than John’s testimony. deeds Father gave me accomplish, these deeds i and perform testify my behalf Father sent me.   Additionally, Father who of sent me testified my behalf. But, you have never heard voice nor seen shape,  you cannot have word staying you, since you do believe one whom he sent.   “You read scriptures, because you think you have eternal life through them. Even they testify my behalf.   you do want come me have life.  “i and do accept human praise,  and, i and know you do have love God you.   “i and came name my Father, and, yet, you do accept me. But, another comes own name, you will accept him.   How can you believe, when you accept honor other human beings do seek honor comes God only?  “Do think i and will accuse you before Father. one who of will accuse you Moses, whom you have placed your hope.  you would believe Moses, you would believe me, because he wrote me.  “But, you do believe writings, how will you believe my words?” Selection Apostles.  So, he departed those days went up mountain pray, he spent entire night prayer God. When day came back, he called himself those disciples whom he wanted they came him. those disciples, he chose appointed twelve, whom he also named “apostles” they might him he might send them forth preach have authority heal sick drive out demons. names twelve apostles these: first Simon, whom he named “Peter,” brother Andrew, James, son Zebedee, brother John, whom he named “Boanerges,” is, sons thunder, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew tax collector, Thomas, James son Alphaeus, Simon Canaanite who of called “a Zealot,”  Thaddeus (also called “Jude”) who of also brother James, Judas Iscariot, who of became traitor. Commissioning Apostles. he called himself twelve disciples gave them power well authority over unclean spirits, cast them out heal every disease every illness. And, he sent them out two two proclaim kingdom God heal sick.  Jesus directed them, “Do go pagan territory enter Samaritan town.  Go instead lost sheep Israel.   “As you go, preach them: ‘The kingdom heaven hand.’   Heal sick, raise dead, cleanse lepers, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely you give.”  He them, “Take nothing journey.   Do take gold silver copper your belts;   no sack journey, food, second tunic, sandles walking stick.  workman worthy meat.   “Whenever you enter city town, ask who of worthy, stay there until you depart.  Whatever house you enter, stay there until you leave area.” “As you go house, warmly greet it. house worthy, let your peace come it. not, let your peace return you.  Whoever does receive you listen your words—when you depart house town, shake dust your feet testimony against them. “Amen, i and say you, will more tolerable land Sodom Gomorrah day judgment than town.” they set out preached repentance. They went town town preaching good news curing diseases everywhere.   They drove out many demons, they anointed oil many who of sick healed them.  Mission Seventy-Two. Thereafter, Lord appointed seventy-two others whom he sent ahead him two two every town he visit. He them well: harvest abundant, laborers few. So, ask master field send out laborers harvest. Go your way. Behold, i and send you forth like lambs among wolves. Carry no money bag, no sack sandals. Do greet anyone along way. whatever house you enter, first say, ‘Peace household.’ child peace lives there, your peace will rest it; not, will come back you. remain same house, eating drinking such things they give, because laborer deserves payment. Do relocate one another house. Whatever town you enter they welcome you, eat what placed before you. Heal sick therein say them, ‘The kingdom God here you.’ Whatever town you enter they do receive you, go out streets say, ‘Even dust your town sticks our feet we wipe off against you. But, know kingdom God hand.’ i and tell you, will more tolerable Sodom day than town. Teaching about Forgiveness; Adulterous Woman Casting First Stone. Jesus went Mount Olives. And, early morning, he went again temple area, all people started coming him. He sat down taught them. scribes Pharisees brought woman who of had caught adultery made her stand midst them. They him, “Teacher, woman caught very act committing adultery. “Now law, Moses commanded us stone such women. what do you say?” They tempt him, they could have some charge bring against him. Jesus crouched down began write ground finger he did hear them. when they continued asking him, he straightened up them: “He who of without sin among you, let him cast first stone.” Again he crouched down wrote ground. And, those who of heard it, being guilty their own conscience, departed, one after other, starting first elders. he left alone woman before him. Jesus straightened up and, seeing only woman, her, “Woman, where your accusers? no one condemned you?” She replied, “No one, sir.” Jesus “Neither do i and condemn you. Go, moment, sin no more.” Proclamation Light World. Jesus spoke them again, saying, “i and am light world. Whoever follows me will walk darkness, will have light life.” Pharisees him, “You testify your own behalf, your testimony cannot verified.” Jesus answered them, “Though i and testify my own behalf, my testimony true, because i and know where i and came where i and go. But, you do know where i and came where i and go. “You judge flesh, i and do judge anyone. But, even i and should judge, my judgment true, because i and am alone, i and Father who of sent me. “Even your law written testimony two men true. i and testify my behalf does Father who of sent me.” they him, “Where your father?” Jesus answered, “You do know me my Father. you knew me, you would know my Father also.” He spoke these words while teaching treasury temple area. no one arrested him, because hour had yet come. Proclamation; i and AM. He them again, “i and am going away you will seek me, you will die your sin. where i and go, you cannot come.” Jews “Is he going kill himself? Because he ‘Where i and am going you cannot come’?” He them, “You beneath; i and am above. You belong world; i and do belong world. why i and told you you will die your sins. you do believe i and AM, you will die your sins.” they him, “who of you?” Jesus them, “It same i and told you beginning. i and have much say about you judgment you. one who of sent me true, what i and heard him i and tell world.” They did realize he speaking them Father. Jesus them, “When you have lifted up Son Man, you will understand i and AM, i and do nothing my own, but, my Father taught me, these things i and say. “The one who of sent me me. He left me alone, because i and always do what pleasing him.” Because he spoke way, many came believe him.

Proclamation Truth; Satan Father Lies. Jesus those Jews who of believed him, “If you remain my word, you will indeed my disciples. “You will know truth, truth will set you free.” They answered him, “We descendants Abraham have never bondage anyone. How can you say, ‘You will made free’?” Jesus answered them, “Amen, amen, i and say you, everyone who of commits sin slave sin. slave does have permanent standing household, son always remains. son frees you, you will truly free. “i and know you descendants Abraham. you trying kill me, because my word no place you.  i and tell you what i and have seen my Father’s presence, you should do what you have heard your Father’s presence.” They answered him, “Our father Abraham.” Jesus them, “If you Abraham’s children, you would do works Abraham. you trying kill me, man who of told you truth i and heard God. Abraham did do this. You must do works your father!” they him, “We illegitimate. We have one Father, God.” Jesus them, “If God your Father, you would love me, i and am here God. i and did come my own, he sent me. Why do you understand what i and am saying? Because you cannot bear hear my word. “You belong your father, devil, your father’s lusts you carry out. He murderer beginning does stand truth, because there no truth him. When he tells lie, he speaks character, because he liar father lies. “But, because i and speak truth, you will believe me. Can any you prove me guilty sin? i and am telling truth, why will you believe me? “Whoever God, hears words God. why you do listen, because you do belong God.” Jews answered him, “Are we correct saying you Samaritan possessed?” Jesus answered, “i and am possessed. i and honor my Father, you dishonor me. i and do seek my own glory. There one who of seeks it, one who of judges. “Amen, amen, i and say you, anyone who of keeps my word, will never see death.” Jews him, “Now we sure you possessed. Abraham died, did prophets, yet you say, ‘Anyone who of keeps my word will never taste death.’ you greater than our father Abraham, who of dead? prophets, who of dead? who of you making yourself out be?” Jesus answered, “If i and glorify myself, my glory nothing. my Father who of glorifies me, whom you say, ‘He our God.’ you do know him; i and know him. And, i and should say i and do know him, i and would like you: liar. But, i and do know him i and keep word. “Your father, Abraham, rejoiced see my day. And, he saw glad.” Jews him, “You yet fifty years old you have seen Abraham?” Jesus them, “Amen, amen, i and say you, before Abraham came be, i and AM.” they picked up stones throw him, Jesus hid midst them went out temple area. Reproach Demanding Sign (Second). Pharisees Sadducees came argue him test him. They asked him show them sign heaven. He them reply: “In evening you say, ‘Tomorrow will fair, sky red’; and, morning, ‘Today will stormy, sky red threatening.’ “You know how judge appearance sky, you cannot judge signs times.” He sighed depth spirit “Why does generation seek sign? evil unfaithful generation seeks sign. Amen, i and say you, no sign will given generation except sign Jonah.” he left them went away. Reproach Unrepentant. . he began reproach towns where most great deeds had done, since they had repented: Woe you, Chorazin! Woe you, Bethsaida! great deeds done your midst had done Tyre Sidon, they would long ago have repented, sitting sackcloth ashes. will more tolerable Tyre Sidon judgment than you.  you, Capernaum, will you exalted heaven? You will go down depths hell. . great deeds done your midst had done Sodom, would have remained until day. “Whoever listens you, listens me. Whoever rejects you, rejects me. whoever rejects me, rejects one who of sent me.” 

Proclamation Discipleship; Relinquish Possessions. Large crowds traveling him, he turned them: any one comes me without giving up father mother, wife children, brothers sisters, even own life, he cannot my disciple.  whoever does carry own cross come after me cannot my disciple.  Which you wishing construct tower does first sit down determine cost see there sufficient resources its completion? Otherwise, after laying foundation finding himself unable finish work, onlookers should mock him  say, ‘This man began build unable finish.’ what king making war would first sit down decide whether ten thousand men he can successfully oppose another king coming against him twenty thousand men? And, not, while other still great distance, he will send delegation ask peace terms.  Likewise, whoever does renounce all possessions cannot my disciple.  Return Seventy-Two. seventy-two returned joy, “Lord, even demons subject us because your name.”  Jesus “i and have watched Satan fall lightning sky.  “Behold, i and have given you power tread serpents scorpions, over full power enemy. Nothing will harm you. Even so, do rejoice because spirits subject you, rejoice because your names written heaven.”  Proclamation Praise Father; Revelation Son. time, Jesus rejoiced Holy Spirit reply, “i and give thanks praise you, Father, Lord heaven earth, you have hidden these things wise learned, you have revealed them babes. . Yes, Father, i and thank you what you have chosen do. “All things have handed over me my Father. No one knows who of Son except Father. And, no one knows who of Father except Son, anyone whom Son wishes reveal him.” Proclamation Privileges Discipleship. And, he turned disciples private “Blessed eyes see things you see.  i and say you, many prophets kings desired see things you see, did see it, hear things you hear, did hear it.”  Proclamation Coming Persecutions. “Behold, i and am sending you like sheep midst wolves; shrewd serpents simple doves. beware people, they will hand you over courts scourge you their synagogues.  And, you will led before governors kings my sake, witness against them pagans. “But, when they delivery you over, do worry about how you speak what you say. will given you what you will say. will you who of speaks, Spirit your Father speaking through you. “Brother shall hand over brother death, father child. Children shall rise up against parents have them put death. “You will hated all my name’s sake, whoever endures end will saved. “And when they persecute you one town, flee another. Amen, i and say you, you will finish circuit towns Israel before Son Man comes. “No disciple above teacher, no slave above master.  enough disciple like teacher, slave he become like master. they have called master house Beelzebul, how much more those household!” Proclamation Courage under Persecution. “Therefore do afraid them. There nothing concealed will revealed, nor anything secret will known. “Whatever i and say you darkness, speak light. What you have darkness will heard light. What you hear whispered behind closed doors, proclaim housetops.” “And i and tell you, my friends, do afraid those who of kill body, but, after that, can do no more. They cannot kill soul. “i and shall show you who of fear. afraid one who of can destroy both soul body, and, after killing, power cast Gehenna; yes, i and tell you, afraid one. “Are two sparrows sold small coin? And, yet, one them falls ground without your Father’s knowledge. But very hairs your head all counted. do afraid; you worth more than many sparrows. “Everyone who of vouches me before others i and will vouch before my heavenly Father. whoever denies me before others, i and will deny before my heavenly Father.”

Proclamation Jesus Cause Division. “i and have come set world fire, how i and wish ablaze! There baptism i and must endure, how great my suffering until accomplished! “Do you think my coming will create peace world? No, i and tell you, but, rather, my coming will create division. i and have come bring peace sword.  “From on, household five persons will divided, three against two two against three. A father will divided against son son against father. mother will divided against her daughter daughter against her mother. mother-in-law will divided against her daughter-in-law daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. And, one’s enemies will those household.” He also crowds, “When you see clouds rising West you say going rain—and does.  And, when you notice wind blowing South you say going hot—and is.  You hypocrites! You know how interpret signs earth sky you know how interpret present crisis things.” Proclamation Conditions Discipleship.  “If man loves father mother more than me, he worthy me. And, whoever loves son daughter more than me worthy me.

Whoever does take up cross follow after me worthy me.  “He finds life will lose it, he loses life my sake will find it.” Proclamation Rewards Receiving.   “Anyone who of receives you receives me, anyone who of receives me receives one who of sent me.   “Anyone who of receives prophet prophet will receive prophet’s reward, anyone who of receives righteous man because he righteous will receive righteous man’s reward.  “And anyone who of gives only cup cold water one these little ones drink because he disciple—amen, i and say you, he will certainly lose reward.” When Jesus finished these words twelve disciples, he went away there teach preach their towns. IX. Opposition M essengers John Baptist. When John prison, disciples told him about all these things. John called two disciples sent them Lord ask question, “Are you he who of come, should we look another?” When men went him, they “John Baptist sent us you ask, ‘Are you he who of come, should we look another?’” time Jesus curing many their diseases, sufferings, evil spirits. And, he granted sight those who of blind. he them reply, “Go tell John what you have seen heard: blind see again, crippled walk, lepers cleansed, deaf hear, dead raised, poor have good news preached them. “And blessed anyone who of takes no offense me.”  Proclamation Jesus’ Testimony John. When messengers John had departed, Jesus began speak crowds about John. “What did you go out desert see? reed swayed wind? What did you go out see? Someone dressed fine clothing? Those who of dress fine clothing royal palaces. “Why did you go out? What did you go out see? prophet? Yes, i and tell you, much more than prophet.” “This he about whom scripture says: Behold, i and am sending my messenger ahead you, he will prepare your way before you. “Amen, i and say you, among those born women, there none greater than John Baptist. Yet least kingdom God greater than he. “From days John Baptist until now, kingdom heaven suffers violence, violent ones taking force. “For all prophets law prophesied up time John. And, you willing accept it, he Elijah, one who of come. Whoever ears ought hear.”  all people who of listened, including tax collectors, who of baptized John, acknowledged righteousness God. Pharisees scholars law, who of baptized him, rejected plan God themselves.

Lord “Then what shall i and compare people generation? What they like? They like children sitting marketplace who of call one another:  We played flute you, you did dance, we sang dirge you did mourn.  “For John Baptist came neither eating nor drinking, you ‘He possessed demon.’  Son Man came eating drinking you ‘Look, he glutton drunkard, friend tax collectors sinners.’ “But wisdom vindicated her works.” Teaching Greater Love Forgiveness Sinful Woman.  Pharisee invited Jesus dine him, he entered Pharisee’s house sat back table.  Now, city, there sinful woman who of learned he dining house Pharisee. Bringing alabaster flask ointment,  she stood behind him feet crying, she began bathe feet her tears. she wiped them her hair, kissed them, anointed them ointment.  When Pharisee saw this, he himself, “If man prophet, he would know what sort woman touching him—that she sinner.”  Jesus him reply, “Simon, i and have something say you.” He “Tell me, teacher.” “Two people debt same creditor. One owed five hundred days’ wage; other owed fifty. Since, neither able repay their respective debts, he forgave debts both. Which them will love him more?” Simon reply, “i and suppose one whose larger debt forgiven.” Jesus him, “You have judged rightly.”  he turned woman Simon, “Do you see woman? When i and entered your house, you did give me water my feet, she bathed my feet her tears wiped them her hair.  “You did kiss me, she stopped kissing my feet since time i and entered. You did anoint my head oil, she anointed my feet ointment.  “So i and tell you, her many sins have forgiven. Thus, she shown great love. But, one whom little forgiven, loves little.” He her, “Your sins forgiven.” The others table themselves, “who of who of even forgives sins?” he woman, “Your faith saved you. Go peace.” Teaching Love Parable Good Samaritan. scholar law stood up test him “Teacher, what must i and do inherit eternal life?” Jesus him, “What written law? How do you read it?” He reply, “You shall love Lord, your God, all your heart, all your being, all your strength, all your mind. you shall love your neighbor yourself.” He replied him, “You have answered correctly. Do you will live.” But, because scholar wished make show, he Jesus, “And who of my neighbor?” Jesus replied: A man fell victim robbers he traveled Jerusalem Jericho. They stripped beat him went off leaving him half-dead. chance, certain priest happened going down road, when he saw him, he passed opposite side. Likewise certain Levite came place, when he saw him, he crossed opposite side. Samaritan traveler who of came him moved compassion what he saw. He went victim, poured oil wine onto wounds bandaged them. he lifted victim onto own animal took him inn where he cared him. next day he took out two silver coins gave them innkeeper.

He instructed, ‘Take care him. you spend more than what i and have given you, i and shall repay you my way back.’ “In your opinion, which these three persons neighbor robbers’ victim?” He answered, “The one who of treated him mercy.” Jesus him, “Go do likewise.”  Martha Mary; Choosing Better Part. they continued their journey, Jesus entered village where woman whose name Martha welcomed him. She had sister named “Mary” who of sat Lord’s feet listening him speak. Martha, burdened serving, came him “Lord, do you care my sister left me do serving alone? Bid her help me.”  Lord her reply, “Martha, Martha, you anxious worried about many things. only one thing needed. Mary chosen better part will taken her.” Invitation Gentle Mastery Jesus. “Come me, all you who of labor burdened, i and will give you repose. Take my yoke learn me, i and am meek humble heart, you will find rest your souls. my yoke easy, my burden light.” Reproach Tradition (First); Mercy Sacrifice. time Sabbath, Jesus going through field grain. disciples hungry. They began make path, they began pick heads grain, rub them together their hands eat them. When some Pharisees saw this, they him, “See, why you doing what unlawful Sabbath?” He them reply, “Have you read what David did when he need he companions hungry? Further, he them, “Have you read what David did? How he went house God, when Abiathar high priest, ate bread offering, which only priests could lawfully eat, he ate shared companions? “Or, you have you read law that, Sabbath, priests’ works temple compels them violate Sabbath, and, yet, they remain innocent? i and say you, something greater than temple here. “If you knew what meant, ‘i and desire mercy, sacrifice,’ you would have condemned these innocent men.” he them, “The Sabbath made man, man Sabbath. why Son Man lord even Sabbath.”  Healing Sabbath; Metaphor Rescuing Fallen Sheep. Moving there, he went their synagogue taught. And, behold, there man there who of had withered hand. They watched Jesus closely see he would cure man Sabbath, they might accuse him. They questioned him, “Is lawful cure Sabbath?” they might discover reason accuse him. Jesus them, “Which one you who of sheep falls pit Sabbath will take hold lift out? How much more valuable person than sheep. So, lawful do good deeds Sabbath.” he realized their intentions man withered hand, “Come up here before us.” man rose stood there. he them, “i and ask you, lawful do good Sabbath rather than do evil, save life rather than destroy it?” they remained silent. Looking around them all anger grieving their hardness heart, he man, “Stretch out your hand.” man stretched out, hand restored sound other. Pharisees became enraged went out immediately took counsel Herodians how they might destroy Jesus put him death.  Statement Chosen Servant. When Jesus realized what they doing, he withdrew place. Many followed him, he cured them, he warned them make him known. fulfill what had spoken through Isaiah prophet: Behold, my servant whom i and have chosen, my beloved, whom i and find great joy; i and shall place my spirit him, he will proclaim justice all nations. He will argue cry out, nor will anyone hear voice streets. bruised reed he will break, a smoldering wick he will extinguish, until he brings justice victory. And, name, all nations will find hope. Defense Jesus’ Works Metaphor House Divided. Jesus went home. Again many gathered him, making impossible them eat. When friends heard they went out get him, saying, “He lost senses.” Then, they brought him blind mute man who of possessed. He cured him he could speak see. when demon had gone out, mute person spoke crowds amazed. Everyone crowd amazed, “Is possibly Son David?” But, when Pharisees scribes came Jerusalem heard this, they “This man possessed Beelzebul. He drives out demons only power Beelzebul, prince all demons.” Some others, test him, asked him sign heaven. Jesus knew what they thinking. Summoning them, he began speak them parables: How can Satan expel Satan? kingdom divided against itself, kingdom cannot stand. will laid waste. house divided against itself, house cannot stand. Satan expels Satan, arisen against himself, he divided against himself. How, then, will kingdom stand? end him. You say Beelzebul i and drive out demons. i and drive out demons Beelzebub, whom do your own people drive them out? Therefore, ask them judge your judgment. But, Spirit God i and drive out demons, kingdom God come you. How can anyone enter strong man’s house steal property, unless he starts tying up strong man? he can plunder house. But, when strong man completely guards house, property safe. And, when one stronger than he attacks overcomes him, he takes away defenses distributes spoils. you, you me you against me, you do gather me, you scatter. Reproach Sayings against Holy Spirit. “Amen, i and say you, every sin blasphemy people utter will forgiven, people who of blaspheme against Spirit will forgiven. anyone who of speaks even word against Son Man will forgiven, anyone who of blasphemes against Holy Spirit will forgiven, either world world come. person guilty everlasting sin.” He because they had about him, “He unclean spirit.”  . When they take you before synagogues before rulers authorities, do worry about how what your defense will about what you say. . Holy Spirit will teach you moment what you should say.”  Proclamation Crowd Blessed Womb. While he speaking, woman crowd called out him, “Blessed womb carried you breasts fed you.” Jesus replied, “Rather, blessed those who of hear word God keep it.” Proclamation True Family Jesus. While he still speaking crowds, mother brothers appeared outside. They unable join him because crowd, they wished speak him. Standing outside, they sent word him called him. And, someone crowd seated around him told him, “Your mother your brothers standing outside, asking speak you.” he reply one who of told him, “who of my mother? who of my brothers?” stretching out hand toward disciples, he “Here my mother my brothers. “For whoever does will God, my heavenly Father, my brother, sister, mother. Those who of hear word God act it.” Jesus Continues Ministry. Afterwards, he traveled one town another, preaching proclaiming good news kingdom God.

Accompanying him Twelve  some women who of had cured evil spirits infirmities, Mary, called “Magdalene,” whom seven demons had gone out,  Joanna, wife Herod’s steward Chuza, Susanna, many others who of provided them their respective abilities. When large crowd gathered, people one town after another journeying him, he spoke parables.  Invitation Parable Sower; Accept Word Do. certain occasion day, Jesus left house sat down sea. There such large crowds around him he got boat sat down, crowd standing along shore. he spoke them many things them parables. course teaching, he them: Hear this! sower went out sow seed. he sowed, some seed fell path trampled, birds sky came ate up. Some seed fell rocky ground, where there little soil. They sprang up once because soil deep, but, when sun rose, scorched, withered lack moisture roots. Some seed fell among thorns, thorns rose up choked it. some seed fell good rich soil, when grew, produced fruit, hundred sixty thirty fold. After saying this, he called out, “Whoever ears hear ought hear.” Teaching Explanation Purpose Parables. when Jesus alone, those there Twelve, approached him questioned him about parables. They asked him meaning parable. They “Why do you speak them parables?” He answered them reply, “Knowledge mysteries kingdom heaven granted you. But, rest them given; others made known through parables. “To anyone who of has, more will given abundance; anyone who of not, even what he will taken away. “This why i and speak them parables, because ‘they look do see hear do listen understand.’ Isaiah’s prophecy fulfilled them, which says: You shall surely hear, understand, you shall surely see, perceive. Dull heart people, they will barely hear their ears, they have closed their eyes, order they should see their eyes, hear their ears, understand their heart, converted. i and heal them they forgiven.” Jesus them, “Do you understand parable? how will you understand any parables?” Proclamation Privileges Discipleship. “But blessed your eyes, because they see, your ears, because they hear. Amen, i and say you, many prophets righteous people longed see what you see did see it, hear what you hear did hear it.” Teaching Explanation Parable Sower. “Hear, then, meaning parable sower. seed word God. sower sows word. “The seed sown path one who of hears word kingdom does understand it, devil comes takes away word their hearts they may believe saved. “The seed sown rocky ground one who of hears word receives once joy. But, word does take root last only time. soon some trial, misfortune persecution comes because word, they believe only time immediately fall away. “The seed sown among thorns one who of hears word, but, along way, choked worldly anxieties, lure riches pleasures life; craving other things intrudes, prevents fulfillment mature fruit.” “But seed sown rich soil one who, after having heard word, understand embrace generous good heart, and, who of bear fruit through perseverance yielding hundred sixty thirty fold. “To anyone who of has, more will given, one who of not, even what he seems have will taken away.”  Invitation Parable Weeds among Wheat. Jesus offered another parable them: kingdom heaven may likened man who of sowed good seed field; he sleeps rises night day seed would sprout grow. sower knows how.  its own accord, land yields fruit, first blade, ear, full grain ear. While everyone asleep, enemy came sowed weeds all through wheat, went off. When crop grew bore fruit, weeds appeared well. servants householder came him “Master, did you sow good seed your field? Where have weeds come from?” He answered, “An enemy done this.” servants him, “Do you want us go pull them up?” He replied, “No, you pull up weeds, you will uproot wheat well. “Let them grow together until harvest. Then, harvest time, i and will say harvesters, ‘First collect weeds tie them bundles burning, gather wheat my barn.’ “So, when harvest comes, wheat ready, reaper shall wield sickle only once.” Invitation Simile Mustard Seed. He proposed another parable them. “What kingdom God like? what can i and compare it? What parable can we use it?” kingdom heaven like mustard seed person took sowed field. smallest all seeds, yet, when mature, largest plants. becomes large bush, and, “birds sky come dwell its branches.” many such parables, he spoke word them manner they able comprehend it.  Invitation Simile Yeast. He spoke them another parable.  Again he “To what shall i and compare kingdom heaven? kingdom heaven like yeast woman took mixed three measures wheat flour until whole batch dough had greatly arisen.” Explanation Use Parables. All these things Jesus spoke crowds parables. He spoke them only parables, fulfill what had through prophet: i and will open my mouth parables, i and will disclose things have hidden from foundation world. Teaching Explanation Parable Weeds. Then, leaving crowds, he went house. disciples approached him “Explain us parable weeds field.” He reply, “He who of sows good seed Son Man, field world, good seed children kingdom God. weeds children evil one, enemy who of sows them devil. harvest end world, reapers angels.” “Just weeds collected burned fire, will end world. Son Man will send angels, they will collect out kingdom all who of sin do evil all who of cause others sin do evil. “They will throw them fiery furnace, where there will wailing gnashing teeth. righteous will shine like sun kingdom their Father. Whoever ears ought hear.” Invitation Simile Kingdom Heaven; Treasure. “The kingdom heaven like treasure hidden field. And, when person finds treasure hides again, and, joy, goes sells all he buy field. “Moreover, kingdom heaven like merchant searching fine pearls. When he finds precious pearl, he goes sells all he buy it.

And, kingdom heaven like net thrown sea, which collects fish every kind. When full, they haul ashore sit down put what good buckets. What bad they cast away. “Thus will end world. angels will go out separate wicked righteous throw them fiery furnace, where there will wailing gnashing teeth.” Invitation Simile Treasures New Old. “Do you understand all these things?” They replied, “Yes.” he replied, “That why every expert law who of instructed kingdom heaven like head household who of brings treasure-store things both new old.” When Jesus finished these parables, he left there. X. Return Nazareth N ot Prophet Home. He departed there came native place disciples. When Sabbath came, he began teach synagogue, many who of heard him amazed. They “Where did man get all this? What kind wisdom given him? What mighty deeds performed hands!  he carpenter’s son? mother named “Mary” brothers James, Joseph, Simon, Judas? sisters all us? where did man get all this?” they took offense him. Jesus them, “A prophet without honor except native place among own kin own house.” he did work many mighty deeds there because their lack faith, apart curing few sick people laying hands them. He went around villages vicinity teaching. Herod Beheads John Baptist. [As ] King Herod tetrarch had arrested John Baptist, bound him up, put him prison. He did account Herodias, wife brother Philip, whom Herod had married. John him, “It lawful you have her, your brother’s wife.” So, he put John prison.  Herod feared John, knowing him righteous holy man, he merely kept him custody. Herodias begrudged John wanted kill him, she unable do so. Although Herod also wanted kill John, he feared people, they regarded him prophet. Herodias had chance one day Herod’s birthday, when he gave banquet courtiers, military officers, leading men Galilee. Herodias’ own daughter came performed dance pleased Herod guests much king girl, “Ask me whatever you wish i and will grant you.” He even swore many things her, “i and will grant you whatever you ask me, even half my kingdom.”  She went out her mother, “What shall i and ask for?” Herodias replied, “The head John Baptist.” The girl hurried back front king made her request: “i and want you give me, once, platter, head John Baptist.” king deeply distressed, because promise guests who of present. But, he did wish break word her. Thus, he promptly dispatched executioner orders bring back John’s head. executioner accordingly went off beheaded John prison. He brought head platter gave girl. girl, turn, gave her mother. When disciples heard about it, they came, took away corpse laid tomb.

Then, they went told Jesus.  Herod’s Opinion Jesus. King Herod heard about all things occurring, well reputation Jesus—for fame Jesus had become widely known. Herod greatly interested, because some saying, “John raised dead: why great powers work him.” Others saying, “He Elijah,” still others saying that, “one ancient prophets arisen.” when Herod heard it, he “i and beheaded John. He raised up dead; why mighty powers work him. who of about whom i and hear such things?” Herod kept trying see him. Return Twelve Miracle Feeding Five Thousand. When apostles returned, they gathered together Jesus reported all they had done taught. He them, “Come away yourselves secluded place rest while.” because people coming going great numbers. They followed him because they saw signs he performing diseased. They had no opportunity even eat.  After this, Jesus went across Sea Galilee, which Sea Tiberias. He took them seclusion town called “Bethsaida.”  They withdrew boat themselves deserted place. crowds, meanwhile, saw them leaving many came learn about it. They hurried follow him foot all towns, some arrived place before them. When he disembarked saw vast crowd, heart moved pity them, they like sheep without shepherd.

He received them spoke them about kingdom God, he healed those who of needed cured, he began teach them many things. Jesus went up mountain, there he sat down disciples.  Jewish feast Passover near. When evening, Twelve approached him “This deserted place here already late. Dismiss crowds they can go surrounding villages farms, find lodging, well buy food themselves.” Jesus raised eyes saw large crowd coming him. He Philip, “Where can we buy enough food them eat?” He test him, because he himself knew what he going do.  Jesus them, “There no need them go away. Give them some food yourselves.” He asked them, “How many loaves do you have? Go see.” One disciples, Andrew, brother Peter, him, “There boy here who of five barley loaves two fish, what good many? Even we go buy food all these people,  could we buy two hundred days’ wages worth food give them eat? would enough each them have even little bit?” Jesus “Bring them here me.” he disciples, “Have them sit down groups about fifty.” people took their places rows hundreds fifties, sitting down green grass. Jesus “Have people recline.” there great deal grass place. people reclined. Then, taking five loaves two fish, looking up heaven, he blessing, broke loaves, gave them disciples, who of turn gave them crowds. He also divided two fish among them all they had much fish they wanted.  When they ate their fill satisfied, he disciples, “Gather fragments left over, nothing will wasted.” So they collected them, filled twelve wicker baskets fragments five barley loaves what left fish had more than they could eat. Those who of ate about five thousand men, counting women children. When people saw sign he had done, they “This truly Prophet, one who of come world.”  Miracle Walking Water. Since Jesus knew they going come carry him off make him king, he made disciples get boat precede him other side near Bethsaida Capernaum, while he dismissed crowds. After he left them, he withdrew again went up mountain himself pray. evening had already grown dark. He there alone shore, he had yet come them. Meanwhile, boat, already few miles offshore, being tossed about waves, strong wind blowing against it. During fourth watch night, he came toward them, walking sea. . He would have passed them. When disciples saw him walking sea they terrified. They cried out fear, “It ghost.” once Jesus spoke them, “Take courage. I. Do afraid.” Peter him reply, “Lord, you, command me come you water.” He “Come.” Peter got out boat began walk water toward Jesus. But, when he realized strength wind, he became afraid, he began sink. He cried out, “Lord, save me!” Thereupon, Jesus stretched out hand caught him, him, “Oh, you little faith, why did you doubt?” After Peter got boat, wind died down. They completely astounded. Those who of boat did Jesus homage, saying, “Amen, you Son God.” They had understood incident loaves. fact, their hearts hardened.   They wanted take Jesus boat, boat immediately arrived shore which they heading. Invitation Metaphor Bread Life; Rejection. next day, crowd stayed across sea saw there had only one boat there, Jesus had gone along disciples boat. Only disciples had left. Other boats came Tiberias near place where they had eaten bread when Lord gave thanks. When crowd saw neither Jesus nor disciples there, they themselves got boats went Capernaum looking Jesus. when they found him across sea they him, “Rabbi, when did you arrive?” Jesus answered them “Amen, amen, i and say you, you looking me because you witnessed signs, because you ate loaves satisfied.” “Do work food perishes food endures eternal life, which Son Man will give you. him God, Father, set seal.” They him, “What we do order work God’s works?” Jesus answered them, “This work God: you believe he sent.” they him, “What visible proof can you give, we should see believe you? What can you do? Our ancestors ate manna desert, written: ‘He gave them bread heaven eat.’” Jesus them, “Amen, amen, i and say you, Moses who of gave bread heaven. my Father gives you true bread heaven. God’s bread he who of comes down heaven gives life world.” they him, “Sir, give us bread evermore.” Jesus them, “i and am bread life. Anyone who of comes me will never hunger, anyone who of believes me will never thirst. “But, i and have told you, you have seen me, and, yet, you do believe. All who of Father gives me, i and will accept, all who of come me, i and will reject. because i and have come down heaven do my own will, will one who of sent me. And will one who of sent me: that, all he given me, i and should lose single one, i and should raise all them last day. will my Father, all who of see Son believe him should have eternal life, i and shall raise him last day.”

Jews murmured about him because he “i and am bread came down heaven.” they “Is Jesus, son Joseph? Do we know father mother? how can he say, ‘i and have come down heaven’?” Jesus answered them, “Stop your murmuring. No one can come me unless Father, who of sent me, draws him me. And, he comes, i and will raise him last day. stands written prophets: ‘They shall all taught God.’ All who of listen my Father who of accept Word him, come me. anyone seen Father, except one who of God, he seen Father. “Amen, amen, i and say you, whoever believes eternal life. i and am bread life. “Your ancestors ate manna desert, they died. bread comes down heaven, that, those who of eat it, shall die. i and am living bread came down heaven. All who of eat bread will live forever. And, bread i and will give you my flesh, i and give life world.” Jews argued among themselves, saying, “How possible man give us flesh eat?” Jesus them, “Amen, amen, i and say you, unless you eat flesh Son Man drink blood, you do have life within you. “All who of eat my flesh drink my blood shall have eternal life, will raised me last day. my flesh true food, my blood true drink. All who of eat my flesh drink my blood dwell me i and them. Just living Father sent me, because through Father i and live, so, also, ones who of feed me will have life because me. “This bread came down heaven. Unlike your ancestors who of ate still died, whoever eats bread will live forever.” He these things while he taught synagogue Capernaum. Many disciples who of listening “This hard saying, who of can accept it?” Jesus knew disciples murmuring about this, he them, “Does offend you?”

“What you see Son Man ascending where he before? “It Spirit gives life. flesh no use. words i and have spoken you spirit life. “But there some you who of do believe.” Jesus knew beginning who of they who of would believe, well one who of would betray him. he “Therefore, i and have told you no one can come me unless granted my Father.” result these teachings, many disciples returned their former way life no longer followed him. Jesus Twelve, “Do you also want leave?” Peter answered him, “Master, whom shall we go? You have words eternal life. We believe, we certain, you Anointed One God.” Jesus answered them, “Have i and chosen you twelve? Yet, true one you devil?” He referring Judas, son Simon Iscariot, one who of would betray him, one Twelve. Healing Many People. Returning there, Jesus came Sea Galilee. He went up mountain sat down there. Great crowds came him, having them lame, blind, deformed, mute, many others. They placed them feet, he healed them. crowds amazed when they saw mute speaking, deformed made whole, lame walking, blind able see, they glorified God Israel. Miracle Feeding Four Thousand. those days, when there again great crowd without anything eat, Jesus summoned disciples “My heart moved pity crowd, they have me three days have nothing eat. i and do want send them away hungry, fear they may faint way their homes, some them have come great distance.” disciples him, “Where could we ever get enough bread deserted place satisfy such crowd?” Jesus them, “How many loaves do you have?” They replied, “Seven, few small fish.” He commanded crowd sit down ground. he took seven loaves fish, gave thanks, broke loaves, gave them disciples, who of gave them crowds. They all ate satisfied. They picked up remaining fragments filled seven baskets. Those who of ate four thousand men, counting women children. after he sent away crowds, he got boat came region Dalmanutha, district Magadan.  Teaching Metaphor Leaven. Meanwhile, many people crowding together they stepping one over other. He began speak, first disciples. he left them, got boat again, went off other shore. disciples had forgotten bring bread, they had only one loaf them boat. Jesus interrupted them, “Watch carefully, beware leaven Pharisees Sadducees, leaven Herod.” They concluded among themselves, saying, “It because we have brought no bread.” When Jesus became aware he “You little faith, Why do you conclude because you have no bread? Do you yet understand comprehend? your hearts hardened? Why do you conclude among yourselves because you have no bread? “Do you still yet understand?  Do you have eyes see, ears hear? do you remember five loaves five thousand, how many wicker baskets you took up?” They answered him, “Twelve.” “Or, seven loaves four thousand, how many baskets you took up? They answered him, “Seven.” He them, “Do you still understand?” How do you comprehend i and speaking you about bread? Beware leaven Pharisees Sadducees.” they understood he telling them beware leaven bread, hypocritical teaching Pharisees Sadducees.  Healing Blind Man; Metaphor Seeing Light. When they arrived Bethsaida, they brought him blind man begged him touch him. he passed he saw man who of blind birth. disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who of sinned, man parents, he born blind?” Jesus answered, “Neither he nor parents sinned. works God might made visible through him. We have do works one who of sent me while day. Night comes, when no one can work.” He proceeded take blind man hand led him outside village. “While i and am world, i and am light world.” When he had this, he spat ground made clay saliva, he anointed eyes blind man clay. He him, “Go wash Pool Siloam” (which means ‘Sent’). he went washed. Jesus asked, “Do you see anything?” Looking up he replied, “i and see people looking like trees walking.”

Jesus placed hands man’s eyes second time man saw clearly. sight restored he could see everything clearly. Jesus sent him home “Do even go village.” man’s neighbors those who of had seen him earlier beggar “Isn’t one who of used sit beg?” Some “It he,” others “It just looks like him.” He “i and am he.” they him, “So how your eyes opened?” He replied, “The man called ‘Jesus’ made clay anointed my eyes told me, ‘Go Siloam wash.’ So, i and went there washed able see.”  they him, “Where he?” man “i and do know.” they brought him Pharisees. Now, Sabbath Jesus had made clay opened eyes. Pharisees also asked him how he able see. He them, “He put clay my eyes, i and washed, i and can see.” Therefore, some Pharisees “This man God, because he does keep Sabbath.” others “How can sinful man do such miracles?” there division among them. they blind man again, “What do you have say about him, since he opened your eyes?” He “He prophet.” Now, Jews did believe he had blind gained sight until they summoned parents. They asked them, saying, “Is your son, who of you say born blind? How does he see?” parents answered “We know our son he born blind. How he sees, we do know, nor do we know who of opened eyes. He age, ask him. He can speak himself.” parents spoke such because they feared Jews, Jews had already agreed anyone acknowledged Jesus Messiah, person would expelled synagogue. reason parents “He age, ask him.” So, second time they called man who of had blind him, “Give God praise! We know Jesus sinner.” He replied, “Whether he sinner not, i and do know. One thing i and do know i and blind i and see.” they him, “What did he do you? How did he open your eyes?” He answered them, “i and told you already you did listen. Why do you want hear again? Do you want become disciples, too?” They scorned him “You man’s disciple. We disciples Moses!  We know God spoke Moses. man, we do know where he from.” man answered them, “This amazing; you do know where he came, yet he opened my eyes. We know God does listen sinners, but, one worships does will, he listens him. Never before anyone opened eyes person born blind. man God, he would able do it.”

They answered him, “You born totally sin, you trying teach us?” they threw him out. When Jesus heard they had cast him out, he found him “Do you believe Son Man?” He answered “who of he, Lord, i and may believe him?” Jesus him, “You have seen him he whom you speaking.” He “i and do believe, Lord,” he did homage him. Jesus “For judgment, i and came world, those who of do see might see, those who of do see might become blind.”  Some Pharisees who of him heard him, “Are we also blind?” Jesus them, “If you blind, you would have no sin, you saying, ‘We see,’ your sin remains.” Miracle Raising Lazarus.  certain man ill, named “Lazarus” Bethany, village Mary her sister Martha. Mary who of had anointed Lord perfumed ointment dried feet her hair. her brother, Lazarus, who of ill. Thus, sisters sent word him, saying, “Lord, one you love ill.”  When Jesus heard he “This illness end death, glory God, Son God may glorified through it.” Jesus loved Martha her sister Lazarus. when he heard Lazarus ill, he remained two days place where he was.  after he disciples, “Let us go back Judea.” disciples him, “Rabbi, Jews recently trying stone you there, you want go back?”  Jesus answered, “Are there twelve hours day? one walks during day, he does stumble, because he sees light world. one walks night, he stumbles, because there no light him.” He this, told them, “Our friend Lazarus sleeps, i and go awaken him.” disciples him, “Master, he asleep, we shall do well.” Jesus talking about death, while they thought he meant ordinary sleep.  Jesus them flatly, “Lazarus died. i and am glad you i and there. Let us go him, you might believe.” Thomas, called “Didymus,” fellow disciples, “Let us go also, we may die him.” When Jesus arrived, he found Lazarus had already tomb four days. Now, Bethany near Jerusalem, only about two miles away. many Jews had come Martha Mary comfort them about their brother. When Martha heard Jesus coming, she went meet him; Mary stayed home. Martha Jesus, “Lord, you had here, my brother would have died. even i and know whatever you ask God, God will give you.” Jesus her, “Your brother will rise again.” Martha him, “i and know he will rise again resurrection last day.” Jesus told her, “i and am resurrection life; whoever believes me, even he dead, yet shall live. Everyone who of lives believes me will never die. Do you believe this?” She him, “Yes, Lord. i and have come believe you Messiah, Son God, one who of coming world.” When she had this, she went called her sister Mary privately, saying, “The teacher here asking you.” soon she heard this, she rose quickly went him. Jesus had yet come village, still where Martha had met him. Jews who of her house comforting her saw Mary get up quickly go out, they followed her, thinking she going tomb weep there. When Mary came where Jesus saw him, she fell feet him, “Lord, you had here, my brother would have died.” When Jesus saw her weeping Jews who of had come her weeping, he moaned deeply troubled spirit. He “Where have you laid him?” They him, “Lord, come see.” Jesus wept. Jews “See how he loved him.” some them “Could one who of opened eyes blind man have caused something done man would have died?” Jesus, moaning again himself, came tomb. cave, stone lay across it. Jesus “Take away stone.” Martha, dead man’s sister, him, “Lord, there will stench now, he dead four days.” Jesus her, “Did i and say you that, you believe, you will see glory God?” they took away stone tomb. Jesus lifted eyes “Father, i and thank you hearing me. i and know you always hear me. But, because crowd here, i and have this, they may believe you sent me.” when he had this, he cried out loud voice, “Lazarus, come forth!” dead man came forth, tied hand foot burial clothes, face bound cloth. Jesus them, “Untie him let him go.” Session Sanhedrin; Planning Death. Many Jews who of had come Mary seen what he did began believe him. some them went Pharisees told them what Jesus had done. chief priests Pharisees convened Sanhedrin “What we going do? man performing many miracles. we leave him alone, all will believe him, Romans will come take away both our land our nation.” one them, Caiaphas, being high priest year, them, “You know nothing,  nor do you consider better you one man should die instead people, whole nation may perish.”

He did say own, since he high priest year, he prophesied Jesus going die nation, only nation, also gather one scattered children God. day they took counsel together put him death. Therefore, Jesus no longer walked about public among Jews, he departed region near desert, town called “Ephraim,” there he continued disciples. Last Passover. Passover Jews about take place, many went up country Jerusalem before Passover purify themselves. They looked Jesus one another they temple area, “What do you think? Do you think he will come feast?” chief priests Pharisees had given orders that, anyone knew where he was, he should inform them, they might arrest him. Anointing Bethany (First). Six days before Passover, Jesus came Bethany, where Lazarus was, whom Jesus had raised dead.  They gave dinner him there, Martha served, while Lazarus one those reclining table him. Mary took pound very expensive ointment perfumed pure spikenard anointed feet Jesus wiped them her hair. house filled fragrance perfume. Judas Iscariot, one disciples, one who of would betray him,  “Why perfume sold three hundred days’ wages given poor?” He this, because he cared about poor, because he thief held money bag took contributions. Jesus “Leave her alone. Let her keep day my burial. You always have poor you, you do always have me.” Many Jews found out Jesus there. they came only because Jesus, also see Lazarus, whom Jesus had raised dead. And chief priests schemed kill Lazarus well; because him, many Jews going away believing Jesus.Teaching Metaphor Tree Its Fruits. “Make up your minds. Either state tree good its fruit good, state tree rotten its fruit rotten. tree known fruit produces. “You brood vipers! How can you say anything good, when you evil? out abundance your heart, your mouth speaks. “A good person brings forth good things store goodness, evil person brings forth evil things store evil. “i and tell you, judgment day, people will give account every harmful word they speak. your words you will acquitted, your words you will condemned.” Reproach Demanding Sign (first). Still more people gathered crowd. some scribes Pharisees came forward began argue him, “Teacher, we wish see sign you.” He sighed depth spirit them reply: evil unfaithful generation seeks sign, no sign will given except sign Jonah prophet. Just Jonah belly whale three days three nights, became sign Ninevites, will Son Man heart earth three days three nights, similarly will Son Man sign generation. judgment, Ninevites will rise men generation condemn it, because they repented preaching Jonah. And, there something greater than Jonah here. judgment, Queen South will arise generation condemn it, because she came ends world hear wisdom Solomon. And, there something greater than Solomon here. Reproach Allegory Return Unclean Spirit Places Devoid Holy Spirit. “When unclean spirit leaves person, roams through dry regions searching rest finds none. “Then says, ‘i and will return place which i and came.’ But, returning, finds place empty, swept, put order. So, goes brings back itself seven other spirits more evil than itself, they move dwell there. And, person’s last condition worse than first. shall evil generation.”  XII. Entry Jerusalem P roclamation Lament Jerusalem (First). he drew near Jerusalem, he beheld city wept over it, saying, “If day, you only knew what makes peace—but hidden your eyes. “For days coming you when your enemies shall build mound which attack you; they will encircle you hem you all sides. “They will level city ground you your children it, they will leave one stone another within you because you did recognize time your visitation.” Entry Jerusalem. After he had this, he proceeded journey up Jerusalem.

When they drew near Jerusalem came Bethphage Bethany Mount Olives, Jesus sent two disciples,  saying them, “Go village opposite you, immediately you will find ass tethered, colt her which no one ever mounted. Untie bring here. anyone should ask you, ‘Why you untying it?’ you will answer, ‘The Master need will send back here once.’”  happened what had spoken through prophet might fulfilled: Say daughter Zion, ‘Behold, your king comes you, meek riding ass, foal beast burden.’  disciples who of had sent went off did Jesus had commanded them. They found everything just he had told them found colt tethered gate outside street. they untying colt, its owners them, “Why you untying colt?” They answered, “The Master need it.” they permitted them do it. So they brought Jesus, threw their cloaks over colt, helped Jesus mount it. next day, great crowd had come Feast heard Jesus coming Jerusalem. As he rode along, people crowd spreading their cloaks road, while others cut palm branches trees, well leafy branches they had cut fields, strewed them road. he approaching slope Mount Olives, whole multitude disciples began praise God aloud delight all mighty deeds they had seen. Those preceding him, well those following, kept crying out: Hosanna Son David! Blessed king who of comes name Lord. Even king Israel. David come! Peace heaven glory highest. Hosanna highest. when he entered Jerusalem whole city moved asked, “who of this?” crowds replied, “This Jesus prophet, Nazareth Galilee.”  Some Pharisees crowd him, “Teacher, silence your disciples.” He reply, “i and tell you, they keep silent, stones will cry out!” disciples did understand these things time, when Jesus had glorified, they recalled these things written about him they had done these things him. The crowd him when he called Lazarus tomb raised him death continued testify behalf. also why crowd went meet him, because they heard he had done miracle. The Pharisees one another, “You see you gaining nothing. Look, whole world gone after him.” Proclamation Destiny. Now there certain Greeks among those who of had come up worship Feast. They came Philip, who of Bethsaida Galilee, asked him, “Sir, we would like see Jesus.” Philip went told Andrew, Andrew Philip went told Jesus. Jesus answered them: hour come Son Man glorified. Amen, amen, i and say you, unless grain wheat falls ground dies, remains just grain wheat. dies, produces much fruit. Whoever loves life loses it, whoever hates life world, will preserve eternal life. If man serve me, he must follow me, where i and am, there also my servant will be. Father will honor whoever serves me. My soul yet troubled now. But, what shall i and say? ‘Father, save me hour’? purpose i and came hour. Father, glorify your name. voice came heaven, “i and have glorified will glorify again.” crowd there heard it. Some thunder, others “An angel spoken him.” Jesus answered “This voice did come me, your sake. “Now, time judgment world. Now, prince world will driven out.  And, i and am lifted up earth, i and shall draw everyone myself.” He indicating kind death he would die. people answered him, “We have heard out law Messiah abides forever. how can you say Son Man must lifted up? who of Son Man?”  Jesus them, “The light will you only little while. Walk while you have light, darkness may overcome you. Whoever walks dark does know where he goes. “While you have light, believe light, you may become children light.” Unbelief among Jews. After he had this, Jesus left hid them. Although he had performed many miracles their presence, yet they did believe him. order word which Isaiah prophet spoke might fulfilled: Lord, who of believed our preaching, to whom power Lord revealed? 

Therefore, they could believe, because again Isaiah said:  He blinded their eyes, hardened their heart; they might see their eyes, understand their heart converted, i and would heal them.  Isaiah these things because he saw glory spoke about him.  Nevertheless, even among authorities, many believed him. However, Pharisees did acknowledge openly, they would expelled synagogue.  they loved human praise more than praise God. Invitation Metaphor Light. Jesus cried out said: Whoever believes me believes only me, one who of sent me, whoever sees me, sees one who of sent me. i and came light world, everyone who of believes me might remain darkness. And, anyone hears my words does observe them, i and do condemn him, i and did come condemn world save world. Whoever rejects me does accept my words something judge him: word i and have spoken, will condemn him last day. because i and did speak my own, Father who of sent me commanded me what say speak. i and know commandment life everlasting. So, Father told me, i and have spoken. Reproach Temple (Second); Den Thieves. When they came Jerusalem, Jesus entered temple area drove out all those engaged selling buying there. He overturned tables money changers seats those who of selling doves. he taught them saying, “Is written: My house shall house prayer all peoples, you making den thieves.” He did permit anyone carry anything through temple area. The blind lame approached him temple area, he cured them. When chief priests scribes saw wonderful things he doing, children crying out temple area, “Hosanna Son David,” they became greatly displeased him, “Do you hear what they saying?” Jesus them, “Yes. And, have you never read text, ‘Out mouths babes nurslings, you have brought forth praise’?” And every day he teaching temple area. chief priests, scribes, leaders people, meanwhile, seeking put him death, and, yet, they feared they could find no way accomplish their purpose because all people hanging words. And, he looked around everything and, being already late, he left them temple area went out city Bethany, where he spent night.  He went Twelve. Withered Fig Tree; Metaphor Fruit God’s Creation. The next day they leaving Bethany, when he going back city morning, he hungry.  Seeing distance fig tree leaf road, he went over see he could find anything it, when he reached he found nothing except leaves; time figs. he reply, “May no fruit ever come you again. May no one ever eat your fruit again.” disciples heard it. immediately fig tree began wither. When evening came, they went out city. Early morning, they walking along, they saw fig tree withered its roots.  8 When disciples saw this, they amazed. Peter remembered him, “Rabbi, look! fig tree you cursed withered. How fig tree withered quickly?”   Jesus them reply, “Have faith God. Amen, i and say you, you have faith do waver, you will do what done fig tree; you say mountain, ‘Be lifted up thrown sea,’ you do doubt your heart, believe what you say will happen, shall done you.    “i and tell you: All you ask prayer, believe you will receive it, shall yours. “When you stand pray, forgive anyone against whom you have grievance, your heavenly Father may turn forgive you your transgressions.  you do forgive neither will your heavenly Father forgive your transgressions.” TABLE CONTENTS* first word each index item permits ease reference reader; example, use word "Teaching" denotes a passage where Jesus teaches a certain subject related text, "Reproach" denotes a condemnation. titles also intended provide one framework review—of many possibilities—to ease understanding related text; however, possible interpretations Jesus’ words innumerable, author hopes titles chosen, rather than limitation, will serve a foundation empowerment reader those many interpretations.Divine Version Preface First Printing Introduction xi and

I. Prelude II. Visitation Birth Visitation John Baptist Visitation Jesus (The Annunciation) Mary Meets Elizabeth Proclamation Mary Joy Birth John Baptist Proclamation Zechariah Jesus’ Role Birth Jesus Herod, Magi and Shepherds III. Jesus Child Circumcision Jesus Presentation Jesus Temple Flight Egypt Herod's Massacre Infants Return Nazareth Genealogy Jesus Statement Fundamental Spirituality Jesus Jesus Temple; My Father’s House IV. Baptism Preparation Mission John Baptist Baptism Jesus Introduction Andrew John (Son Zebedee) Temptation Jesus V. Mission Begins Beginning Mission Rejection Nazareth Healing Possessed Jesus Leaves Capernaum First Disciples; Fishers Men Miracle Water Wine; Wedding Cana Jesus' Fame Broadens Reproach Temple (First); Rebuild Temple Three Days Teaching Nicodemus; Being Born Again Final Testament John Baptist; He Must Increase Imprisonment John Baptist VI. First Teachings; Galilean Ministry Beginning Galilean Ministry Teaching Samaritan Woman Well Teaching Metaphor Food Life Teaching Mount Invitation Beatitudes Teaching Simile Salt Teaching Simile Light Teaching about Law Teaching about Anger Teaching about Adultery Teaching about Divorce (First) Teaching about Oaths Teaching about Vengeance Teaching about Love Enemies Teaching about Almsgiving Teaching about Praying Teaching Lord's Prayer Teaching about Persistence Teaching about Fasting Invitation Rewards Heaven Teaching Simile Light Body Teaching about God Money Parable Rich Man’s Futile Treasure Teaching about Judging Others; Metaphor Beam Teaching Parable Blind Leading Blind Teaching Metaphor Pearls before Swine

Teaching Golden Rule: Do Others Teaching Metaphor Narrow Gate Reproach Words Over Deeds; False Prophets Teaching Metaphor Good Tree/Good Fruit Teaching Simile Building House Jesus Finishes First Teaching VII. Signs Healings Healing Leper Healing Centurion's Servant Healing Peter's Mother Law Miracle Raising Widow’s Son Healing Official’s Son Cana Other Healings Jesus Shunned Samaria Invitation Would-Be Followers Jesus; Dead Bury Dead Miracle Calming Storm Sea Healing Gadarene Possessed; Legion Healing Paralytic Calling Matthew (Levi) Teaching about New Covenant Metaphors Wedding; Cloth Wineskins Healing Beloved Official's Daughter; Woman Hemorrhage Healing Two Blind Men Healing Mute Person Healing Deaf Person Healing Cripple Pool Sabbath VIII. Discipleship Proclamation Simile Sheep without Shepherd; Compassion Flock Jesus Continues Ministry Proclamation Work Son Proclamation Witnesses Jesus Selection Apostles Commissioning Apostles Mission Seventy-Two Reproach Unrepentant Proclamation Discipleship; Relinquish Possessions Return Seventy-Two Proclamation Praise Father; Revelation Son Proclamation Privileges Discipleship Proclamation Coming Persecutions Proclamation Courage under Persecution Proclamation Jesus Cause Division Proclamation Conditions Discipleship Proclamation Rewards Receiving IX. Opposition Messengers John Baptist Proclamation Jesus' Testimony John Teaching Greater Love Forgiveness Sinful Woman Teaching Love Parable Good Samaritan Martha Mary; Choosing Better Part Invitation Gentle Mastery Jesus Reproach Tradition (First); Mercy Sacrifice Healing Sabbath; Metaphor Rescuing Fallen Sheep Statement Chosen Servant Defense Jesus’ Works Metaphor House Divided Reproach Sayings against Holy Spirit Teaching Metaphor Tree Its Fruits Reproach Demanding Sign (First) Reproach Allegory Return Unclean Spirit Places Devoid Holy Spirit Proclamation Crowd Blessed Womb Proclamation True Family Jesus Jesus Continues Ministry Invitation Parable Sower; Accept Word Do Teaching Explanation Purpose Parables Proclamation Privileges Discipleship Teaching Explanation Parable Sower Invitation Parable Weeds among Wheat Invitation Simile Mustard Seed Invitation Simile Yeast

Explanation Use Parables Teaching Explanation Parable Weeds Invitation Simile Kingdom Heaven; Treasure Invitation Simile Treasures New Old X. Return Nazareth Prophet Home Herod Beheads John Baptist Herod's Opinion Jesus Return Twelve Miracle Feeding Five Thousand Miracle Walking Water Invitation Metaphor Bread Life; Rejection Healings Gennesaret Reproach Tradition (Second); Deeds Words Healing Canaanite Woman's Faith Feast Tabernacles; Jesus Delays Fulfillment Reproach Tradition (Third); Substance Appearance Jesus Desired Arrest Healing Many People Miracle Feeding Four Thousand Teaching about Forgiveness; Adulterous Woman Casting First Stone Proclamation Light World Proclamation; i and AM Proclamation Truth; Satan Father Lies Reproach Demanding Sign (Second) Teaching Metaphor Leaven Healing Blind Man; Metaphor Seeing Light Proclamation Metaphor Church Built Rock Peter Prediction Passion (First); Get Behind Me, Satan Proclamation Conditions Discipleship Transfiguration Proclamation Metaphor Good Shepherd Jesus Defends Claimed Blasphemy; You Gods Cure Belief; Metaphor Faith Size Mustard Seed Prediction Passion (Second) Paying Taxes Foreigners; Metaphor Division Teaching Least Greatest; Child Teaching about False Prophets Reproach Sinning Causing Sin; Millstone Explaining Rejoice Return Parable Lost Sheep Explaining Rejoice Return Parable Woman’s Lost Coin Explaining Rejoice Return Parable Prodigal Son Teaching Forgiveness; Resolving Disputes Teaching Unending Forgiveness; Seventy-Seven Times Teaching Reciprocal Forgiveness Parable Unforgiving Servant Reproach Call Repentance Teaching Necessity Deeds Parable Barren Fig Tree Teaching Exceed Duty Parable Unprofitable Servant Healing Ten Lepers; Acceptance Foreigner Proclamation Kingdom God; Within You Proclamation Day Son Man; No Forewarning XI. Ministry Judea Teaching about Divorce (Second) Teaching Accept Kingdom Open Heart Child Teaching about Compassionate Giving Metaphor Eye Needle; Being Perfect Teaching about Equal Privilege Kingdom Parable Vineyard Workers Prediction Passion (Third) Request Sit Right Hand Healing Two Blind Men; Persistence Meaningful Prayer Teaching about Reconciliation Past Future Parable Dishonest Steward Teaching Application Parable Reproach Proud Esteem Proclamation about Law Teaching Acceptance Good News Parable Rich Man Lazarus Zacchaeus Tax Collector; Reconciliation Past Deeds Teaching about Persistent Prayer Parable Persistent Widow Teaching against Presumptuous Despise Parable Pharisee Tax Collector Miracle Raising Lazarus Session Sanhedrin; Planning Death Last Passover Anointing Bethany (First)

XII. Entry Jerusalem Proclamation Lament Jerusalem (First) Entry Jerusalem Proclamation Destiny Unbelief among Jews Invitation Metaphor Light Reproach Temple (Second); Den Thieves Withered Fig Tree; Metaphor Fruit God’s Creation Explaining Jesus' Authority; Authority John Baptist Teaching Deeds Supersede Words Parable Two Sons; Acceptance, Repentance Change Explaining Jesus’ Destiny Parable Heir Land Owner Explaining Invitation Preparation Parable Wedding Feast Without Attendance Teaching Humility Compassionate Giving Parable Conduct Invited Guests Explaining Accepting Invitation Parable Great Feast Teaching about Giving God’s Due; Paying Taxes Caesar Explaining Resurrection Teaching Greatest Commandment Healing Man Dropsy Sabbath Healing Crippled Woman Sabbath Explaining David's Authority Reproach Ostentation Scribes Teaching Example Poor Widow's Gift Reproach Pharisees Scholars Law Reproaches-Final; Woes Proclamation Lament Over Jerusalem (Second) Herod's Desire Kill Jesus; Die Jerusalem Proclamation Prophecy Persecution Division Teaching Vigilance Parable Vigilant Servant; Relative Punishment Teaching Preparedness Parable Ten Virgins Teaching Importance Deeds Parable Talents Proclamation Son Man Coming Glory XIII. Preparation Death Conspiracy against Jesus Anointing Bethany (Second) Betrayal Judas Preparations Passover Washing Disciples' Feet; Metaphor Humble Service Betrayer Teaching New Commandment Love Dispute Greatest Disciple; Teaching Humble Service Last Supper; Body Blood Proclamation Prophecy Peter's Denial Proclamation Final Discourse Proclamation Advocate Invitation Metaphor True Vine Proclamation Jesus Replaced Advocate Jesus Prays; One XIV. Betrayal, Arrest Trial Agony Garden Betrayal Arrest Peter's Denial Jesus Jesus before Annas Jesus before Sanhedrin Jesus Taken Pilate Death Judas Jesus Questioned Pilate (First Time) Jesus before Herod Jesus Questioned Pilate (Second Time) People Choose Barabbas Scourging Jesus Pilate's Capitulation World Crowd's Capitulation World Mockery Soldiers XV.

Crucifixion Death Way Cross Crucifixion; Father Forgive Them Death Jesus Blood Water XVI. Burial Resurrection Burial Jesus Guard Tomb Resurrection Jesus Appearance Mary Magdelene Report Guard Appearance Road Emmaus Appearance Disciples Doubting Thomas; Faith without Proof Second Charge Disciples Appearance Seven Disciples Jesus Peter; Feed My Sheep Beloved Disciple Commissioning Apostles Ascension Conclusion UNIFICATION INDEX Acknowledgements Ordering Information Version Description Preface First Printing _________ W ith great joy, grace Spirit, “First Printing” come existence. Although, some may say “Second Printing,” there limited run “Original Printing” previously released distributed. “Original Edition,” which out print, changed any substantive way, errors issues typography have corrected revised edition. But, joy printing results fact might have been. Original Printing turned away door every major publisher, and, least initially, every major bookstore. only through demand people edition made possible. seems altogether fitting proper should have so. Gregg Zegarelli and XXXX, Introduction _________ i and t futile, course, reform something perfect goal making better. But, determination perfection depends measure something's intended purpose. For, certainly, something necessarily perfect every purpose. book intended reformation Gospels, which speak themselves and, being self-defining, certainly perfect.

work different purpose different measure. unified testament Matthew, Mark, Luke John: reconciliation good news transcends their individual versions truth. purpose work express more common denominator study Jesus teachings. Although some may find work suitable their entire study Jesus’ testimony good news, work intended enrich direct study Gospels. There one book, where there otherwise four. There one consistent testimony, where there otherwise four testimonies sometimes agree, sometimes omit sometimes conflict. example, only Luke contains well-known story Good Samaritan. Matthew, Mark Luke, John, contain House Divided parable. Only John story Jesus washing Disciples' feet metaphorical command do same one's neighbor. Regarding Jesus’ birth, only Matthew story “wise men,” only Luke story shepherds; although often combined recountings, these distinct stories distinct circumstances. unifying Gospels, message becomes seamless study life teachings Jesus. There only one gospel Jesus, although there four separate testimonies separate Gospels. work unifies four testimonies thereby clarifies message greater impact. _____________ those us who of attempt conduct deepened study Gospels, there can no replacement study individual Gospels. But, truth, such deepened study Gospels uncommon. And, moreover, truth, such deepened study Gospels not—nor should be—necessary. would ironic such commitment necessary, since would necessarily turn many away would defeat its own purpose. To know truth, we must have knowledge. What we know depends what we learn. And, what we learn direct result manner method how lesson conveyed. seems unnecessary require memorization distinctions between among separate Gospels, comparing contrasting. There dilution seems occur gospel Jesus—as distinguished multiple reflective testaments: four separate Gospels complete story never completely told one time, bits pieces. seems appropriate, good thing, single gospel Jesus stated consistent unified manner. _____________ author prays consolidation respective texts will enrich Gospels casual reader well scholar. casual reader, simplicity reading one work, one might read novel, eases message focuses impact good news. scholar, teacher preacher, because work authoritative painstakingly reconciled Unification Index, permits accurate unified source reference parables. And, also clarifies certain overlooked nuances text. example, obligation forgive unendingly "seventy-seven" times one day contained only two four Gospels: Matthew Luke. But, Luke condition that, each time, wrong-doer must seek forgiveness. Therefore, assuming truth both testaments, they must reconciled unending forgiveness commanded, only wrong-doer repents each time precondition. Such nuances often overlooked, clarified work, since text consolidated reconciled. _____________ Every effort made document cross-index text unification process work both authoritative accurate. author used latest computer technologies resources never before available document each step process. Each passage cited back its verbatim text respective source Gospels. ease casual reading, text work burdened, Unification Index contained end work. _____________

There two versions work, separately published: Divine version Universal version. reason may clear some Christians, should fundamentally clear other Christians most non-Christians. Divine version devout Christians. Divine version contains whole unified verbatim text unified original Gospels. course, full text necessarily includes divine miracles Christians believe faith. example, immaculate conception Jesus Virgin Mary, raising Lazarus dead, Jesus walking water, Jesus’ resurrection dead. Non-Christians, course, do share these beliefs. And, fact, some non-Christians may find violative their own beliefs study any work includes events plainly rest Christian faith. And, so, sensitivity beliefs others—of which i and shall judge—the Universal version omits those events. Universal version—unlike Divine version—is those who of wish enjoy teachings Jesus do necessarily share belief divinity Jesus, anyone who of merely desires conduct more empirical study Jesus. Universal version subtext full work: removes certain divine miracles necessarily require what known Christian faith. Where does so, removal well-documented scholars. However, certain healings Jesus remain text only because author finds healings events accelerated timing degree, rather than events distinct supernatural (divine) transformation. Without debating whether healings miracles, Universal version, some subjective editorial judgment used sensitivity fact diverse denominations belief often accept supernatural power heal without necessarily assenting particular divinity cause. essence Universal version find common denominator study Jesus, who of admitted most one greatest persons who of ever lived: who of will dispute teaching power love? There perfect universal wisdom goodness teachings Jesus remain true whether student believes him divine. Certainly, wisdom Jesus should shared enjoyed all without any judgment, yoke easy, burden light. There many paths same destination. _____________ work invitation: simple opportunity learn teacher universal truth. purpose work simplify, clarify unify. One. Gregg R. Zegarelli and ~ ONE ~ I. Prelude i and TC "The Birth" \f C \l " " n beginning, Word already existed. Word God, Word God. And, order more fully reveal Word, many have attempted set forth statement events have fulfilled among us. done transmitting Word manner handed down those who of eyewitnesses ministers beginning. And, thus, i and have also decided, after carefully investigating everything anew, write down orderly account you, most excellent Theophilus, you may know certainty teachings you have received. Jesus came world, although world came exist through him, world failed recognize him. He came own home, own people did accept him. But, those who of did receive him, he gave privilege become children God. privilege he gave those who of believe he what he is. Those who of became children God born, human blood, nor human flesh, nor human will. Their birth came Spirit God. Word became human flesh lived among us. And, we saw glory. glory only son receives father. He full grace truth. fullness we have all received grace grace. law given through Moses, grace truth came through Jesus Christ.

No one ever seen God, God may be. But, only Son, who of Father’s side, disclosed mystery God. II. Visitation Birth V isitation John Baptist. days Herod, King Judea, where there priest named “Zechariah” religious order Abia. wife one daughters Aaron, her name Elizabeth. Both them righteous before God, observing all commandments laws Lord without blame. They had no child. Elizabeth barren both advanced years. came that, while he serving priest during division's turn before God, according practice religious service, he chosen lot enter temple Lord burn incense. whole assembly praying outside during incense offering. angel Lord appeared him, standing altar incense, right side. Zechariah troubled what he saw, he became afraid. angel him, “Fear not, Zechariah, because your prayer heard. Your wife Elizabeth will bear you son, you shall name him ‘John.’ you will have joy gladness, many will rejoice birth, he will great eyes Lord. He will drink neither wine nor strong drink. He will filled Holy Spirit mother’s womb. He will turn many children Israel Lord their God. He will forerunner, he will have spirit power Elijah. will task reconcile hearts fathers children, turn disobedient understanding righteousness. He shall prepare people fit Lord.” Zechariah angel, “How shall i and know this? i and am old man, my wife advanced years.” angel answered him, “i and am Gabriel. i and stand before God awaiting command. i and sent speak you announce you these glad tidings. you will silent unable talk until day these things take place, because you did believe my words, which will fulfilled proper time.” In meantime, people waiting Zechariah. They surprised he stayed sanctuary such long time. When he came out, he unable speak them, they knew he had seen vision sanctuary. He gestured them remained silent. Then, when days ministration finished, he went home.  After those days, wife Elizabeth conceived she went seclusion five months, saying, “So Lord dealt me these days seeing fit take away my disgrace before others.” Visitation Jesus (The Annunciation). Now, how birth Jesus occurred. When mother Mary engaged married Joseph, she became pregnant through Holy Spirit. sixth month when Elizabeth pregnant, angel Gabriel sent God town Galilee named “Nazareth,” virgin engaged man named “Joseph,” house David, virgin’s name Mary. occurred before Mary Joseph lived together. coming her, he “Hail, favored one! Lord you. Blessed you among women.” she greatly troubled what said. She pondered what sort greeting might be. angel her, “Do afraid, Mary; you have found favor God. Behold, you will conceive your womb bear son, you shall name him ‘Jesus.’ He will great will called “Son Most High,” Lord God will give him throne father, David. He will rule over house Jacob forever, kingdom will have no end.”

Mary angel, “How can be, since i and have had any relations man?” angel answered, “The Holy Spirit will come you, power Most High shall overshadow you. Therefore, holy child born will called “holy,” “Son God.” “And, behold, Elizabeth, your cousin, also conceived son her old age, sixth month her who of called barren. “For God, nothing impossible.” Mary “Behold handmaid Lord; done me according your word.” angel departed her. Joseph, Mary's husband, learned her condition. He righteous man, he unwilling expose her public humiliation, he decided divorce her quietly. while he thought these things, behold, angel Lord appeared him dream “Joseph, son David, do afraid take Mary your wife. through Holy Spirit child conceived her. She will bring forth son you shall name him ‘Jesus,’ he will save people their sins.” Now, all done fulfill what Lord had through prophet: “Behold, virgin shall child, shall bring forth son, they shall name him ‘Emmanuel,’” which means “God us.” When Joseph awoke sleep, he did angel Lord had commanded him took wife. He had no relations her until she brought forth son, he named him “Jesus.”  Birth John Baptist. Mary remained Elizabeth about three months, she returned home. Now, time came Elizabeth have her child. She gave birth son. Her neighbors relatives heard how Lord had shown great mercy toward her. They rejoiced her. came pass that, eighth day, they came circumcise child. They called him “Zechariah” after father, mother reply, “No. He shall called ‘John.’” they “There no one among your relatives who of called name.” they made signs father asking him what he wished babe called. He asked tablet wrote, “His name John,” all amazed. mouth opened immediately, tongue freed, he spoke praising God. Fear came all their neighbors, because all these matters discussed throughout hill country Judea. all who of heard took heart, saying, “What manner child should be?” hand Lord him. Proclamation Zechariah Jesus’ Role. Zechariah, father, filled Holy Spirit, prophetic inspiration, saying: Blessed Lord God Israel, he visited redeemed people. raised up horn salvation us house servant David, even he promised through mouth holy prophets since world began: we should delivered our enemies, power those who of hate us. fulfill mercy promised our fathers, remembering holy covenant oath he swore Abraham our father. grant us that, rescued hand enemies, we might worship him without fear holiness righteousness all days our life. you, child, will called prophet Most High, you will go before Lord prepare ways. give knowledge salvation people through forgiveness their sins, through tender mercy our God whereby dayspring high will visit us give light those who of sit darkness and, death’s shadow, guide our feet path peace. child grew became strong spirit, he desert until day showing Israel. Birth Jesus. came pass those days decree went out Caesar Augustus there should census whole world. first census, when Quirinius governor Syria. all went registered, each own town. Joseph, too, went up Galilee, out city Nazareth Judea, city David called “Bethlehem” Judea; he house lineage David, he went registered Mary, betrothed, who of great child. While they there, time came her give birth. And, so, she gave birth her firstborn son. She wrapped him swaddling clothes laid him manger, because there no room them inn. Herod, Magi and Shepherds. birth Jesus occurred days King Herod. Scholars stars arrived Jerusalem East, saying, “Where newborn king Jews? We saw star its rising have come do him homage.” 

When King Herod heard this, he greatly troubled, all Jerusalem him. He assembled all chief priests scholars law together. He demanded them where Messiah born. They him, “In Bethlehem Judea, written prophet: And, you, Bethlehem, land Judah, least among leaders Judah; since you shall come leader, who of shall shepherd my people Israel.” Then, Herod secretly sent scholars East learned them what time star appeared. He sent them Bethlehem “Go search diligently young child, when you have found him, bring me word, i and may also go kneel before him.” After they had heard king, they set out. And, behold, star they had seen East preceded them until came stopped over place child. When they saw star, they overjoyed. entering manger, they saw child Mary mother. They prostrated themselves did him homage. When they opened their treasures, they presented him gifts gold, frankincense, myrrh. And, being warned dream they should return Herod, they departed their country another way. Now, same time, there shepherds area living fields keeping watch over their flock night. And, behold, angel Lord came them glory Lord shined around them, they greatly afraid. angel them, “Do afraid. Behold, i and proclaim you glad tidings great joy will all people. Today, city David, savior born you. Messiah Lord. And, will sign you: you will find infant wrapped swaddling clothes lying manger.” suddenly there multitude heavenly host angel, praising God saying: Glory God highest, peace earth good will toward men. When angels went away them heaven, shepherds one another, “Let us go, now, Bethlehem see thing come pass, which Lord made known us.” they went haste found Mary Joseph, infant lying manger. When they had seen this, they made known message had told them about child.  All who of heard amazed what had told them. Mary kept all these things, pondering them her heart. shepherds returned, glorifying praising God all they had heard seen, just told them. III. Jesus Child Circumcision Jesus. When eight days completed circumcision child, he named “Jesus.” name given him angel before he conceived womb. Presentation Jesus Temple. When days their purification completed according law Moses, Mary Joseph took him Jerusalem present him Lord. Just written law Lord, “Every male opens womb shall consecrated Lord.” And, accordance statement law Lord, offer sacrifice “a pair turtledoves two young pigeons.” There man Jerusalem whose name Simeon. man righteous devout, awaiting consolation Israel. Holy Spirit him. revealed him Holy Spirit he should see death before he had seen Lord’s Messiah. Guided Spirit, he went temple. When parents brought child Jesus perform customary ceremonies law, Simeon took him arms blessed God, saying: Now, Lord, you may let your servant leave peace, according your word, my eyes have seen your salvation, which you have prepared all peoples see, light bring your revelation all nations, glory your people Israel. child’s father mother marveled things about him; Simeon blessed them Mary, mother, “Behold, child destined cause fall rising again many Israel, message God many will reject.

Yes, sword will pierce through your own soul also, thoughts many hearts may revealed.” There also Anna, prophetess, daughter Phanuel, tribe Asher. She far advanced years, having lived seven years her husband after her marriage, widow. She eighty-four years age. She never left temple, worshiped fasting prayer day night. And, coming forward instant, she likewise gave thanks God spoke about child all who of waiting redemption Jerusalem. Flight Egypt. Thereafter, behold, angel Lord appeared Joseph dream saying, “Rise, take young child mother flee Egypt. Stay there until i and bring you word. Herod will search child destroy him.” When Joseph arose, he took young child mother night departed Egypt. They stayed there until death Herod; might fulfilled what Lord had through prophet, “Out Egypt i and called my son.” Temptation Jesus. Jesus returned Jordan filled Spirit. He led Spirit desert forty days, tempted devil. He ate nothing during those days, when they over he hungry. He among wild beasts, angels ministered him. devil him, “If you Son God, command stone made bread.” He reply, “It written: ‘One does live bread alone, every word God.’” devil took him Jerusalem, made him stand pinnacle temple, him, “If you Son God, throw yourself down here. written: ‘He commands angels concerning you, keep you,’ and: ‘in their hands they will support you, lest any time you dash your foot against stone.’” Jesus him, “It also written, ‘You shall put Lord, your God, test.’” devil took him up very high mountain, and, single moment time, showed him all kingdoms world their magnificence. devil him, “All power i and will give you their glory; delivered me, i and may give whomever i and please. you will prostrate yourself worship me, all will yours.” this, Jesus him, “Get away, Satan! written: ‘You shall worship Lord, your God, him alone shall you serve.’” When devil had finished every temptation, devil departed Jesus time, and, behold, angels came ministered him. V. Mission Begins B eginning Mission.  Jesus returned Galilee power Spirit, fame spread throughout entire region.  He taught their synagogues praised all. Rejection Nazareth.  He came Nazareth, where he had brought up. custom, he went synagogue Sabbath day, he stood up read.   He handed book prophet Isaiah. When he opened book, he found passage where written:  Spirit Lord me, because he anointed me, to preach good news poor. He sent me preach deliverance prisoners they will given liberty, blind they will see again, to set liberty, those who of have beaten down life,   preach acceptable year Lord.   He closed book handed back attendant sat down. eyes all synagogue looked intently him.   He them, “Today scripture passage fulfilled your hearing.”   all spoke highly him amazed gracious words came mouth. They also asked, “Is son Joseph?”  

He them, “Surely you will quote me proverb, ‘Physician, heal thyself,’ say, ‘What we heard done Capernaum, do here your native place.’”   he “Amen, i and say you, no prophet accepted native place.  “But, i and tell you truly, there many widows Israel days Elijah when heavens closed three years six months while great famine spread over entire land.  none these Elijah sent, except only widow Sarepta land Sidon.   “And, again, there many lepers Israel during time Elisha prophet; one them cleansed, except only Naaman Syrian.”   When people synagogue heard this, they all filled fury.   They arose drove him out town. They led him brow hill which their town had built, cast him down headlong.   But, he passed through midst them, he went way. Healing Possessed.  Jesus went down Capernaum, town Galilee. He taught them Sabbath,   they amazed teaching because he spoke authority.   And, synagogue, there man spirit unclean demon, he yelled out loudly,   “Leave us alone! What have you do us, Jesus Nazareth? Have you come destroy us? i and know who of you are: Holy One God!”   Jesus rebuked him, saying, “Silence! Come out him!” demon threw man down front them came out him without harming him.   They all amazed one another, “What there about word? authority power he commands unclean spirits, they come out.”   fame spread everywhere surrounding regions.   sun setting. All who of sick various diseases brought him. He laid hands every one them cured them.  demons also came out many, shouting, “You Son God.” he rebuked them did allow them speak because they knew he Messiah.  Jesus Leaves Capernaum. At beginning day, Jesus departed went deserted place. crowds looked him, when they came him, they tried prevent him leaving.  he them, “i and must proclaim good news kingdom God other towns, because purpose i and have sent.”  he preaching synagogues throughout Judea Galilee. First Disciples; Fishers Men.  While crowd pressing Jesus listening word God,  he walking Sea Galilee.  He saw two boats side lake. fishermen had disembarked washing their nets. He saw Andrew Simon (who of called “Peter”), casting net sea; they fishermen. Andrew, brother Simon, one two who of heard John followed Jesus. He first found own brother Simon told him, “We have found Messiah” (which means “Anointed”). Andrew brought Simon Jesus. Jesus looked him “You Simon son John; you will called “Cephas” (which means “Peter”). Jesus walked along little farther there again saw John, son Zebedee, brother James. They boat, their father Zebedee, mending their nets. He called them, immediately they left their boat left their father along hired men followed Jesus.  He entered one boats, one belonging Peter. He requested him put out short distance land. he sat down taught crowds boat.  After he had finished speaking, he Peter, “Launch deep water let down your nets catch.”  Peter reply, “Master, we have worked all night have caught nothing; nevertheless, your command, i and will let down nets.”  When they had done this, they caught great many fish their nets tearing.  They signaled their partners, who of other boat, come help them.

They came filled both boats much they danger sinking.  When Peter saw this, he fell down Jesus’ knees “Depart me, Lord, i and am sinful man.”  He them, “Do afraid. Come me, i and will make you fishers men.” Peter others stunned catch fish they had made,   likewise James John, sons Zebedee, who of partners Peter. When they brought their boats shore, they left everything once followed him.  next day Jesus found Philip. Jesus him, “Follow me.” Philip Bethsaida, town Andrew Peter. Philip found Nathanael (also called “Bartholomew”) told him, “We have found person written about Moses wrote law, also prophets, Jesus, son Joseph, Nazareth.” Nathanael “Can anything good come Nazareth?” Philip him, “Come see.” Jesus saw Nathanael coming toward him “Here true Israelite. There no guile him.” Nathanael him, “How do you know me?” Jesus answered him, “Before Philip called you, i and saw you under fig tree.” Nathanael answered him, “Rabbi, you Son God; you King Israel.” Jesus answered him, “Do you believe because i and told you i and saw you under fig tree? You will see greater things than this.” Jesus him, “Amen, amen, i and say you, you will see sky opened angels God ascending descending Son Man.” Miracle Water Wine; Wedding Cana. third day there wedding Cana Galilee, mother Jesus there. Jesus disciples invited wedding. when they wanted wine, mother Jesus him, “They have no wine.” Jesus her, “Woman, what does have do me? My hour yet come.” mother servers, “Whatever he tells you do, do it.” There nearby six stone water jars Jewish ceremonial washings, each holding twenty thirty gallons. Jesus told them, “Fill jars water.” they filled them up brim. he told them, “Draw some out take headwaiter.” they took it. when headwaiter tasted water had become wine, without knowing where came (although servers who of drew water knew), headwaiter called bridegroom him, “At beginning, everyone serves good wine first, then, when people have drunk freely, inferior one; you have kept good wine until now.” Jesus did beginning miracles Cana Galilee revealed glory, disciples believed him. After this, he mother, brothers, disciples went down Capernaum stayed there few days. Jesus' Fame Broadens. Jesus went all around Galilee, teaching their synagogues, preaching gospel kingdom, healing every disease illness among people. fame spread all Syria, they brought him all who of sick many diseases filled pain, including those who of possessed, lunatics, paralytics, he healed them. great crowds followed him Galilee, Decapolis, Jerusalem, Judea, beyond Jordan. When Jesus began ministry he about thirty years age.

Reproach Temple (First); Rebuild Temple Three Days. Passover Jews near, Jesus went up Jerusalem. He found temple area those who of sold oxen, sheep, doves, also sitting there money-changers. He made whip out small cords drove them all out temple area, sheep oxen, poured out coins money-changers overturned their tables. / those who of sold doves, he “Take these out here, stop making my Father’s house marketplace.”  disciples recalled written, “The zeal your house consumed me.” Jews answered him, “What sign can you show us authority doing this?” Jesus answered them, “Destroy temple three days i and will raise up.” Jews “This temple taken forty-six years construction, you will raise up three days?” he speaking about temple body. And, when he raised dead, disciples remembered he had this, they came believe scripture word Jesus had spoken. Now, while he Jerusalem feast Passover, many believed name when they saw signs he doing. But, Jesus would trust himself them because he knew them all, did need anyone testify about human nature. He himself understood well. Teaching Nicodemus; Being Born Again. there Pharisee named “Nicodemus,” ruler Jews. He came Jesus night him, “Rabbi, we know you teacher who of come God, no one can do these signs you doing unless God him.” Jesus answered him, “Amen, amen, i and say you, no one can see kingdom God without being born again.” Nicodemus him, “How can person born again when old? Can he re-enter mother’s womb born again?” Jesus answered, “Amen, amen, i and say you, no one can enter kingdom God without being born water Spirit. What born flesh flesh what born Spirit spirit. Do amazed i and told you, ‘You must born again.’ “The wind blows where will, you can hear sound makes, you do know where comes where goes; everyone who of born Spirit.” Nicodemus answered him, “How can these things be?” Jesus answered him, “You teacher Israel you do understand these things? Amen, amen, i and say you, we testify what we know, we testify what we have seen, you people do accept our testimony. i and tell you about earthly things you do believe, how will you believe i and tell you about heavenly things? No one gone up heaven except one who of come down heaven, Son Man who of comes heaven. “And Moses lifted up serpent desert, even must Son Man lifted up. everyone who of believes him shall perish shall have eternal life.” God loved world he gave only Son, everyone who of believes him should perish, shall have eternal life. God did send Son world condemn world, that, through him, world might saved. Whoever believes him condemned, whoever does believe already condemned, because he believed name only Son God. condemnation, light had come world, people desired darkness rather than light, because their deeds evil. everyone who of does wicked things hates light does come toward light, order their deeds exposed. those who of live truth come light, their works may clearly seen made God. Final Testament John; He Must Increase. Following this, Jesus disciples went region Judea, where he spent time them baptizing. John also baptizing Aenon near Salim, because there much water there, people came baptized. John had yet imprisoned. dispute arose between disciples John Jews about ceremonial washings. they came John him, “Rabbi, one who of you across Jordan, whom you testified, here he baptizing everyone coming him.” John answered “No one can receive anything except given him heaven. You yourselves can testify i and i and am Messiah, i and sent before him. “The one who of bride bridegroom. best man stands listens him, rejoices greatly bridegroom’s voice. this, my joy, made complete. “He must increase, i and must decrease.” “He who of comes above above all. one who of earth earthly speaks earthly things. one who of comes heaven above all. He testifies what he seen heard, no one accepts testimony. Anyone who of accepts testimony certifies God trustworthy. “For one whom God sent speaks words God, God does ration gift Spirit. “The Father loves Son given all things him. Whoever believes Son eternal life, whoever does believe Son will see life, wrath God remains him.” Imprisonment John Baptist. Now, Herod tetrarch had chastised John because Herodias, Herod’s brother’s wife, because all evil deeds Herod had done. Herod added these silencing John putting him prison. Herodias wife Herod’s brother, Philip, who of Herod had married. John had Herod, “It lawful you have your brother’s wife.” Herodias begrudged John wanted kill him unable do so. Although Herod also wanted kill John, Herod feared people, they regarded John prophet. Herod also feared John, knowing him righteous holy man, Herod merely kept John custody. When Herod heard him speak he very much puzzled, yet he liked listen him. VI. First Teachings; Galilean Ministry B eginning Galilean Ministry. When Jesus heard John had imprisoned, well Pharisees had heard Jesus creating baptizing more disciples than John (but Jesus himself baptizing, just disciples), Jesus departed Judea returned Galilee. And, leaving Nazareth, he went live Capernaum sea, region Zebulun Naphtali, what had through Isaiah prophet might fulfilled: “Land Zebulun land Naphtali, way sea, beyond Jordan, Galilee Gentiles, people sat darkness saw great light, them who of dwelled land overshadowed death, light arisen.” then, Jesus began preach, proclaiming gospel God, “Repent, believe good news. kingdom God hand. time fulfillment.” way Galilee, Jesus had pass through Samaria. Teaching Samaritan Woman Well. he arrived town Samaria called Sychar, near parcel land Jacob gave son Joseph. Jacob’s well there. Jesus tired traveling, he sat down well. about noon. Samarian woman came draw water. Jesus her, “Give me drink.” disciples had gone town buy food. Samaritan woman him, “How can you, Jew, ask me, Samaritan woman, drink?” (For no Jew would drink cup Samaritan had used.) Jesus answered her, “If you knew gift God who of saying you, ‘Give me drink,’ you would have asked him he would have given you living water.” woman him, “Sir, you do even have pail well deep. where can you get living water? you greater than our father Jacob, who of gave us well drank himself children flocks?” Jesus answered her, “Everyone who of drinks water shall thirst again. But, whoever drinks water i and shall give will never thirst. water i and shall give will him well water springing up eternal life.” woman him, “Sir, give me water, i and might thirst, nor have keep coming here draw water.” Jesus her, “Go call your husband come back.” woman answered “i and have no husband.” Jesus answered her, “You right saying, ‘i and do have husband.’ you have had five husbands, one you have your husband. You have spoken truly.” woman him, “Sir, i and recognize you prophet. Our ancestors worshiped mountain; and, yet you say Jerusalem place worship.” Jesus her, “Woman, believe me, hour coming when you will worship Father neither mountain nor Jerusalem. You worship what you do understand. We worship what we understand, salvation Jews. “But hour coming, here, when true worshipers will worship Father spirit truth. Father seeks such people worship him. God Spirit, they who of worship God must do spirit truth.” woman him, “i and know Messiah coming, one called ‘the Christ.’ When he comes, he will tell us all things.” Jesus her, “i and speak you, i and am he.” moment, disciples returned. They astonished he would talking Samaritan woman, still no one “What you seeking?” “Why would you talk her?” woman left her water jug went her way town. She people, “Come, see man, who of told me all things i and have done. Could he Messiah?” Teaching Metaphor Food Life. They went out town came him. Meanwhile, disciples urged him, “Rabbi, eat.” he them, “i and have food eat which you do know.”

Thus, disciples one another, “Has someone else brought him something eat?” Jesus them, “My food do will one who of sent me finish work. Do you say, ‘In four months harvest will come’? i and say you, lift up your eyes see fields, they white harvest. reaper already receiving wages gathering crops eternal life, he sows he reaps may rejoice together. true statement ‘One sows another reaps.’ i and sent you reap what you have contributed no labor; others have contributed labor, you sharing fruits their effort.” Many Samaritans town believed him because woman’s testimony, “He told me all things i and have done.” When Samaritans came him, they invited him stay them. He stayed there two days. many more began believe him because word. They woman, “We believe, because your testimony; we have heard him ourselves, we know truly Messiah, savior world.” After two days, he departed Galilee. Jesus himself testified prophet no honor native place. When he arrived Galilee, Galileans welcomed him, result having seen all he had done Jerusalem feast; they also had gone feast. Teaching Mount. disciples large number people all Judea Jerusalem coastal region Tyre Sidon came hear him healed their diseases. Even those who of tormented unclean spirits came cured. Everyone crowd sought touch him because power emanated him healed them all. When he saw crowds, he went up mountain, after finding patch level ground, he had sat down them disciples came him. [Intentionally blank] Invitation Beatitudes. lifting eyes toward disciples he began teach them, saying: Blessed poor destitute spirit, theirs kingdom heaven. Blessed they who of weep mourn, they will laugh comforted. Blessed meek, they will inherit land. Blessed they who of hunger thirst righteousness, they will satisfied. Blessed merciful, they will shown mercy. Blessed pure heart, they will see God. Blessed peacemakers, they will called ‘children God.’ Blessed they who of persecuted sake righteousness, theirs kingdom heaven. “Blessed you when they hate, exclude insult you, when they persecute you falsely denounce your name evil because Son Man. Rejoice leap joy day! Behold, your reward will great heaven. Thusly they persecuted prophets who of before you. And, woe you when all persons speak well you, their ancestors did same false prophets.  “Woe you who of rich, you have received your consolation. Woe you who of filled now, you will hungry. And, woe you who of laugh now, you will grieve weep.” Teaching Simile Salt. “You salt earth. Salt good. salt loses its taste, what will you restore its flavor? fit neither soil nor manure pile thrown out trampled underfoot. Everyone will salted fire. Keep salt yourselves you will have peace one another. Whoever ears hear ought hear.” Teaching Simile Light. “You light world. city set mountain cannot hidden. Nor do they light lamp put under bed bushel basket. set lampstand, where gives light all house those who of enter might see light. same way, your light must shine front others, they may see your good deeds glorify your Father heaven. “For there nothing secret will become visible, nothing hidden will known come light. Anyone who of ears hear ought hear. And, take care, then, how you hear. “To anyone who of has, more will given, one who of not, even what he seems have will taken away.” Teaching about Law. “Do think i and have come abolish law prophets. i and have come abolish fulfill. Amen, i and say you, until heaven earth pass away, smallest letter smallest part letter will pass law, until all things have fulfilled. “Therefore, whoever violates one least these commandments teaches others do will called least kingdom heaven. “But, whoever performs these commandments teaches others do same will called greatest kingdom heaven. “i and tell you, unless your righteousness surpasses scribes Pharisees, you will enter kingdom heaven.” Teaching about Anger.  “You have heard your ancestors, ‘You shall kill; whoever kills liable judgment.’ “But i and ask you, ‘Why do you judge yourselves what right?’ i and tell you, whoever angry brother will liable judgment, whoever calls brother idiot will answerable Sanhedrin, whoever says, ‘You fool,’ will liable fiery Gehenna.

“Therefore, you bring your gift altar, remember your brother something against you, leave your gift before altar, go first reconciled your brother, come offer your gift. “Settle your adversary quickly while you way court him, order your adversary deliver you judge, judge deliver you guard, you thrown prison. “Amen i and say you, you will freed until you have paid last penny.” Teaching about Adultery. “You have heard your ancestors, ‘You shall commit adultery.’ i and say you, whoever looks woman lust already committed adultery her heart. “If your right eye causes you sin, pluck out throw away. better you enter kingdom God one eye than two eyes only thrown Gehenna,  where their worm does die, fire quenched. “And your right hand causes you sin, cut off throw away. better you lose one your hands than have your whole body cast Gehenna, where their worm does die, fire quenched. your foot causes you sin, cut off. better you enter life crippled than two feet only thrown Gehenna unquenchable fire, where their worm does die, fire quenched.” Teaching about Divorce (First). “It ‘Whoever divorces wife must give her bill divorce.’  i and say you, whoever divorces wife, except very marriage itself unlawful, causes her commit adultery, whoever marries woman who of divorced commits adultery.” Teaching about Oaths. “Again you have heard your ancestors, ‘You shall forswear oath God’s name, make good Lord all you vow.’ i and say you, do swear all; heaven, God’s throne;  nor earth, footstool; nor Jerusalem, city Great King. “Neither shall you swear your head, you cannot make single hair white black. Let your ‘Yes’ mean ‘Yes,’ your ‘No’ mean ‘No.’ Anything more comes evil one.” Teaching about Vengeance. “You have heard ‘An eye eye tooth tooth.’ i and say you, do resist one who of evil. one who of strikes you your right cheek, turn other one him well. “If anyone brings lawsuit against you takes your shirt, hand him your coat well. anyone compels you go one mile, go two miles. Give one who of asks you, do turn away one who of wants borrow you. Do demand return one who of takes you.” Teaching about Love Enemies. “You have heard ‘You shall love your neighbor hate your enemy.’ But, you who of hear, i and say you, love your enemies. Do good those who of hate you, bless those who of curse you, pray those who of mistreat persecute you. “Do others you would have them do you.” “Do you may children your Father heaven, he makes sun rise good bad alike, causes rain fall saint sinner. “If you love those who of love you, what credit you? Do tax collectors do same? Even sinners love those who of love them. you greet your friends only, what unusual about that? Do unbelievers do same?  you do good those who of do good you, what credit you? Even sinners do same.  you lend money those whom you expect repayment, what credit you? Even sinners lend sinners, get back same amount.  “But, rather, love your enemies do good them. Give expect nothing back. Then, your reward will great you will children Most High, he himself kind ungrateful wicked.  “Be merciful, just your Father merciful. perfect, just your heavenly Father perfect.” Teaching about Almsgiving.

“Take care perform righteous deeds purpose other people may see them; otherwise, you will have no recompense your Father heaven. So, when you give alms, do sound trumpet before yourself, hypocrites do synagogues streets win praise others. Amen, i and say you, they have received their reward. “But when you give alms, do let your left hand know what your right doing. Let your almsgiving secret. your Father who of sees secret will repay you.” Teaching about Praying. “When you pray, do like hypocrites. They love pray standing synagogues street corners purpose others may see them doing so. Amen, i and say you, they have received their reward. when you pray, go your inner room, close door, pray your Father secret. Your Father sees you secret will repay you openly.” “When you pray, do mindlessly repeat recite verses like pagans. They think they will heard because their many words. Do like them. Your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” Teaching Lord’s Prayer. And, when he praying certain place, after he had finished, one disciples him, “Lord, teach us pray just John taught disciples.” He replied, “This how you pray: Our Father heaven, hallowed your name, your kingdom come, your will done, earth heaven. Give us today our daily bread; forgive us our debts, we forgive our debtors; do subject us temptation, deliver us evil one. “If you forgive others their transgressions, your heavenly Father will forgive you. you do forgive others, neither will your Father forgive your transgressions.” Teaching about Persistence. he them, “Which you shall have friend whom you go midnight say, ‘Friend, lend me three loaves bread.  friend mine arrived journey my house i and have nothing put before him eat,’   inside he says reply, ‘Do trouble me. door already locked my children i and bed. i and cannot get up give anything you.’ “i and tell you, he does arise give you loaves because your friendship, he will get up give you whatever you need because your continued persistence.”   “And i and say you, ask you will receive; seek you will find; knock door will opened you.  Everyone who of asks, receives; one who of seeks, finds; one who of knocks, door will opened.  “What father among any you would hand son snake when he asks fish? . Or, stone when he asks loaf bread?   Or, he should ask egg, hand him scorpion?  “If you then, being wicked, know how give good gifts your children, how much more will Father heaven give good things Holy Spirit those who of ask him?”  Teaching about Fasting. “Moreover, when you fast, do look sad burdened like hypocrites. They purposely neglect their appearance, purpose appearing others fasting. Amen, i and say you, they have received their reward. “But when you fast, anoint your head wash your face, you may appear others fasting, except secretly your Father.

your Father, who of sees what secret, will reward you openly.” Invitation Rewards Heaven. “Sell your possessions give charity. futile store up yourselves treasures earth, where moth decay destroy, thieves break steal.  But, instead, store up treasures heaven, where neither moth nor decay destroys, nor thieves break steal. “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be.” Teaching Simile Light Body. “The light body eye. your eye clear, your whole body filled light. But, your eye clouded, your whole body will filled darkness. your light darkness, how great will darkness be! Take care, then, light you does become darkness. your entire body filled light, no part darkness, will saturated light lamp illuminating you its complete brightness.” Teaching about God Money Parable Rich Man’s Futile Treasure. “No one can serve two masters. either he will hate one love other, else he will devoted one despise other. You cannot serve God mammon.” Someone crowd him, “Teacher, instruct my brother divide inheritance me.”   “He replied him, “Friend, who of appointed me judge divider over you?”   he crowd, “Take heed beware all covetousness: man’s life does consist abundance things he possesses.” he told parable them. “A rich man’s land produced great harvest. He thought himself, ‘What shall i and do, because i and do have space store my harvest?’ he ‘This what i and shall do: i and shall tear down my barns build even larger ones. there i and shall store all my grain other goods  i and shall ponder myself, “Now you, you have many good things stored up many years, rest, eat, drink, merry!”’   “But God him, ‘You fool. night your life demanded you. things you have prepared, whom will they belong?’  “Thus will one who of stores up treasure himself, rich what matters God.”  [Intentionally blank] He disciples, “Therefore i and say you: Do worry about your life, what you will eat drink, about your body, what you will wear. life more than food, body more than clothing? Behold birds sky; they do sow reap, they gather nothing barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them. you more important than they? Can any you add single moment your life worrying? Why become anxious about clothes?  even smallest things beyond your control, why you anxious about rest?  Learn way wild flowers grow; they do work spin. i and tell you: even Solomon, all splendor, clothed well one little flower.  God clothes grass field, which grows today thrown oven tomorrow, will he much more provide you? Oh, you little faith!  So, do worry say, ‘What we eat?’ ‘What we drink?’ ‘What we wear?’  All these things unbelievers seek. Your heavenly Father knows you need them all.  seek first kingdom God righteousness, all these other things will given you besides. Do worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will take care itself. Sufficient any day its own evil.  Do afraid any longer, little flock, your Father pleased give you kingdom.” Teaching about Judging Others; Metaphor Beam. “Stop judging, you may judged. you judge, will you judged. Give, gifts shall given you; good measure, packed together, shaken down, overflowing, will poured your lap. “For measure which you measure will return measured out you. “Stop condemning you will condemned. Forgive you will forgiven. “Why do you see splinter your brother’s eye, do acknowledge wooden beam your own eye? How can you say your brother, ‘Let me remove splinter your eye,’ while wooden beam your eye? “You hypocrite, first remove wooden beam your eye. Then, you will see clearly remove splinter your brother’s eye.” Teaching Parable Blind Leading Blind. he told them parable, “Can blind person lead blind person? Will both fall ditch?   disciple superior teacher, but, each one who of perfect will like teacher.” Teaching about Divorce (Second). He set out there went district Judea across Jordan. Again, crowds came around him and, custom, he taught them. Some Pharisees approached him test him, saying, “Is lawful man divorce wife any cause?”  He reply, “Have you read that, beginning creation, one made them ‘made them male female’  ‘For reason man shall leave father mother join wife, two shall become one flesh’? they no longer two, one flesh. Therefore, what God joined together, let no man put asunder.”  Jesus them further reply, “What did Moses command you?” They replied, “Moses permitted him write bill divorce dismiss her.” So, they him further, “Then why did Moses command man give woman bill divorce dismiss her?” Jesus them, “Because hardness your hearts, Moses wrote you commandment allowed you divorce your wives. But, beginning, so.” house, disciples again questioned him about this. “i and say you, whoever divorces wife, except very marriage itself unlawful, marries another, commits adultery against her and, she divorces her husband marries another, she commits adultery.” disciples him, “If case man wife, better marry all.” He answered, “Not all can accept word, only those whom granted. “Some incapable marriage because they born their mother’s womb. Some, because they made others. And, some, because they have renounced marriage sake kingdom heaven. Whoever can accept ought accept it.” Teaching Accept Kingdom Open Heart Child. People bringing children even infants Jesus he might lay hands them pray. When disciples saw this, they rebuked them. But, when Jesus saw this, he became angry. He called children himself “Allow children come me do stop them, kingdom God belongs such these.  “Amen, i and say you, whoever does receive kingdom God like child will enter it.” he embraced them blessed them, placing hands them. After that, he went away. Teaching about Compassionate Giving Metaphor Eye Needle; Being Perfect. he beginning forth journey, official ran up, knelt down before him, asked him, “Good teacher, what good must i and do inherit eternal life?”  Jesus answered him, “Why do you call me good? No one good God alone.” And “Why do you ask me about good? Only God good. you will enter life, keep commandments.”  He asked him, “Which ones?” Jesus replied, “‘You shall kill; you shall commit adultery; you shall steal; you shall bear false witness defraud; you shall honor your father your mother’; ‘you shall love your neighbor yourself.’”  young man him, “All these i and have observed my youth now. What do i and still lack?”

 Jesus, looking him, loved him him, “You lacking one thing. There still one thing left you you wish perfect, go, sell what you have, give poor you will have treasure heaven. come, follow me.”  When young man heard statement, face dropped. He went away sad, he had many possessions.  Jesus looked around disciples, “Amen, i and say you, how hard one who of rich enter kingdom heaven.” Jesus them reply, “Children, how hard enter kingdom God!  “i and say you, easier camel pass through eye needle than rich person enter kingdom God.”  When disciples heard this, they greatly astonished “who of can saved?”  Jesus looked them “For human beings impossible, God. All things possible God.”  Then Peter began say him reply, “We have given up everything followed you. What will we receive?”  Jesus them, “Amen, i and say you you who of have followed me, new age, when Son Man seated throne glory, will yourselves sit twelve thrones, judging twelve tribes Israel.  “Amen, i and say you, there no one who of given up house brothers sisters mother father children lands my sake sake Gospel  who of will receive hundred times more present age: houses brothers sisters mothers children lands, persecutions too; one will inherit eternal life age come.  “But many who of first shall last, last shall first.” Teaching Metaphor Pearls before Swine. “Do give what holy dogs, nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them underfoot, turn tear you pieces.” Teaching Golden Rule; Do Others. “Do others what you would have them do you. summary law prophets.” Teaching Metaphor Narrow Gate. He passed through towns villages, teaching he went making way Jerusalem. Someone asked him, “Lord, will only few people saved?” He answered them: Enter through narrow gate. gate wide, broad way, leads destruction. Those who of enter through many. How narrow gate, constricted way, leads life. Those who of find few. i and tell you, many will strive enter through narrow gate, will strong enough. “After master house arisen locked door, you will stand outside knocking saying, ‘Lord, open door us.’ he will say you reply, ‘i and do know where you from.’ you will say, ‘We ate drank your company you taught our streets.’  “Then he will say you, ‘i and do know where you from. Leave me, you evildoers!’  “And there will wailing gnashing teeth when you see Abraham, Isaac, Jacob all prophets kingdom God, you cast out.  And, people will come East West North South will recline table kingdom God. “For behold, some last who of will first, some first who of will last.” Reproach Words Over Deeds; False Prophets. “Beware false prophets, who of come you sheep’s clothing, underneath ravenous wolves.” “By their fruits you will know them. “Do people pick grapes thorn bushes, figs thistles? Just so, every good tree bears good fruit, rotten tree bears bad fruit. good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can rotten tree bear good fruit. Every tree does bear good fruit will cut down thrown fire. “For every tree known its own fruit. “A good person—out treasure goodness heart— produces good things, evil person—out store evil—produces evil things. And, fullness heart, mouth speaks.  “Not everyone who of presses me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter kingdom heaven, only one who of actually performs will my Father heaven. “Many will say me day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we prophesy your name?

Did we drive out demons your name? Did we do mighty deeds your name?’ i and will declare them solemnly, ‘i and never knew you. Depart me, you evildoers.’ “And, why would you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ when you do follow my command?  i and will show you what someone like who of comes me, listens my words, who of acts them.  Everyone who of listens these words mine, who of also acts them, will like wise man who of built house digging deeply laying foundation rock. rain fell, floods came, winds blew beat house. river burst against house could shake because had well built. house did collapse; had set solidly rock. everyone who of listens these words mine, does also act them, will like fool who of built house ground without foundation, sand. rain fell, floods came, winds blew beat house. collapsed once completely ruined.” Jesus Finishes First Teaching. When Jesus finished these words, crowds amazed teaching, he taught them one having direct authority, their scribes. VII. Signs Healings H ealing Leper. When Jesus came down mountain, multitude followed him. There man leprosy one towns where Jesus teaching. leper approached, did him homage, kneeling down, begged him “Lord, you want, you can make me clean.” Moved pity, Jesus stretched out hand, touched him, “i and will do it. made clean.” man’s leprosy left him immediately, he made clean.  Then, Jesus dismissed him once warning him sternly, “See you tell no one anything, go show yourself priest, offer your cleansing gift Moses prescribed. will proof them.”  man went away publicized whole matter. He spread report abroad impossible Jesus enter town openly.   report him continued spread, large crowds gathered listen him cured their ailments,  he would withdraw outside deserted places pray, people went him everywhere. Healing Centurion’s Servant. When Jesus finished all words people, he entered Capernaum. centurion hearing about Jesus approached him pleaded him, saying, “Lord, my servant paralyzed, he lying home suffering deeply.” servant ill about die, he valuable centurion. Elders Jews also went Jesus, asking him come save life centurion's servant. They approached strongly urged Jesus come, saying, “He deserves have you do him, he loves our nation he built us synagogue.” Jesus them, “i and will come cure him.” Jesus went them, but, when he close house, centurion sent friends tell him, “Lord, do trouble yourself, i and am worthy receive you under my roof. Therefore, i and did consider myself worthy come you; say word let my servant healed. “For i and am also person subject authority, soldiers subject me. i and say one, ‘Go,’ he goes, another, ‘Come,’ he comes, my slave, ‘Do this,’ he does it.” When Jesus heard this, he amazed and, turning, those following him, “Amen, i and say you, even Israel have i and found great faith. i and say you, many will come East West, will recline banquet kingdom heaven Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, those otherwise born kingdom will driven out outer darkness, where there will wailing grinding teeth.” Jesus centurion, “You may go. you have believed, let done you.” very hour centurion’s servant healed. When centurion messengers returned house, they found servant good health. Healing Peter’s Mother-In-Law.

leaving temple, Jesus entered house Peter Andrew James John, saw Peter’s mother-in-law lying bed sick severe fever. once, they told him about her. He approached. Then, he stood over her, held her hand, rebuked fever, left her. He helped her up she immediately waited them.  Miracle Raising Widow's Son. Soon thereafter, he traveled city called “Nain.” disciples large crowd accompanied him. he came near city gate, there dead man being carried out. dead man only son mother, she widow. large crowd city her. When Lord saw her, he had compassion her her, “Do cry.” He walked forward touched coffin. pall bearers stopped, he “Young man, i and say you, arise!” dead man sat up, he began speak. Jesus delivered him mother. Fear took hold all them, they glorified God, exclaiming, “A great prophet arisen among us,” “God visited people.” report him spread through whole Judea all surrounding region.  Healing Official’s Son Cana. he returned Cana Galilee, where he had made water wine. There official whose son sick Capernaum.  When he heard Jesus had arrived Galilee Judea, he went him pleaded him come down heal son. son’s near death.  Jesus him, “Unless you see signs wonders, you will believe.”  official him, “Sir, come down before my child dies.”  Jesus him, “Go your way. Your son will live.” man believed what Jesus him departed.  While he returning, servants met him told him, “Your son lives.”  He asked them when he began recover. They told him, “The fever left him yesterday, about one afternoon.”  father realized just time Jesus had him, “Your son will live,” he whole household believed.  second sign Jesus did when he came Galilee Judea. Other Healings. they went Capernaum, Sabbath he entered synagogue taught. The people amazed teaching, he taught them one having direct authority scribes. their synagogue man unclean spirit,  he cried out, “What have you do us, Jesus Nazareth? Have you come destroy us?” “i and know who of you are—the Holy One God!”   Jesus rebuked him “Silence! Come out him!”  unclean spirit made him convulse and, crying out loudly, came out him.  All amazed, much they asked each other, “What this? What teaching new authority? He commands unclean spirits even they obey him.”  fame spread quickly everywhere throughout whole region Galilee.  When evening, after sunset, they brought him all who of ill possessed evil spirits.   whole town gathered door.   He cured many who of sick various diseases, he drove out many demons word, permitting them speak because they knew him fulfill what had Isaiah prophet: “He took away our infirmities bore our diseases.”   Rising very early before sunrise, he left went off place where he could pray alone.   Peter those who of him looked him  finding him “Everyone looking you.”   He told them, “Let us go next town i and may preach there well. purpose which have i and come.” he preached their synagogues throughout all Galilee, driving out demons. Jesus Shunned Samaria. When days being taken up fulfilled, he became determined go Jerusalem, he sent messengers ahead him. way, they entered Samaritan village prepare reception there,  they would welcome him because destination journey Jerusalem. When disciples James John saw they asked, “Lord, do you want us command fire come down heaven consume them?”

Jesus turned rebuked them, and they went another village. Invitation Would-Be Followers Jesus; Dead Bury Dead. they went their journey, Jesus saw crowd around him, he gave orders cross other side lake. scribe approached him, “Teacher, i and will follow you no matter where you go.” Jesus answered him, “Foxes have dens birds sky have nests, Son Man nowhere rest head.” another disciples he “Follow me.” he replied him, “Lord, bear me first go bury my father.” Jesus answered him, “Follow me, let dead bury their dead. you, go proclaim kingdom God.”  another “i and will follow you, Lord, first let me say farewell my family home.” Jesus him, “No one who of puts hand plow looks back what left behind fit kingdom God.” Miracle Calming Storm Sea. same day, evening coming on. Separating crowd, he got boat disciples followed him. They took him boat just he was. There other boats him. So they set sail. Suddenly violent storm came up sea, boat being filled water waves breaking over boat. And, they danger. Jesus stern, asleep cushion. They came woke him, saying, “Lord, save us! We perishing!” He woke up them, “Why you terrified? Oh, you little faith! Do you yet have faith?” Then, he rebuked wind, sea, “Peace! still!” wind ceased there great calm. men filled awe amazed one another, “What manner man this, who of commands even winds sea, they obey him?”  Healing Gadarene Possessed; Legion. They sailed territory Gerasenes, which opposite Galilee. When he came ashore other side, he got out boat and, immediately, man unclean spirit came up tombs met him. He savage no one could travel road. man town who of possessed demons. long time he had worn clothes. He did live house, rather lived among tombs. No one could restrain him any longer, even chain.  He had frequently bound shackles chains, he pulled them apart breaking shackles. No one strong enough restrain him. He would driven demon secluded places. He incessantly cried out bruised himself stones, night day among tombs hillsides.   When he saw Jesus, he cried out prostrated himself before him. Crying out loudly, “What have you do me, Jesus, son Most High God? i and beg you, do torment me!” cried out further, “What have you do us, Son God? Have you come here torment us before appointed time?” Jesus had saying him, “Unclean spirit, come out man!” Jesus asked him, “What your name?” And, he replied, “Legion my name, there many us.” Many demons had entered him. they pleaded earnestly Jesus order them depart void. distance away there large herd many swine feeding there hillside. demons pleaded him, “If you drive us out, send us herd swine. Let us enter them.” he let them, “Go then!” demons came out man entered swine, whole herd about two thousand rushed down steep bank sea drowned. When swineherds saw what had happened, they fled reported what happened town throughout countryside.  witnesses explained them what had happened possessed man swine.

Thereupon whole town came out meet Jesus see what had happened. When they approached Jesus, they discovered same man who of had demons sitting feet Jesus. He clothed right mind, they became afraid.  Those who of witnessed told them how possessed man had saved. people Gerasenes region began beg Jesus leave their district because they afraid. So, he got boat returned. he getting boat, man whom demons had come out begged remain him, Jesus would permit him sent him away, saying, “Return home your family recount what God, mercy, done you.” man went off began proclaim throughout Decapolis region what Jesus had done him. Everyone amazed.  Healing Paralytic. Jesus entered boat, made crossing. When returning Capernaum after some days, became known he home.  Many gathered there no more room them, even around door, he taught Word them. Jesus teaching, Pharisees scribes sitting there who of had come every village Galilee Judea Jerusalem, power Lord heal him.  paralyzed man brought stretcher carried four men. They trying bring him set him presence Jesus.  when they could find way bring him get near Jesus because crowd, they went onto roof, they opened up roof above him lowered him stretcher through tiles midst before Jesus.  When he saw their faith, he paralytic, “Courage, child, you, your sins forgiven.”   Then, scribes Pharisees began ask themselves, “who of who of speaks blasphemies? who of God alone can forgive sins? man blasphemes.”  Jesus knew what they thinking them, “What you thinking your hearts? Why do you harbor evil thoughts?  “Which easier, say paralytic, ‘Your sins forgiven,’ say, ‘Rise, pick up your mat walk’? “But you know Son Man authority earth forgive sins,” he man who of paralyzed, “i and say you, arise, pick up your stretcher, go home.”  man immediately stood up front them, picked up what he had lying on, went home, glorifying God. When crowds saw this, amazement took over them. They glorified God . who of had given such authority human beings forgive sins, and, struck fear, . they “We have seen incredible things today.” Once again he went out along sea. All crowd came him he taught them. Calling Matthew (Levi). Jesus passed there, he saw man named “Matthew” (“Levi”), son Alphaeus, sitting customs post. He him, “Follow me.” leaving everything behind, he got up followed him.  came Matthew gave great banquet him house,  large crowd tax collectors others table them. Many tax collectors sinners came sat Jesus disciples, there many who of followed him. Pharisees scribes saw complained disciples, “Why do you your teacher eat tax collectors sinners?” Jesus heard them reply, “Those who of healthy do need physician, sick do.  Go learn meaning words, ‘i and desire mercy, sacrifice.’ i and did come call righteous repent sinners.”

Mary Meets Elizabeth. Mary went out those days haste traveled hill country city Judah, where she entered house Zechariah greeted Elizabeth. When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, babe leaped her womb, Elizabeth filled Holy Spirit. Elizabeth cried out loud voice “Blessed you among women, blessed fruit your womb. “And how does happen me, mother my Lord should come me? moment your greeting sounded my ears, babe my womb leaped joy. Blessed she who of believed message spoken Lord would fulfilled.” Proclamation Mary Joy. Mary said: My soul exclaims greatness God; my spirit rejoices God my savior. he looked low condition handmaid; behold, will all generations will call me blessed. Mighty One done great things me, holy name. mercy them who of fear him, age age. He shown strength arm; he scattered arrogant mind heart. He thrown down rulers their thrones exalted lowly. He filled hungry good things, rich he sent away empty. He helped Israel servant, remembrance mercy, he promised our fathers, Abraham descendants forever. Teaching about new Covenant Metaphors Wedding; Cloth Wineskins. disciples John Pharisees accustomed fast. disciples John approached him objected, “Why do we, well Pharisees, fast often offer prayers, your disciples do fast eat drink?” Jesus answered them, “Can wedding guests mourn fast long bridegroom them? day will come when bridegroom taken away them, they will fast day.” he also told them parable. “No one sews piece unshrunken cloth old cloak. he does, its fullness pulls away, new old, tear gets worse. “Likewise, no one pours new wine old wineskins. Otherwise new wine will burst skins, both wine skins ruined. New wine poured fresh wineskins, both preserved.  no one who of drinking old wine desires new, he says, ‘The old good.’” Healing Beloved Official’s Daughter Woman Hemorrhage. part Jesus’ return, (having crossed again boat other side), crowd continued welcome him, they all waiting him, large crowd gathered around him, he stayed close sea. While he saying these things them, man named “Jairus,” official synagogue, came forward. He fell feet Jesus, kneeling down before him, begged him earnestly come house, because he had only daughter, about twelve years old, she dying.  While he saying these things them, official came forward, knelt down before him, “My daughter about die. Please, come put your hands her she may get well live.”  Jesus got up followed him, did disciples. he went, large crowd followed him almost crushed him.  woman approached suffering greatly hemorrhages twelve years, who of had spent her life savings doctors unable cured anyone. She only grew worse.  She had heard about Jesus came up behind him touched tassel cloak. She herself, “If only i and can touch cloak, i and shall cured.”  Immediately, her hemorrhaging stopped. She felt her body she healed her affliction. Jesus, aware once power had gone out him. He “Someone touched me, i and know power gone out me.” Jesus turned around crowd asked, “who of touched my clothes?” While all denying it, Peter “Master, you see how crowd pressing you, yet you ask, ‘who of touched me?’” he looked around see who of had done it. When woman realized she had escaped notice, she approached fear trembling. Falling down before Jesus, she told him whole truth explained, presence all people, why she had touched him how she had healed immediately.  Jesus turned around saw her, her, “Daughter, take comfort. Your faith saved you. Go peace cured your affliction.” And, hour, woman cured. While he still speaking, people synagogue official’s house arrived “Your daughter died. Why trouble teacher any longer?” On hearing this, disregarding message reported, Jesus synagogue official, “Do afraid, have faith she will saved.”  They arrived house synagogue official saw flute players, crowd making commotion, people weeping wailing loudly. All weeping mourning her, when Jesus “Why commotion weeping? Do weep any longer. Go away! girl dead sleeping.” they ridiculed him, because they knew she dead. crowd put out he did allow anyone come him inside except Peter, James, John, brother James. He took along child’s father mother. They entered room where child lay.   Jesus took child hand called her, “Talitha koum!” (which means, “Young girl, i and say you, arise!”). Her breath returned girl, child twelve, arose immediately walked around. Jesus directed she should given some food eat.  Her parents completely astounded, Jesus gave strict orders tell no one what had happened.

But news spread throughout all land. Healing Two Blind Men. Jesus passed there, two blind men followed, crying out, “You, Son David, have pity us!” When he went house, blind men came near him Jesus them, “Do you believe i and can do this?” “Yes, Lord,” they him.  he touched their eyes “Let done you according your faith.” their eyes opened. Jesus warned them sternly, “See no one knows about this.”  when left, they went out spread news him throughout country.  Healing Mute Person. they going out, mute person possessed demon, brought him.  When demon driven out, mute person spoke. crowds astounded “Nothing like ever seen all Israel.” But Pharisees “He drives out demons prince demons.”  Herod’s Massacre Infants. Herod, when he realized he had deceived scholars East, became furious. He commanded massacre all boys Bethlehem its nearby districts two years old under. would age child, accordance what he had learned scholars East. fulfilled what had spoken through Jeremiah prophet: Ramah, there voice heard, weeping, mourning loud lamentation; Rachel weeping her children, she refused consoled, since they no more. When Herod died, behold, angel Lord appeared Joseph dream Egypt “Arise, take young child mother go land Israel, those who of sought child’s life dead.” He rose, took child mother, went land Israel. when he heard Archelaus reigned over Judea place father Herod, Joseph afraid go back there. And, because he had warned God dream, he departed region Galilee. Return Nazareth. When they had fulfilled all commands law Lord, they returned their own town Nazareth. Thus, Jesus went dwelt town called “Nazareth,” statements prophets might fulfilled, “He shall called Nazorean.” Genealogy Jesus. book genealogy Jesus, son David, son Abraham. Abraham father Isaac, Isaac father Jacob, Jacob father Judah brothers. Judah father Perez Zerah, whose mother Tamar. Perez father Hezron, Hezron father Ram, Ram father Amminadab. Amminadab father Nahshon, Nahshon father Salmon, Salmon father Boaz, whose mother Rahab. Boaz father Obed, whose mother Ruth. Obed father Jesse, Jesse father David king. David became father Solomon, whose mother had wife Uriah. Solomon father Rehoboam, Rehoboam father Abijah, Abijah father Asaph. Asaph father Jehoshaphat, Jehoshaphat father Joram, Joram father Uzziah. Uzziah father Jotham, Jotham father Ahaz, Ahaz father Hezekiah. Hezekiah father Manasseh, Manasseh father Amos, Amos father Josiah. Josiah father Jechoniah brothers time Babylonian exile. After Babylonian exile, Jechoniah father Shealtiel, Shealtiel father Zerubbabel, Zerubbabel father Abiud. Abiud father Eliakim, Eliakim father Azor, Azor father Zadok. Zadok father Achim, Achim father Eliud, Eliud father Eleazar. Eleazar father Matthan, Matthan father Jacob, Jacob father Joseph, husband Mary, who of born Jesus, who of called “Messiah.” all generations Abraham David fourteen; David Babylonian exile, fourteen generations; Babylonian exile Messiah, fourteen generations. And, further, he son, thought, Joseph, son Heli, son Matthat, son Levi, son Melchi, son Jannai, son Joseph, son Mattathias, son Amos, son Nahum, son Esli, son Naggai, son Maath, son Mattathias, son Semein, son Josech, son Joda, son Joanan, son Rhesa, son Zerubbabel, son Shealtiel, son Neri, son Melchi, son Addi, son Cosam, son Elmadam, son Er, son Joshua, son Eliezer, son Jorim, son Matthat, son Levi, son Simeon, son Judah, son Joseph, son Jonam, son Eliakim, son Melea, son Menna, son Mattatha, son Nathan, son David, son Jesse, son Obed, son Boaz, son Sala, son Nahshon, son Amminadab, son Admin, son Arni, son Hezron, son Perez, son Judah, son Jacob, son Isaac, son Abraham, son Terah, son Nahor, son Serug, son Reu, son Peleg, son Eber, son Shelah, son Cainan, son Arphaxad, son Shem, son Noah, son Lamech, son Methuselah, son Enoch, son Jared, son Mahalaleel, son Cainan, son Enos, son Seth, son Adam, son God. Statement Fundamental Spirituality Jesus. Jesus beginning God. All things came existence through him, and, without him, nothing came be. Through him life, life light human race. Light shines through darkness, darkness cannot extinguish it. true light, which enlightens human race, coming world. Jesus Temple; My Father’s House. child grew strong, filled wisdom. grace God him. Now, parents went Jerusalem each year feast Passover. When he twelve years old, they went up Jerusalem accordance festival custom. When they had fulfilled days, they returned, child Jesus stayed behind Jerusalem, Joseph Jesus’ mother did know it. Supposing he caravan, they went day’s journey before looking him among their relatives acquaintances. They could find him, they returned Jerusalem look him. came pass that, after three days, they found him temple, sitting midst teachers, listening asking them questions. All who of heard him astonished understanding answers. When parents saw him, they amazed, mother “Son, why would you do us? Your father i and have anxiously looking you.” he replied, “Why you looking me? Did you know i and bound my Father’s house?” they did understand meaning what he said. So, he went down them, came Nazareth. He obedient them, mother kept all these things her heart. Jesus advanced wisdom stature, favor God man. IV. Baptism Preparation M ission John Baptist. beginning gospel Jesus Christ, Son God begins man who of sent God, named “John.” John came testify truth, truth about which he testified about light, all might believe through him. He light, came testify light. testimony John. fifteenth year reign Tiberius Caesar. Pontius Pilate governor Judea. Herod tetrarch Galilee, brother Philip tetrarch region Ituraea Trachonitis. Lysanias tetrarch Abilene.

During high priesthood Annas Caiaphas, Word came John, son Zechariah, desert. And, so, John Baptist appeared, preaching desert Judea. John wore clothes made camel’s hair. He had leather belt around waist. food locusts wild honey. He went around entire region Jordan, proclaiming baptism repentance forgiveness sins saying, “Repent, kingdom heaven hand!” time, people entire countryside Judea, all inhabitants Jerusalem, whole region near Jordan going out him. They being baptized John Jordan River they proclaimed baptism acknowledgment repentance forgiveness their sins. people filled hope, all asking their hearts John might Messiah. So, Jews Jerusalem sent priests Levites him ask him, “who of you?” He confessed did deny it, admitted, “i and am Messiah.” they asked him, “What you then? you Elijah?” he “i and am not.” “Are you Prophet?” He answered, “No.” Some Pharisees[ ] also sent. They asked him, “Why do you baptize you Messiah Elijah Prophet?” John answered them all, saying, “i and am baptizing you water, repentance, one coming who of mightier than I. And, i and am worthy loosen carry sandals. He will baptize you Holy Spirit fire. fan hand separate wheat chaff. He will clear threshing floor gather wheat barn, chaff he will burn unquenchable fire.” They him again, “who of you, we can give answer those who of sent us? What do you have say yourself?” John said: “As Isaiah prophet said: Behold, i and am sending my messenger ahead you; he will prepare your way you. voice one crying out desert: Prepare way Lord, make straight paths. Every valley shall filled, every mountain hill shall made low. crooked shall made straight, rough ways made smooth, all human race shall see salvation God.” And, when he saw many Pharisees Sadducees coming baptism, he them, “You generation vipers! who of warned you flee coming wrath? Produce good fruit evidence your repentance. do think say yourselves, ‘We have Abraham our father.’ i and tell you, these stones, God can raise up children Abraham. “Even ax lies root trees. Therefore every tree does produce good fruit will cut down thrown fire. i and am baptizing you water, repentance, one who of coming after me mightier than I.” people asked him, “What should we do then?” He answered them reply, “Whoever two cloaks should share person who of none. he who of food should do likewise.” Even tax collectors came baptized they him, “Master, what should we do?” He answered them, “Stop collecting more than what prescribed.” Soldiers also asked him, “And what we should do?” He told them, “Do violence no man, neither falsely accuse anyone, content your wages.” John urged them many other ways, he preached good news people. Baptism Jesus. Jesus came Galilee John Bethany across Jordan, where John baptizing. Jesus wanted baptized John. John tried prevent him, saying, “i and need baptized you, you coming me?” Jesus replied, “Allow now, altogether fitting us fulfill all righteousness.” Thus, John allowed him. After all people Jesus baptized, he came up water praying. Behold, heavens torn open him, he saw Spirit descending bodily form like dove coming him. voice came heavens, saying, “This my beloved Son, whom i and am well pleased.” John testified him, saying, “This he whom i and ‘After me shall come one who of preferred before me, because he existed before me.’” John testified further, saying, “i and saw Spirit descend sky like dove remain him. i and did know him, one who of sent me baptize water me, ‘Upon whom you see Spirit come down remain, he one who of will baptize Holy Spirit.’

i and saw, i and testify he Son God.” next day, John saw Jesus coming toward him “Behold, Lamb God, who of takes away sin world. he whom i and ‘After me shall come one who of preferred before me, because he existed before me.’ i and did know him. But, he should made known Israel, and, thus, reason why i and came baptizing water.” happened those days Jesus came Nazareth Galilee baptized Jordan John. Introduction Andrew John (Son Zebedee). next day John there again two disciples, Andrew John, son Zebedee, looking Jesus Jesus walked by, John “Behold, Lamb God.” two disciples heard what John Baptist followed Jesus. Jesus turned, seeing them following him, them, “What you seeking?” They him, “Rabbi” (which means ‘Teacher’), “where you staying?” He them, “Come, you will see.” they went saw where he staying, they stayed him day. about four afternoon. Proclamation Metaphor Church Built Rock Peter. Jesus went villages region Caesarea Philippi. When Jesus praying solitude, he asked disciples, “who of do people say i and am?” They replied, “Some say John Baptist, others Elijah, still others Jeremiah still others that, ‘One ancient prophets arisen.’” He them, “But who of do you say i and am?” Peter reply, “You Messiah, Son living God.” Jesus him reply, “Blessed you, Simon, son Jonah. flesh blood revealed you, rather my Father heaven. i and say you, ‘You Peter,’ rock i and will build my church, gates hell shall prevail against it.” “i and will give you keys kingdom heaven. Whatever you bind earth, shall bound heaven. And, whatever you free earth shall freed heaven.” he strictly ordered disciples tell no one he Messiah. Prediction Passion (First); Get Behind Me, Satan. time forth, Jesus showed disciples he must go Jerusalem rejected suffer greatly elders, chief priests, scribes, killed raised after three days. He spoke openly. Peter took him aside began rebuke him, “Lord! must happen you.” Jesus turned around and, looking disciples, rebuked Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You offence me. You thinking God does, human beings do.” Paying Taxes Foreigners; Metaphor Division. When they came Capernaum, temple tax collectors approached Peter “Does your teacher pay temple tax?” “Yes,” he said. When he came house, before he had time speak, Jesus asked him, “What your opinion, Peter? whom do kings earth take tolls census tax? their subjects foreigners?” When he “From foreigners,” Jesus him, “Then subjects free tax. we may offend them, go sea, drop hook, take first fish comes up. Open its mouth you will find coin worth double temple tax. Give them you me.” Teaching Least Greatest; Child. They came Capernaum and, once inside house, argument arose among disciples about which them greatest. Jesus began ask them, “What you arguing about way?” they remained silent. He realized intention their hearts. disciples approached Jesus “who of greatest kingdom heaven?” He sat down, called Twelve, them, “If anyone wishes first, he shall last all servant all.”  He called child over, their midst side, putting arms around child “Amen, i and say you, unless you turn become like children, you will enter kingdom heaven. Whoever humbles himself like child greatest kingdom heaven. one who of least among all you one who of greatest. “And whoever receives one child such my name receives me, whoever receives me receives one who of sent me.”

Request Sit Right Hand. mother sons Zebedee approached him her sons, James John, she knelt before Jesus, wishing ask him something. sons Zebedee, came him him, “Teacher, we want you do us whatever we ask you.” He them, “What do you wish me do you?” sons Zebedee answered him, “Grant that, your glory, we may sit one your right other your left. . she answered him, “Command these two sons mine sit, one your right side other your left, your kingdom.”  Jesus reply, “You do know what you asking. Can you drink cup i and am going drink baptized baptism which i and am baptized?” They him, “We can.” He replied, “The cup i and drink, you will drink, baptism which i and am baptized, you will baptized. But, sit my right my left, mine give; those whom prepared my Father.” When ten heard this, they became indignant two brothers, James John. Jesus summoned them “You know rulers Gentiles lord over people, great ones make their authority over people felt. But, shall among you. Rather, whoever wishes great among you shall your servant; whoever wishes first among you shall your slave.  “Just so, Son Man did come served serve give life ransom many.”  they left Jericho, great crowd followed him. Healing Two Blind Men; Persistence Meaningful Prayer. They came Jericho. he leaving Jericho disciples many other people, Bartimaeus, blind man, son Timaeus, another sat roadside begging. hearing Jesus Nazareth, they began cry out say, “Jesus, son David, have mercy us.” many scorned them, telling them silent. But, they persistently kept calling out all more, “Son David, have pity us.”  Jesus stopped “Call them.” Accordingly, they called blind men, saying them, “Take courage; get up, he calling you.” They threw aside their cloaks, sprang up, came Jesus. Jesus him reply, “What do you want me do you?” blind men replied him, “Master, we want see. “Lord, let our eyes opened.” Moved pity, Jesus touched their eyes. Jesus told them, “Go your way, your faith saved you.” Immediately they received their sight, followed him, giving glory God. When all people saw this, they gave praise God. Teaching about Reconciliation Past Future Parable Dishonest Steward. he also disciples, “A rich man had steward who of reported him wasting rich man’s property. rich man summoned him ‘How i and hear these things about you? Prepare complete accounting your stewardship, because you can no longer my steward.’ “The steward himself, ‘What shall i and do? My master taking position steward away me; i and cannot dig i and am ashamed beg. i and know what i and shall do that, when i and am removed stewardship, debtors may welcome me their homes.’ “He called master’s debtors one one. first he ‘How much do you owe my master?’ debtor replied, ‘One hundred measures olive oil.’ He him, ‘Here your promissory note. Sit down quickly write one fifty.’ another he ‘And you, how much do you owe?’ debtor replied, ‘One hundred measures wheat.’ He him, ‘Here your promissory note; write one eighty.’

“And master commended dishonest steward acting prudently.” Teaching Application Parable. “The children world more shrewd dealing worldly matters than children light. “i and tell you, use your money, however dishonestly may have acquired past, do good deeds make friends, when money gone, you will welcomed eternal dwellings least good deeds. “The person who of trustworthy very small matters also trustworthy great ones. person who of dishonest very small matters also dishonest great ones. Therefore, you even trustworthy dishonest wealth, who of will trust you true riches? you trustworthy what belongs another, who of will give you what your own?” “No servant can serve two masters. He will either hate one love other, loyal one despise other. You cannot serve God mammon.” Reproach Proud Esteem. Pharisees heard these things derided him, they loved money. he them, “You make yourselves important relevant sight others, God knows your hearts. what pride human esteem abomination sight God.”  Proclamation about Law. “The law prophets authoritative until John. But, on, kingdom God being proclaimed, everyone who of enters kingdom does contorted change. “It easier heaven earth pass away than smallest part letter law become invalid.” Proclamation Final Discourse. “Let your hearts troubled. You who of believe God; believe also me. “In my Father’s house there many dwelling places. so, would i and have told you i and am going prepare place you? i and go prepare place you, i and will come back again take you myself, where i and am you also may be.  Where i and am going you know, way you know.”  Thomas him, “Master, we do know where you going. How can we know way?”  Jesus him, “i and am way truth life. No one comes Father except through me.  you know me, you will also know my Father. you do know him have seen him.” Philip him, “Master, show us Father, will enough us.” Jesus him, “Have i and you long time you still do know me, Philip? Whoever seen me seen Father. How can you say, ‘Show us Father’?  7 Do you believe i and am Father Father me? words i and speak you i and do speak my own. Father who of dwells me doing works.  “Believe me i and am Father Father me, else, believe because works themselves.  Amen, amen, i and say you, whoever believes me will do works i and do, will do greater ones than these, because i and am going Father.  “And whatever you ask my name, i and will do, Father may glorified Son.  “If you ask anything me my name, i and will do it.”  Proclamation Advocate.  “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” He continued:  i and will ask Father, he will give you another Advocate you always,  Spirit Truth, whom world cannot accept, because neither sees nor knows him. you know him, because he remains you, will you.  i and will leave you helpless; i and will come you. little while, world will no longer see me, you will see me, because i and live you will live. day, you will realize i and am my Father you me i and you. Whoever my commandments observes them one who of loves me. whoever loves me will loved my Father, i and will love him reveal myself him. Judas, Iscariot, him, “Master, how you will reveal yourself us world?”

Jesus answered him: Whoever loves me, will keep my word, my Father will love him, we will come him make our dwelling him. Whoever does love me does keep my words; yet word you hear mine Father who of sent me. i and have told you while i and am you.  Advocate, Spirit Father will send my name—he will teach you everything remind you all i and told you. Peace i and leave you; my peace i and give you. world gives do i and give you. Do let your hearts troubled afraid. You heard me tell you, ‘i and am going away i and will come back you.’ you loved me, you would rejoice i and am going Father; Father greater than I. i and have told you before happens, when happens you may believe. i and will no longer speak much you, ruler world coming. He no power over me, world must know i and love Father i and do just Father commanded me. Up, we must go! Invitation Metaphor True Vine. i and am true vine, my Father vine grower. He takes away every branch me does bear fruit, every one does, he prunes bears more fruit. You already pruned because word i and spoke you. Abide me, i and abide you. Just branch cannot bear fruit its own unless remains vine, neither can you unless you remain me. i and am vine, you branches. Whoever abides me i and him will bear much fruit, because without me you can do nothing. Anyone who of does remain me will thrown out like branch wither. They will gathered thrown fire they will burned. you remain me my words remain you, ask whatever you want will done you. glorification my Father, you bear much fruit become my disciples. Father loves me, i and also love you. Remain my love. you keep my commandments, you will remain my love, just i and have kept my Father’s commandments remain love. i and have told you my joy may you your joy may complete. my commandment: love one another i and love you. No one greater love than this, lay down one’s life one’s friends. You my friends you do what i and command you. i and no longer call you servants, because servant does know what master doing. i and have called you friends, because i and have told you everything i and have heard my Father. you who of chose me, i and who of chose you appointed you go bear fruit will remain, whatever you ask Father my name he may give you. i and command you: love one another. Teaching Acceptance Good News Parable Rich Man Lazarus. “There rich man clothed purple garments fine linen who of dined lavishly each day. And, lying door poor man named “Lazarus,” covered sores, who of would gladly have eaten crumbs fell rich man’s table. Even dogs would come lick sores. “When Lazarus died, he carried away angels bosom Abraham. rich man also died buried. And, hell, where rich man torment, he lifted up eyes saw Abraham far off Lazarus bosom. “And he cried out, ‘Father Abraham, have pity me. Send Lazarus dip tip finger water cool my tongue, i and am tormented these flames.’  “Abraham replied, ‘My child, remember you received what good during your lifetime while Lazarus likewise received what bad. But, now, he comforted here, whereas you tormented.’ ‘Additionally, between us you great chasm prevents anyone crossing who of might wish go our side yours your side ours.’ “He ‘Then i and pray you, father, send him my father’s house, i and have five brothers, he may warn them, they do also come place torment.’ “But Abraham replied, ‘They have Moses prophets. Let them listen them.’

“He ‘No, father Abraham, only someone dead goes them, they will repent.’ “Then Abraham ‘If they will listen Moses prophets, neither would they persuaded someone should rise dead.’” Zacchaeus Tax Collector; Reconciliation Past Deeds. He came Jericho intended pass through town. Behold, there man there named “Zacchaeus,” who of chief tax collector he wealthy. He seeking see who of Jesus was, he could see him because crowd, he short stature. he ran ahead climbed sycamore tree order see Jesus, who of about pass way. When Jesus reached place, he looked up him, “Zacchaeus, come down now, today i and must stay your house.” he came down quickly received him joy. When people saw this, they began grumble, saying, “He gone stay house sinner.” Zacchaeus stood there Lord, “Behold, half my possessions, Lord, i and shall give poor, i and have taken anything anyone false accusation, i and shall repay fourfold.” Jesus him, “Today salvation come house because man too descendant Abraham. “For Son Man come seek save what lost.” Teaching Persistent Prayer Parable Persistent Widow. he told them parable about necessity them pray persistently without becoming faint. He “There judge certain town who of did fear God, nor did he respect any human being. “And widow town used come him say, ‘Render proper judgment me against my adversary.’ “For while, judge unwilling, eventually he thought himself, ‘While true i and neither fear God nor respect any human being, i and will render judgment woman she continue come me wear me out.’” Lord “Pay attention what unjust judge says. Will God avenge chosen ones who of call out day night him, though he slow answer them? “i and tell you, he will see justice done them speedily. But, when Son Man comes, will he find faith earth?”  Teaching against Presumptuous Despise Parable Pharisee Tax Collector. Jesus addressed parable those who of convinced their own righteousness despised everyone else. “Two persons went up temple area pray; one Pharisee other tax collector. “The Pharisee took up position spoke prayer himself, ‘God, i and thank you i and am like others—liars, unjust, adulterous—or even like tax collector. ‘i and fast twice week, i and donate one tenth my income.’ “And, tax collector stood off distance, would lift up eyes heaven. But, he beat breast prayed, ‘God, merciful me sinner.’ “i and tell you, tax collector went home close God, other; everyone who of exalts himself shall humbled, one who of humbles himself shall exalted.”  Explaining Jesus' Authority; Authority John Baptist. They returned once more Jerusalem. When Jesus had come walking temple area, chief priests, scribes, elders people approached him he teaching proclaiming good news. They asked, “By what authority you doing these things? And, who of gave you authority do them?” Jesus them reply, “i and shall ask you one question, and, you answer me, i and shall tell you what authority i and do these things. “Where John’s baptism from: heavenly human origin? Answer me.” They discussed among themselves, “If we say ‘Of heavenly origin,’ he will say us, ‘Then why did you believe him?’ we say, ‘Of human origin,’ we fear crowd all people will stone us, they all regard John prophet.” they Jesus reply, “We do know where John’s authority came.” Jesus them, “Neither shall i and tell you what authority i and do these things.” 

Teaching Deeds Supersede Words Parable Two Sons; Acceptance, Repentance Change. “What your opinion? certain man had two sons. He came first ‘Son, go out today work vineyard.’ “The son reply, ‘i and will not,’ but, afterwards he repented went. “The man came other son gave same order. He reply, ‘Yes, sir,’ he did go. “Which two did father’s will?” They answered, “The first.” Jesus them, “Amen, i and say you, tax collectors prostitutes entering kingdom God before you. “John came you way righteousness, you did believe him. But, tax collectors prostitutes did. Yet, even when you saw that, you did repent afterwards, change your minds believe him.”  Explaining Jesus’ Destiny Parable Heir Land Owner. he began speak them parables, saying, “Hear another parable. There landowner who of planted vineyard, put hedge around it, dug wine press it, built tower. he leased tenant farmers went journey long time. “At proper time, when vintage time drew near, he sent servant tenants obtain them some produce vineyard. “But tenants seized him, beat him, sent him away empty-handed. “So, he proceeded send another servant, him they also beat insulted sent away empty-handed.”  “He sent yet another whom they killed. So, too, many others; some they beat, others they killed.  “Finally, owner vineyard ‘What shall i and do?’ He had one other send, beloved son. He sent son them last all, thinking, ‘i and shall send my beloved son; they will respect my son.’ “But when tenants saw son, they one another, ‘This heir. Come, let us kill him inheritance may become ours.’ they seized him, threw him out vineyard, killed him. “What will owner vineyard do those tenants when he comes? “He will come put those tenant farmers death turn over vineyard other tenants who of will give him produce proper times.” When people heard this, they exclaimed, “God forbid. Let so!”  Jesus looked them asked, “Did you never read scriptures. What does scripture passage mean: stone builders rejected, become cornerstone; Lord done, marvelous our eyes? “Everyone who of falls stone will dashed pieces, will crush anyone whom falls. “Therefore, i and say you, kingdom God will taken away you given people will produce its fruit.” When scribes, chief priests Pharisees heard parables, they knew he speaking about them. They sought lay their hands him very moment. And, although they attempting arrest him, they feared crowds, they regarded him prophet. they left him went away. Explaining Invitation Preparation Parable Wedding Feast Without Attendance. Jesus again reply spoke them parables, saying, “The kingdom heaven may likened king who of making marriage feast son. “He dispatched servants summon invited guests feast, they refused come. “A second time he sent other servants, saying, ‘Tell those invited: “Behold, i and have prepared my banquet, my calves fattened cattle killed, everything ready; come feast.”’ “But, they disregarded invitation went usual way, one farm, another business. rest laid hold servants, mistreated them, killed them. The king enraged sent troops, destroyed those murderers, burned their city. “Then he servants, ‘The feast ready, those who of invited worthy come. Go out, therefore, main roads invite feast whomever you find.’ The servants went out streets gathered all they found, bad good alike, hall filled guests. “But when king came meet guests he saw man there dressed wedding garment. He him, ‘Friend, how you came here without wedding garment?’ he reduced silence. “Then king attendants, ‘Bind hands feet, cast him darkness outside, where there will wailing grinding teeth.’ “Many called, few chosen.”  Teaching Humility Compassionate Giving Parable Conduct Invited Guests. He told parable those who of had called invitation, noticing how they choosing their places table.  “When you invited banquet, do recline table place honor. more distinguished guest than you may have invited host. Thusly, host who of invited both you may approach you say, ‘Give your place man,’ you would proceed embarrassment take lowest place. “Rather, when you invited, go take lowest place when host comes you he may say, ‘My friend, move up higher position.’ you will enjoy esteem your companions table. “For everyone who of exalts himself will humbled, one who of humbles himself will exalted.” he host who of invited him, “When you hold banquet, do invite your friends your brothers your relatives your wealthy neighbors, order they invite you back repayment. “Rather, when you hold banquet, invite poor, crippled, lame, blind; blessed indeed will you because their inability repay you. you will repaid resurrection righteous.” Explaining Accepting Invitation Parable Great Feast. One fellow guests hearing him, “Blessed one who of will dine kingdom God.” He replied him, “A man gave great dinner which he invited many. “When time dinner came, he dispatched servant say those invited, ‘Come, everything ready.’” “But one one, they all began excuse themselves. first him, ‘i and have purchased field must go see it; please excuse me.’ another ‘i and have purchased five yoke oxen am my way inspect them; i and ask you, please excuse me.’

another ‘i and have just married woman, therefore i and cannot come.’ “The servant went reported master. master house, being angry, commanded servant, ‘Go out quickly streets alleys town bring here poor crippled, blind lame.’ “The servant reported, ‘Sir, your orders have carried out still there room.’ “The master ordered servant, ‘Go out highways hedgerows compel people come my home may filled. For, i and tell you, none those men who of invited will taste my dinner.’” Teaching about Giving God’s Due; Paying Taxes Caesar. Pharisees went off plotted how they might entrap him speech. They watched him closely sent agents pretending righteous who of trap him speech, order hand him over authority power governor. They sent their disciples him Herodians ensnare him speech, posing question him: “Teacher, we know you truthful man you teach way God truth. You concerned anyone’s opinion, you show no partiality, you do regard person’s status.  “Tell us, then, what your opinion: lawful pay census tribute tax Caesar not? Should we pay should we pay?” Knowing their craftiness malice, Jesus them, “Why you tempting me, you hypocrites?”  “Show me denarius, coin pays census tax.” they handed him Roman coin. He them, “Whose image whose inscription does bear?” They replied, “Caesar’s.” he them, “Then pay Caesar what Caesar’s God what God’s.” When they heard they utterly amazed reply they fell silent. They unable trap him something he might say before people, leaving him they went away. Explaining Resurrection. day some Sadducees, who of say there no resurrection, approached Jesus, saying there no resurrection. They put question him, saying, “Teacher, Moses wrote us, ‘If man dies leaving wife no children, brother must marry wife raise up descendants brother.’  “Now there seven brothers among us. first married died and, having no descendants, left wife brother. Then second third married her, likewise all seven died childless. Finally woman also died. “Now, resurrection, when they should arise, seven, whose wife will woman be? all seven they all had married her.” Jesus them reply, “Are you misled? You do know scriptures power God. “The children world marry given marriage.  However, those who of deemed worthy obtain coming world, resurrection dead, neither marry nor given marriage. “At resurrection, when they arise dead, they neither marry nor given marriage, they like angels heaven. They can no longer die, they like angels they children God, because they ones who of will rise. “And concerning dead being raised, have you read Book Moses, passage about bush, how God told him, ‘i and am God Abraham, God Isaac, God Jacob’? “He God dead living, him all alive. You greatly misled.”  When crowds heard this, they astonished teaching. Some scribes reply, “Teacher, you have answered well.” they no longer dared ask him anything.  Teaching Greatest Commandment. When Pharisees heard he had silenced Sadducees, they gathered together.  One scribes (a scholar law), when he came forward heard them disputing saw how well he had answered them, tested him asking, “Teacher, which greatest first all commandments?”

Jesus replied, “The first this: ‘Hear, Oh, Israel! Lord our God Lord alone! You shall love Lord your God all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, all your strength.’ greatest first commandment. “The second this: ‘You shall love your neighbor yourself.’ There no other commandment greater than these. whole law prophets depend these two commandments.” scribe him, “Well teacher. You right saying, ‘He One there no other than he.’ ‘to love him all your heart, all your understanding, all your strength, love your neighbor yourself’ worth more than all burnt offerings sacrifices.” when Jesus saw he answered understanding, he him, “You far kingdom God.” no one dared ask him any more questions. Healing Man Dropsy Sabbath. Sabbath, he went dine home one leading Pharisees, people there watching him.  front him there man suffering dropsy.  Jesus spoke scholars law Pharisees reply, asking, “Is lawful cure Sabbath not?”  they kept silent; he took man and, after he had healed him, dismissed him.  he them, “who of among you, your donkey ox falls ditch, would immediately pull him out Sabbath day?”  they unable answer question. Healing Crippled Woman Sabbath. He teaching synagogue Sabbath. woman there who of eighteen years had crippled spirit; she bent over, completely incapable standing erect. When Jesus saw her, he called her “Woman, you freed your infirmity.” He laid hands her, she once stood up straight glorified God. leader synagogue, indignant Jesus had cured Sabbath, crowd reply, “There six days when work should done. those days they can come cured, Sabbath day.” Lord him reply, “You hypocrites! Does each one you Sabbath untie ox donkey manger lead out watering?” “And should woman, daughter Abraham, whom Satan bound eighteen years now, set free Sabbath day?” When he this, all adversaries humiliated, whole crowd rejoiced all glorious deeds performed him. Explaining David's Authority. While Pharisees gathered together, Jesus teaching temple area he them, “What your opinion about Messiah? Whose son he?” They replied, “David’s.” he them, “How do scribes claim Messiah Son David? He them, “How, then, Book Psalms, does David himself, inspired Holy Spirit, call him ‘lord,’ saying: Lord my lord, ‘Sit my right hand, until i and place your enemies under your feet your footstool?’ Now, David calls him ‘lord,’ how can he son?”  No one able answer him word. many people there heard delight. day did anyone dare ask him any more questions. Reproach Ostentation Scribes. Then, course teaching, within hearing all people, he disciples, “Be guard against scribes, who of like go around long robes love greetings marketplaces, seats honor synagogues, places honor banquets. “They devour houses widows and, show, recite lengthy prayers. They will receive greater damnation.” Teaching Example Poor Widow's Gift. He sat down opposite treasury. He looked up observed how crowd put money treasury. Many rich people put large sums. poor widow also came put two small coins worth few cents. He called disciples himself, he them, “Amen, i and say you truly, poor widow put more than all they who of have contributed treasury. they have all contributed offerings their abundance, she contributed all she had, her whole livelihood.” Reproach Pharisees Scholars Law. Pharisees number scribes. They had come Jerusalem gather around Jesus.  Watching carefully, Pharisees scribes saw disciples ate their meals unclean, is, unwashed, hands. accordance tradition elders Pharisees, all Jews, do eat without washing their hands carefully. And, arriving marketplace, they do eat without cleaning themselves.

There many other things they have traditionally observed, purification cups jugs kettles beds. Pharisees scribes questioned Jesus, “Why do your disciples follow tradition elders instead eat meal unclean hands?” Jesus responded, “Well did Isaiah prophesy about you hypocrites, written: These people honor me their lips, their hearts far away me; vain do they worship me, teaching doctrines human precepts. “You ignore God’s commandment hold onto human tradition.” Jesus went say, “How well you have put aside commandment God order uphold your tradition! Moses ‘Honor your father your mother,’ ‘Whoever curses father mother shall die.’ “But you say, ‘If person says father mother, “Any support you might have had qorban”’ meaning dedicated God, and you allow him do nothing more father mother. You nullify word God favor your tradition you have passed down. you do many more such things. “He called crowd again “All you, hear me, learn truth. Anyone who of ears hear ought hear.” Then Jesus spoke crowds disciples, saying: scribes Pharisees have taken their seat chair Moses. Therefore, do observe all things they tell you, do follow their example. They do practice what they preach. They tie up heavy burdens which hard carry, they lay them people’s shoulders. However, they will lift finger move them. All their works performed seen others. They widen their scripture boxes lengthen their tassels. They love places honor banquets, seats honor synagogues, greetings marketplaces, salutation ‘Rabbi.’ you, do called ‘Rabbi.’ You have one teacher, you all brothers. Call no one earth your father. You have only one Father, he heaven. Do called ‘Master.’ You have one master through me. greatest among you must servant. Whoever exalts himself will humbled whoever humbles himself will exalted. Reproaches-Final; Woes. After speaking, Pharisee invited him dinner home. Jesus entered sat table eat. Pharisee surprised see Jesus did observe prescribed washing before meal. Jesus him, “Woe you, scribes Pharisees, you hypocrites! Although you clean outside cup dish, you filled inside spoils, self-indulgence evil. You fools! Did creator outside also make inside? But, things you have, give alms, everything inside will clean you.  Blind Pharisee, first clean inside cup, outside also may clean. “Woe you, scribes Pharisees, you hypocrites. You lock up kingdom heaven human beings. You do enter yourselves, nor do you allow entrance those trying enter.  “Woe you, scribes Pharisees, you hypocrites. You consume houses widows, and, excuse showy pretense, recite long prayers. . How you love seat honor synagogues salutations marketplaces! Because this, you will receive greater condemnation. “Woe you, scribes Pharisees, you hypocrites. You cross sea land make one convert, and, when happens, you make him twice more child Gehenna than yourselves. “Woe you, blind guides, who of say, ‘For whoever swears temple, means nothing. But, whoever swears gold temple obligated.’ Blind fools, which greater, gold, temple made gold sacred? And you say, ‘For whoever swears altar, nothing. But, whoever swears gift altar obligated.’ You blind ones, which greater, gift altar makes gift sacred? One who of swears altar swears all rests it. One who of swears temple swears him who of inhabits it. One who of swears heaven swears throne God him who of seated it.” “Woe you, scribes Pharisees, you hypocrites. You make offerings mint, rue, dill, cumin, every garden herb, have neglected more important things law: judgment mercy, fidelity love God. you should have done offerings without neglecting others. Blind guides, you strain out gnat swallow camel! “Woe you, scribes Pharisees, you hypocrites. You like hidden graves over which people unknowingly walk, which appear beautiful outside, inside full dead men’s bones every kind filth. “Even so, outside you appear righteous others, inside you filled hypocrisy evildoing.  “Woe you, scribes Pharisees, you hypocrites. You build tombs memorials prophets whom your ancestors killed. You adorn memorials righteous, you say, ‘If we had lived days our ancestors, we would have joined them shedding prophets’ blood.’ “Consequently, you bear witness give consent deeds your ancestors, they killed them you do building. You bear witness against yourselves you children those who of murdered prophets. fill up measure your ancestors. “You serpents, you brood vipers, how can you escape judgment Gehenna? “Therefore, behold, wisdom God ‘i and will send you prophets, apostles, wise men scribes.

Some them you will kill, persecute crucify. Some them you will scourge your synagogues pursue town town. done order generation might charged righteous blood all prophets shed earth since foundation world: righteous blood Abel blood Zechariah, son Barachiah, whom you murdered between altar temple building. Yes, i and tell you, generation will charged their blood!” one scholars law him reply, “Teacher, saying this, you insulting us too.”  he “Woe also you scholars law! You impose people burdens hard carry, and, yet, you do lift even one finger help them.  You scholars law, you have removed key knowledge; you did enter you have stopped those trying enter.  “Amen, i and say you, all these things will come generation.” When he left, scribes Pharisees began act hatred him question him about many things, because they plotting catch him something he might say. Proclamation Lament Over Jerusalem (Second). “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who of kill prophets stone those sent you, how many times i and yearned gather your children together, hen gathers her young under her wings, you unwilling! Behold, your house will abandoned, desolate. “But i and tell you, you will see me again until time comes when you say, ‘Blessed he who of comes name Lord.’” Herod's Desire Kill Jesus; Die Jerusalem. time some Pharisees came him “Go away, leave area because Herod wants kill you.” He replied, “Go tell fox, ‘Behold, i and cast out demons i and perform healings today tomorrow, third day i and accomplish my purpose. “But, today, i and must continue my way, tomorrow, following day, impossible prophet should die outside Jerusalem.” Proclamation Prophecy Persecution Division. Jesus making way out temple area going away, when disciples approached him point out temple buildings.

Some people speaking about how temple adorned costly stones votive offerings. One disciples him, “Look, teacher, what stones what buildings!”  He them reply, “You see all these things these great buildings, do you not? Amen, i and say you, there will left here stone another stone will thrown down.” he sitting Mount Olives opposite temple area, Peter, James, John, Andrew approached asked him privately, “Teacher, tell us, when will happen, what sign will there your coming, all these things about come end?” Jesus them reply, “See no one deceives you.  many will come my name, saying, ‘i and am he, Messiah. time come.’ They will deceive many. Do follow them! “You will hear wars reports wars; do alarmed, these things must happen first, will yet end. “Nation will rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom. There will famines powerful earthquakes plagues place place, awesome sights mighty signs will come sky.  “All these beginning labor pains. “But before all happens, however, they will seize persecute you, they will hand you over. Watch out yourselves. They will hand you over persecution courts, they will imprison you kill you. You will beaten synagogues. You will arraigned before governors kings because me, witness before them. You will hated all nations because my name.” “When they lead you away hand you over, will lead your giving testimony. But, remember, do worry beforehand about what you say; you prepare your defense. Say whatever will given you hour i and myself shall give you wisdom speaking all your adversaries will powerless resist refute. will you who of speaking Holy Spirit.  “And many will led sin; they will betray hate one another. Brother will hand over brother death, father child; children will rise up against parents have them put death. You will even handed over parents, brothers, relatives, friends, they will put some you death. You will hated all because my name,  hair your head will destroyed.  “Many false prophets will arise deceive many,  and, because increase evildoing, love many will grow cold. “But one who of perseveres end will saved. “And gospel kingdom must first preached throughout world witness all nations, end will come.  “When you see desolating abomination spoken through Daniel prophet standing holy place where should (let reader mark well), then those Judea must flee mountains, person housetop must go down enter get anything out house, person field must return get cloak.  “When you see Jerusalem surrounded armies, know its desolation hand. those Judea must flee mountains. Let those within city escape it, let those countryside enter city, these days time punishment when all scriptures fulfilled.  “Woe pregnant women nursing mothers those days terrible calamity will come land wrathful judgment people. They will fall edge sword taken captives all Gentiles; Jerusalem will trampled underfoot Gentiles until times Gentiles fulfilled. There will signs sun, moon, stars, and, world, nations will dismay, perplexed roaring sea waves. People will die fright anticipation what coming world, powers heavens will shaken.  “Pray your flight winter Sabbath,  time there will great tribulation, such since beginning God’s creation world until now, nor ever will be. “And, those days had shortened, no one would saved. But, sake elect whom he chose, they will shortened. “If anyone says you, ‘Look, here Messiah!’ or, ‘Look, there he is!’ do believe it. False messiahs false prophets will arise, they will perform signs wonders great order mislead, possible, even chosen ones. “Behold, i and have told you beforehand. “So they say you, ‘He desert,’ do go out there; they say, ‘He inner rooms,’ do believe it. “For just lightning comes East seen far West, will coming Son Man be. “Wherever corpse is, there vultures will gather.  “Be watchful! i and have told all you beforehand. “But, immediately after tribulation those days, sun will darkened, moon will give its light, stars will fall sky, powers heavens will shaken.” “And sign Son Man will appear heaven, all tribes earth will mourn, they will see ‘the Son Man coming clouds’ heaven power great glory.  when these signs begin happen, stand erect raise your heads because your redemption hand.  “And he will send out angels trumpet blast, they will gather elect four winds, end earth end sky; one end heavens other. He taught them lesson. “Learn lesson fig tree all other trees.

When its branch becomes tender, buds burst open leaves sprout, you see yourselves know summer near. “In same way, when you see all these things happening, know kingdom God near; he near, gates. “Amen, i and say you, generation will pass away until all these things have taken place. “Heaven earth will pass away, my words will pass away. “But day hour no one knows, neither angels heaven, nor Son, only Father. “For days Noah, will coming Son Man. those days before flood, they eating drinking, marrying given marriage, up day Noah entered ark. They did know until flood came carried them all away. will also coming Son Man. “Two men will out field; one will taken, one will left. “Two women will grinding mill; one will taken, one will left. “Beware your hearts do become drowsy carousing drunkenness anxieties daily life, day catch you surprise like trap. day will assault everyone who of lives face earth. vigilant all times pray you have strength escape tribulations imminent stand before Son Man.  “Therefore, stay awake! watchful! alert! you do know which day which time your Lord will come.” Teaching Vigilance Parable Vigilant Servant; Relative Punishment. During day, Jesus teaching temple area, night he would leave stay place called “Mount Olives.” all people would get up early each morning listen him temple area. He continued, “Know that, master house had known hour night when thief coming, he would have stayed awake allowed house broken into. “Therefore, you also must prepared, hour you do expect, Son Man will come.” Peter “Lord, parable meant us everyone?” And Lord replied, “Who, then, faithful prudent servant, whom master put charge servants household distribute them their food allowance proper time? “Gird your loins light your lamps like servants who of await their master’s return wedding, ready open immediately when he comes knocks. “Blessed those servants whom master finds vigilant doing arrival. Amen, i and say you, he will gird himself, have them recline table, proceed wait them. should he come second third watch find them prepared way, blessed those servants. “Amen, i and say you, he will put him charge all property.” “But wicked servant says himself, ‘My master long delayed coming,’ begins beat fellow menservants maidservants, eat drink get drunk, the servant’s master will come unexpected day unknown hour will punish him severely assign him place hypocrites unfaithful, where there will wailing gnashing teeth. “That servant who of knew master’s will did make preparations nor act accord will shall beaten severely. And, servant who of ignorant master’s will acted way deserving severe beating shall beaten only lightly. Much will required person entrusted much, still more will demanded person entrusted more. “It like man traveling abroad. He leaves home places servants charge, each work, orders gatekeeper watch. Watch, therefore. You do know when lord house coming, whether evening, midnight, cockcrow, morning.

May he come suddenly find you sleeping.  “What i and say you, i and say all: ‘Watch!’”  Teaching about False prophets. John him, “Teacher, we saw someone driving out demons your name, we tried prevent him because he does follow us.” Jesus replied, “Do prevent him. There no one who of performs mighty deed my name who of can same time speak ill me. whoever against us us.”  “Anyone who of gives you cup water drink because you belong me, amen, i and say you, will surely lose reward.” Reproach Sinning Causing Sin; Millstone. He disciples: Things cause sin will inevitably occur, woe person through whom they occur. Whoever causes one these little ones who of believes me sin, would better him have great millstone hung around neck drowned depths sea. Woe world because things cause sin! Such things must come, woe one through whom they come! your hand foot causes you sin, cut off throw away. better you enter life maimed crippled than two hands two feet thrown eternal fire.  your eye causes you sin, tear out throw away. better you enter life one eye than two eyes thrown fiery Gehenna. See you do despise one these little ones, i and say you their angels heaven always look face my heavenly Father. Son Man come save what lost. Teaching Exceed Duty Parable Unprofitable Servant. “who of among you would say your servant who of just come plowing tending sheep field, ‘Go take your place table’? “Would he rather say him, ‘Prepare something me eat. Wait me while i and eat drink. And, after, you may eat drink when i and am finished’? “Is he grateful servant because he did what commanded? No. “So should you. When you have done all you have commanded, say, ‘We unprofitable servants. We have done only what we obliged do.’” Healing Ten Lepers; Acceptance Foreigner. he continued journey Jerusalem, he traveled through Samaria Galilee. he entering village, ten lepers came him. They stood distance him raised their voice, saying, “Jesus, Master! Have pity us!” when he saw them, he “Go show yourselves priests.” they going, they became healed. one them, realizing he had healed, returned, glorifying God loud voice. And, he fell feet Jesus thanked him. He Samaritan. Jesus reply, “Were there ten who of cleansed? Where other nine? none foreigner returned give thanks God?” he him, “Stand up go; your faith saved you.”  Proclamation Kingdom God; Within You. Pharisees asked him when kingdom God would come. He reply, “The kingdom God comes cannot observed,  no one will announce, ‘Look, here is,’ or, ‘There is.’ behold, kingdom God within you.” Proclamation Day Son Man; No Forewarning. he disciples, “The days will come when you will long see one days Son Man, you will see it. 

“There will those who of will say you, ‘Look, there he is,’ ‘Look, here he is.’ Do go off after them, nor follow them. “For just lightning flashes up sky one side other, will Son Man day. But, first, he must suffer many things rejected generation. “As days Noah, will days Son Man. They eating drinking, marrying giving marriage up day Noah entered ark, flood came destroyed them all. “Likewise, days Lot: they eating, drinking, buying, selling, planting building. Yet, same day when Lot left Sodom, fire brimstone rained sky destroy them all. will day Son Man revealed. day, person who of housetop whose possessions house must go down get them, likewise person field must return what left behind. Remember wife Lot. “Whoever seeks save life will lose it, whoever loses will save it. “i and tell you, night there will two people one bed; one will taken, other left. there will two women grinding meal together; one will taken, other left. There will two men field; one will taken, other left behind.” They him reply, “Where, Lord?” He them, “Where body is, there vultures will gather.” When Jesus finished these words, he left Galilee went district Judea across Jordan. Great crowds followed him, he cured them there.  XI. Ministry Judea Teaching about Equal Privilege Kingdom Parable Vineyard Workers. “The kingdom heaven like landowner who of went out early morning hire laborers vineyard.  After agreeing them daily wage, he sent them vineyard. “Going out about nine o’clock, he saw others standing idle marketplace, he them, ‘Go also my vineyard, i and will give you what just.’ “So they went accordingly. Again, he went out again around noon, around three o’clock, did likewise.  “Going out about five o’clock, he found others standing around, them, ‘Why do you stand here idle all day?’ They answered, ‘Because no one hired us.’ He them, ‘Go also my vineyard.’ “So, when evening came, owner vineyard keeper vineyard, ‘Summon laborers give them their pay, beginning last ending first.’ “When those who of had started around five o’clock came, each received usual daily wage. when first came, they thought they would receive more, each them also got usual daily wage.  And, receiving it, they murmured against landowner, saying, ‘These last ones worked only one hour, you have made them equal us, who of endured burden heat day.’ “He one them reply, ‘My friend, i and do you no wrong. Did you agree me usual daily wage? Take what yours go your way. What i and wish give last one same you?  Am i and permitted do i and wish my own money? you envious because i and am generous?’  “Thus, last will first, first will last.” Prediction Passion (Third). They road, going up Jerusalem, Jesus went ahead them. They astounded, they continued follow, became afraid. Taking Twelve aside again, Jesus began tell them what going happen him. “Behold, we going up Jerusalem, Son Man will handed over chief priests scribes, they will condemn him death.  They will hand him over Gentiles who of will mock him, spit him, scourge him, put him death. But, after three days, he will rise. Everything written prophets about Son Man will fulfilled.” But, they did fully understand any this. word remained hidden them, they failed comprehend what he said. Teaching Preparedness Parable Ten Virgins. “Then kingdom heaven will like ten virgins who of took their lamps went forth meet bridegroom. “Five them wise five them foolish. “The foolish ones, when taking their lamps, brought no oil them, wise brought flasks oil their lamps.  “Since bridegroom long delayed, they all became drowsy fell asleep. midnight, there cry, ‘Behold, bridegroom! Come out meet him!’  “Then all those virgins got up trimmed their lamps. foolish ones wise, ‘Give us some your oil, our lamps going out.’ wise ones replied, ‘No, there may enough us you. Go instead merchants buy some yourselves.’  “While they went off buy it, bridegroom came those who of ready went wedding feast him. door locked.  “Afterwards other virgins came ‘Lord, Lord, open door us!’ he reply, ‘Amen, i and say you, i and do know you.’  “Therefore, stay awake, you know neither day nor hour.” Teaching Importance Deeds Parable Talents. While they listening him speak, he proceeded tell parable because he near Jerusalem they thought kingdom God would immediately appear. he “A nobleman went off journey distant country obtain kingship himself return. “He called ten servants entrusted possessions them gave them ten talents told them, ‘Engage trade these until i and return.’ “To one he gave five talents; another, two; third, one—to each according ability. he went away.  “His fellow citizens, however, despised him sent delegation after him announce, ‘We do want man our king.’ “Immediately one who of received five talents went traded them, made another five. Likewise, one who of received two made another two. man who of received one went off dug hole ground buried master’s money.”  “After long time when he returned, after obtaining kingship, he had servants called back whom he had given money. He desired learn what they had gained trading settle accounts them.  “The one who of had received five talents came forward bringing additional five. He ‘Master, you gave me five talents. See, i and have made five more.’ “His master replied him, ‘Well done, my good faithful servant.

Since you faithful very small matter, i and will give you great responsibilities. Come, share your master’s joy. Take charge ten cities.’ “Then one who of had received two talents also came forward reported, ‘Master, you gave me two talents. See, i and have made two more.’ “His master him, ‘Well done, my good faithful servant. Since you faithful small matters, i and will give you great responsibilities. Come, share your master’s joy.’ servant too he ‘You, take charge five cities.’  “Then one who of had received one talent came forward ‘Master, i and knew you demanding person, harvesting where you did plant gathering where you did scatter.  i and afraid you, so, out fear, i and went off i and kept stored away handkerchief buried your talent ground. Here back.’ master him reply: ‘By your own words, you condemned.’ ‘You wicked, lazy servant! You knew i and demanding person, taking up what i and did lay down harvesting what i and did plant. Why did you put my money bank? my return i and would have collected interest.’  “And those standing by, he ‘Now then! Take talent him give servant ten.  they him, ‘Sir, he already ten gold coins.’” “For i and tell you, everyone who of has, more will given he will grow rich. But, one who of not, even what he will taken away. “And throw useless servant darkness outside, where there will wailing gnashing teeth.’ those enemies mine who of did want me their king, bring them here slay them before me.’” Proclamation Son Man Coming Glory. “When Son Man comes glory, all angels him, he will sit throne glory, and, before him, all nations will assembled. And, he will separate them one another, shepherd separates sheep goats. “He will place sheep right goats left.  “Then king will say those right, ‘Come, you who of blessed my Father. Inherit kingdom prepared you foundation world.’”  [Intentionally blank] ‘For i and hungry you gave me food; i and thirsty you gave me drink; i and stranger you took me in, naked you clothed me, ill you cared me, prison you visited me.’ righteous will answer him say: ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry feed you, thirsty give you drink? When did we see you stranger welcome you, naked clothe you? When did we see you ill prison, visit you?’ king will say them reply, ‘Amen, i and say you, whatever you did one these least brothers mine, you did me.’ he will say those left, ‘Depart me, you accursed, eternal fire prepared devil angels. ‘For i and hungry you gave me no food, i and thirsty you gave me no drink, stranger you would take me in, naked you gave me no clothing, ill prison, you did care me.’ Then they will answer say, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry thirsty stranger naked ill prison, minister your needs?’ He will answer them, ‘Amen, i and say you, what you did do one these least ones, you did do me.’ these will go off eternal punishment, righteous eternal life. XIII. Preparation Death Conspiracy Against Jesus.  When Jesus finished all these words, he disciples,  “You know two days’ time will Passover, Son Man will handed over crucified.” feast Unleavened Bread drawing near, called “Passover.” take place two days’ time,  chief priests scribes seeking way kill Jesus, they afraid people.   chief priests, scribes elders people assembled palace high priest, who of called “Caiaphas.” They consulted together seeking way arrest Jesus subtlety put him death.  they “Not during Feast, fear there may riot among people.”  Anointing Bethany (Second). when Jesus Bethany house Simon leper, woman came up him alabaster jar costly perfumed oil, costly genuine spikenard. She broke alabaster jar poured head while he reclining table. When disciples saw this, there some who of indignant “Why waste perfumed oil?  could have sold much more than three hundred days’ wages, money given poor.” They infuriated her.  Since Jesus knew this, he them, “Let her alone. Why do you make trouble woman? She done good thing me. poor you will always have you, whenever you wish, you can do good them, you will always have me.  “She done what she could. pouring perfumed oil my body, she anticipated anointing my body burial prepare me burial.  “Amen, i and say you, wherever gospel proclaimed whole world, what she done will spoken of, memory her.”  Betrayal Judas. Satan entered Judas, one surnamed “Iscariot,” who of counted among Twelve,  he went chief priests temple guards discuss plan handing him over them. He “If i and hand him over you, what you willing give me?” 

When they heard him they pleased agreed pay him money.  He accepted their offer they paid him thirty pieces silver. time on, he looked favorable opportunity hand Jesus over them absence crowd.  Preparations Passover. first day Feast Unleavened Bread, when they sacrificed Passover lamb, disciples approached Jesus asked him, “Where do you want us go prepare you eat Passover?”  he answered them, “When you go city, man will meet you carrying jar water. Follow him house he enters. Wherever he enters, say master house, ‘The teacher says you, “My appointed time draws near; your house i and shall celebrate Passover. Where my guest room where i and may eat my disciples?”’  “Then he will show you large upper room furnished ready. Make preparations us there.”  He sent out Peter John, instructing them, “Go make preparations us eat Passover.” disciples went off Jesus had ordered, entered city, found everything just exactly he had told them, there they prepared Passover. Washing Disciples' Feet; Metaphor Humble Service.  Before feast Passover, Jesus knew hour had come pass he would depart world Father. He loved own world he loved them end.  The devil had already induced Judas, son Simon Iscariot, hand him over. So, during supper,  fully aware Father had put everything power he had come God returning God,  3 he rose supper took off outer garments. He took towel tied around waist. Then he poured water basin began wash disciples’ feet dry them towel around waist.  He came Peter, who of him, “Master, you going wash my feet?”  Jesus answered him, “What i and am doing, you do understand now, you will understand later.”  Peter him, “You will never wash my feet.” Jesus answered him, “Unless i and wash you, you will have no part me.”  Peter him, “Master, only my feet, my hands head well.”  Jesus him, “Whoever washed no need except have feet washed, he clean all over, you clean, all clean.”  He knew who of would betray him, and, reason, he “Not all you clean.”  when Jesus had washed their feet, put garments back reclined table again, he them, “Do you realize what i and have done you?  “You call me ‘teacher’ ‘master,’ you say rightly, i and am.  Therefore, I, master teacher, have washed your feet, you ought wash one another’s feet.  “i and have given you model follow, i and have done you, you should also do.  “Amen, amen, i and say you, no slave greater than master nor any messenger greater than one who of sent him.  you understand this, blessed you you do it.  “i and am speaking all you. i and know those whom i and have chosen. scripture might fulfilled, ‘The one who of eats bread me raised heel against me.’  “From i and am telling you before happens, when happens you may believe i and AM.  “Amen, amen, i and say you, whoever receives one i and send receives me, whoever receives me receives one who of sent me.” Betrayer. When evening, he came reclined table Twelve.  And, while they reclined table eating, Jesus deeply troubled testified, “Amen, amen, i and say you, one you will betray me, one who of eating me. “Behold, hand one who of betray me me table.” disciples began deeply distressed loss whom he meant. They began debate among themselves who of among them would do such deed. They began say Jesus one after another, “Surely I, Lord?” One disciples, one whom Jesus loved, reclining Jesus’ side. Peter nodded him find out whom he meant. He leaned back against Jesus’ chest him, “Master, who of it?”  Jesus reply, “One Twelve, one whom i and hand morsel after i and have dipped one who of will betray me.” he dipped morsel took handed Judas, son Simon Iscariot. After he took morsel, Satan entered him. Jesus him, “What you going do, do quickly.”  “The Son Man indeed goes, determined written him, woe man whom Son Man betrayed. would better man he had never born.” Judas, betrayer, reply, “Surely I, Rabbi?” He answered, “You have so.”  none those table realized why he him. Some thought that, since Judas kept money bag, Jesus had told him, “Buy what we need feast,” he should give something poor. So Judas took morsel left once. night.  Teaching New Commandment Love. When he had gone, Jesus said: Son Man glorified, God glorified him. God glorified him, God will also glorify him himself, he will glorify him once.  My children, i and will you only little while longer. You will look me. But, i and told Jews, ‘Where i and go you cannot come,’ i and say you. i and give you new commandment: love one another.

i and have loved you, you also should love one another. This how all will know all who of my disciples, you have love one another.  Appearance Seven Disciples. After this, Jesus revealed himself again disciples Sea Tiberias. how he again revealed. Together Peter, Thomas called “Didymus,” Nathanael Cana Galilee, Zebedee’s sons, two others disciples. Peter them, “i and am going fishing.” They him, “We also will come you.” they went out got boat, night they caught nothing. When already dawn, Jesus standing shore, disciples did realize Jesus. Jesus them, “Children, have you caught anything eat?” They answered him, “No.” he them, “Cast net over right side boat you will make find.” Therefore, they cast so, able pull because many fish. So, disciple whom Jesus loved Peter, “It Lord.” When Peter heard Lord, he wrapped garment, he naked, jumped sea. other disciples came boat, they far shore, only about hundred yards, dragging net fish. When they arrived shore, they saw charcoal fire fish bread. Jesus them, “Bring some fish you just caught.” Simon Peter went over dragged net ashore full one hundred fifty-three large fish. Even though there many, net torn. Jesus them, “Come, have breakfast.” none disciples dared ask him, “who of you?” because they realized Lord. Jesus came over took bread gave them, like manner fish. third time Jesus revealed disciples after being raised dead.  [Intentionally blank] Jesus Peter; Feed My Sheep. When they had finished breakfast, Jesus Peter: Simon, son John, do you love me more than these?” He replied, “Yes, Lord, you know i and love you.” Jesus him, “Feed my lambs.” Jesus him second time, “Simon, son John, do you love me?” He replied again, “Yes, Lord, you know i and love you.” Jesus him, “Tend my sheep.” Jesus him third time, “Simon, son John, do you love me?” Peter distressed he had him third time, “Do you love me?” he him, “Lord, you know everything. You know i and love you.” Jesus him, “Feed my sheep. “Amen, amen, i and say you, when you younger, you used dress yourself go where you wanted. when you grow old, you will stretch out your hands, someone else will dress you lead you where you do want go.” He signifying what kind death he would glorify God. when Jesus had this, he him, “Follow me.”  Beloved Disciple.  Peter turned saw disciple following whom Jesus loved, one who of had also reclined chest during supper had “Master, who of one who of will betray you?”  When Peter saw him, he Jesus, “Lord, what shall man do?” Jesus him, “What i and want him stay until i and return? What concern yours? You follow me.” word spread among brothers disciple Jesus loved would die. Jesus had told him he would die, just “What i and want him stay until i and return? What concern yours?”  Dispute Greatest Disciple; Teaching Humble Service. there became some argument among them about which them should accounted greatest. Jesus them, “The kings Gentiles exercise dominion over them those authority over them addressed ‘benefactors’; among you shall so. Rather, let greatest among you youngest, he leader one he does serve. “For who of greater: one who of eats food table one who of serves food? one seated table? Yet, i and am among you one who of serves. “It you who of have stood me my trials, and i and appoint kingdom you, just my Father appointed me. you may eat drink my table my kingdom, you will sit thrones judging twelve tribes Israel. Last Supper; Body Blood. When hour came, he sat table twelve apostles. Jesus them, “With eagerness i and desired eat Passover you, before i and suffer. i and tell you, i and shall eat any more thereof until fulfilled kingdom God.”   Then while they eating, Jesus took bread, blessing, broke it, gave disciples, saying, “Take all you eat. my body, which will given up you. Do memory me.” And, turn, cup after they had eaten. He took it, gave thanks, gave them, saying, “Drink it, all you; share among yourselves. cup new covenant my blood, which will shed you many forgiveness sins.” they all drank it. “Amen, i and say you, i and tell you time i and shall drink fruit vine until day when i and drink you anew kingdom God.”  Then, after singing hymn, they went out Mount Olives. Proclamation Prophecy Peter's Denial. Peter him, “Master, where you going?” Jesus answered him, “Where i and am going, you cannot follow me now, though you will follow later.”   Jesus them, “This night all you will have your faith me shaken, written: i and will strike shepherd, sheep flock will dispersed.  after i and have raised up, i and shall go before you Galilee.”  Peter him reply, “Even though all may have their faith you shaken, mine will never be.” 

“Peter, Peter, behold Satan demanded sift all you like wheat,  i and have prayed you, your faith may fail; once you have converted, you must strengthen your brothers.”  Peter him, “Master, why can’t i and follow you now? i and am prepared go prison will lay down my life you.” Jesus him, “Will you lay down your life me? Amen, amen, i and say you, Peter, very night before cock crows twice, you will deny three times you know me.”   Peter vehemently replied, “Even though i and should have die you, i and will deny you.” all disciples spoke likewise. He them, “When i and sent you forth without money bag sack sandals, you need anything?” “Nothing,” they replied. He them, “But, now, one who of money bag should take it, likewise sack, one who of does have sword should sell cloak buy one.  “For i and tell you what written must fulfilled me, namely, ‘He counted among transgressors,’ and, indeed, what written about me coming fulfillment.” Then they “Lord, look, there two swords here.” he replied, “It enough!”  Betrayal Arrest. Judas, one Twelve, betrayer, knew place, because Jesus had often met there disciples. Judas got band soldiers guards chief priests Pharisees went there lanterns, torches, weapons.  While Jesus still speaking, Judas arrived, accompanied front large crowd, swords clubs, who of had come chief priests, scribes, elders people.  His betrayer had arranged sign them, saying, “The man i and shall kiss one; arrest him lead him away securely.”  Jesus, knowing everything going happen him, went out them, “who of do you seek?”  They answered him, “Jesus Nazorean.” He them, “i and am he.” Judas betrayer also them. When he them, “i and am he,” they turned away fell ground. he again asked them, “who of do you seek?” They “Jesus Nazorean.” Jesus answered, “i and told you i and am he. you looking me, let these men go.” fulfill what he had “i and have lost any those you gave me.”   Immediately Judas went over Jesus “Hail, Rabbi!” he kissed him. Jesus answered him, “Judas, you would betray Son Man kiss? Friend, do what you have come do.” Then, stepping forward, they laid hands Jesus arrested him. disciples realized what about happen, they asked, “Lord, shall we strike sword?”  behold, Peter put hand sword, drew it, struck high priest’s servant, cutting off right ear. servant’s name Malchus.  Then Jesus Peter, “Stop, no more this! Put your sword back its sheath, all who of take sword will perish sword. Shall i and drink cup Father gave me?” he touched servant’s ear healed him.   Do you think i and cannot call my Father he will provide me moment more than twelve legions angels?  But how would scriptures fulfilled which say must happen way?” hour Jesus chief priests temple guards elders who of had come him, “Have you come out against robber, swords clubs seize me? Day after day i and sat you teaching temple area, yet you did arrest me; your hour, time power darkness.   “But all happen writings prophets may fulfilled.” all disciples left him fled.  young man followed him wearing nothing linen cloth about body. They seized him,  he left cloth behind ran off naked. So, this, band soldiers, tribune, Jewish guards laid hands him arrested Jesus, bound him, brought him Annas first. He father-in-law Caiaphas, who of high priest year. Caiaphas who of had counseled Jews better one man should die rather than people. Peter's Denial Jesus. Peter another disciple followed Jesus distance far high priest’s courtyard. other disciple known high priest, having entered courtyard high priest Jesus. other disciple, acquaintance high priest, went out spoke gatekeeper brought Peter in.  Now, Peter stood gate outside courtyard. slaves guards standing around charcoal fire they had made middle courtyard, because cold, warming themselves. Peter also standing there them warming himself fire see outcome.  While Peter below courtyard, one priest’s maids who of gatekeeper came over him. When she saw him seated warming himself light, she looked intently him “You too Nazarene, Jesus. Galilean. man also him. you one man’s disciples?” Peter denied front everyone, saying, “i and am not. Woman, i and do know him. i and do know understand what you talking about!” he went out outer court, cock crowed.  A short while later, he went out gate, another maid saw him bystanders who of there, “You, too, one them. man one them. man Jesus Nazarene. You one disciples, you?”  Again he denied oath, “My friend, i and am not. i and do know man!”  A little later, about hour, Peter standing there keeping warm. bystanders came over him insisted, “This man too him, he also Galilean. Surely you too one them, even your speech gives you away.” One slaves high priest, relative one whose ear Peter had cut off, “Didn’t i and see you garden him?”   he began curse swear, “My friend, i and do know man. i and do know what you talking about.” Just he saying this, immediately cock crowed. Lord turned looked Peter.  Peter remembered word Jesus had spoken him: “Before cock crows twice you will deny me three times.” He went out, broke down began weep bitterly.  Jesus before Annas. high priest questioned Jesus about disciples about doctrine. 6 Jesus answered him, “i and have spoken openly world. i and have always taught synagogue temple area where all Jews gather, i and have nothing secret. 7 “Why ask me? Ask those who of heard me what i and them.

They know what i and said.” 8 When he had this, one temple guards standing there struck Jesus “Is way you answer high priest?” 9 Jesus answered him, “If i and have spoken wrongly, testify wrong, i and have spoken rightly, why do you strike me?” Annas sent him bound Caiaphas, high priest.  Jesus before Sanhedrin. When day came, council elders people came together assembled, both chief priests scribes. Those who of had arrested Jesus led him before their Sanhedrin, Caiaphas high priest. chief priests entire Sanhedrin kept trying obtain false testimony against Jesus order put him death, they found none. Many took stand gave false witness against him, their testimony did agree. Finally two came forward who of stated, “This man ‘i and will destroy temple God made hands within three days i and will rebuild another made hands.’” But, even their testimony did agree.  high priest rose before assembly questioned Jesus, saying, “Have you no answer? What these men testifying against you?”  But Jesus silent answered nothing. high priest him, “If you Messiah, tell us. i and order you tell us, under oath before living God, whether you Messiah, Son Blessed One.” Jesus him reply, “You have so. i and tell you, you will believe,  i and question, you will respond. i and tell you: i and am he, you will see ‘the Son Man seated right hand Power’ ‘coming clouds heaven.’  But, time Son Man will seated right hand power God.” They all asked, “Are you Son God?” He replied them, “You say i and am.” high priest tore robes “He blasphemed! What further need have we witnesses testimony? You have heard blasphemy own mouth; what your opinion?” They all condemned him reply, “He deserves die!” some spat face struck him, guards saluted him blows ridiculing him.   They blindfolded Jesus questioned him, saying, “Prophesy us, Messiah! who of struck you?”  they reviled him saying many other things against him. Jesus Taken Pilate. When morning, all chief priests elders people scribes, is, whole Sanhedrin, took counsel against Jesus put him death.  They bound him, led him away, handed him over Pilate, governor.  Death Judas. Judas, betrayer, seeing Jesus had condemned, regretted what he had done. He returned thirty pieces silver chief priests elders, saying, “i and have sinned betraying innocent blood.” They “What us? Look yourself.” Flinging money temple, he departed went off hanged himself.  chief priests gathered up money, “It lawful deposit temple treasury, price blood.”  After discussion, they used buy potter’s field burial place foreigners. why field even today called “Field Blood.” Then, fulfilled what had through Jeremiah prophet: they took thirty pieces silver, value bounty man, whom children Israel had valued and, paid out potter’s field just Lord had commanded me.  Jesus Questioned Pilate (First Time). Then, whole assembly them arose brought Jesus Caiaphas praetorium morning. But, they, themselves, did enter praetorium, order defiled they could eat Passover. Pilate came out them “What charge you bring against man?”  They answered him, “If he criminal, we would have handed him over you.” they brought charges against him, saying, “We found man misleading our people, he opposes payment taxes Caesar, he maintains he Messiah, king.”  this, Pilate them, “Take him yourselves, judge him according your law.” Jews answered him, “We do have right execute anyone.” order word Jesus might fulfilled indicating kind death he would die. Jesus stood before governor, he questioned him, “Are you king Jews?” Jesus “You say so.”

 And when he accused chief priests elders many things, he made no answer. Pilate him, “Have you no answer? Do you hear how many things they testifying against you accusing you doing?”  But Jesus gave him no further answer, one word, governor greatly amazed. Pilate addressed chief priests crowds, “i and find man guilty.”  they pressed all harder “He stirs up people teaching throughout all Judea, Galilee, where he began, even here.”   hearing this, Pilate asked man Galilean. learning he under Herod’s jurisdiction, Pilate sent him Herod, who of Jerusalem time. Jesus before Herod. Herod very glad see Jesus, he had wanting see him long time. He had heard about Jesus had hoping see him perform some miracle. He questioned him length, Jesus gave him no answer. chief priests scribes, meanwhile, stood accusing him vehemently.  Even Herod soldiers treated him disdainfully mocked him, and, after clothing him dazzling robe, he sent him back Pilate.  Herod Pilate became friends very day, even though they had enemies formerly.  Jesus Questioned Pilate (Second Time). Pilate went back praetorium summoned Jesus him him, “Are you king Jews?” Jesus answered, “Do you say your own have others told you about me?” Pilate answered, “Am i and Jew? Your own nation chief priests handed you over me. What have you done?” Jesus answered, “My kingdom does belong world. my kingdom did belong world, my servants would fighting keep me being handed over Jews. is, my kingdom here.” Pilate him, “You king, then?” Jesus answered, “You say i and am king. such i and born i and came world, testify truth. Everyone who of belongs truth listens my voice.” Pilate him, “What truth?” When he had this, he again went out Jews summoned chief priests, rulers, people  them, “You brought man me accused him inciting people rebellion. i and have conducted my investigation your presence have found man guilty charges you have brought against him. i and find no guilt him nor did Herod, he sent him back us. no capital crime committed him.” The People Choose Barabbas. Now, occasion Feast, governor customarily released crowd one prisoner whom they wished.  Thus, he obliged release one prisoner them. crowd came forward began ask him do them he accustomed.  Pilot crowd, “You have custom i and release one prisoner you Passover. Do you want me release you ‘King Jews’?” time, they had notorious revolutionary prisoner called “(Jesus) Barabbas” who of prison along rebels who of had committed murder rebellion city.  Thus, when they assembled, Pilate them, “Which one do you want me release you, (Jesus) Barabbas, Jesus called ‘King Jews’?” he knew out envy chief priests had handed him over.  While he still sitting judgment bench, wife sent him message, “Have nothing do righteous man. i and suffered much dream today because him.”  The chief priests elders stirred up persuaded crowds ask him release Barabbas them destroy Jesus. governor them reply, “Which two do you want me release you?”  all together they cried out again, “Not him, Barabbas! Away man! Release Barabbas us.” Pilate them, “Then what do you want me do man you call ‘King Jews’?” They all “Let him crucified!”  Again Pilate addressed them, still wishing release Jesus, he “Why? What evil he done?” They only shouted louder, “Let him crucified! Crucify him! Crucify him!”  Pilate addressed them third time, “What evil man done? i and found him guilty no capital crime. Therefore, i and shall have him flogged release him.” Scourging Jesus. Pilate took Jesus had him scourged. soldiers wove crown out thorns placed head; they stripped off clothes, wrapped him scarlet military cloak, they came him “Hail, ‘King Jews’!” And, they struck him repeatedly. Once more Pilate went out them, “Look, i and am bringing him out you, you may know i and find no guilt him.” Jesus came out, wearing crown thorns scarlet robe. he them, “Behold, man!”  When chief priests guards saw him they cried out, “Crucify him, crucify him!” Pilate them, “Take him yourselves crucify him. i and find no guilt him.” Jews answered, “We have law, according law he ought die, because he made himself Son God.” when Pilate heard statement, he became even more afraid, went back praetorium Jesus, “Where you from?” Jesus did answer him. Pilate him, “Do you speak me? Do you know i and have power release you i and have power crucify you?” Jesus answered, “You would have no power over me had given you above. Therefore, one who of handed me over you greater sin.” Pilate's Capitulation World.

then, Pilate tried release him, Jews cried out, “If you release him, you friend Caesar. Everyone who of makes himself king opposes Caesar.” When Pilate heard these words, he brought Jesus out seated him judge’s bench place called “Stone Pavement,” Hebrew, “Gabbatha.” Crowd's Capitulation World. preparation day Passover, about noon. he Jews, “Behold, your king!”  They cried out, “Take him away, take him away! Crucify him!” Pilate them, “Shall i and crucify your king?” chief priests answered, “We have no king Caesar.” When Pilate saw he succeeding all, riot breaking out instead, he took water washed hands sight crowd, saying, “i and am innocent man’s blood. Look yourselves.”  loud shouts, however, they persisted calling crucifixion, their voices prevailed. whole people reply, “His blood us our children.” Pilate, wishing satisfy crowd, verdict their demand should granted. Then he released Barabbas them, man who of had imprisoned rebellion murder, whom they asked. after he had Jesus scourged he handed him over them deal they wished crucified. Mockery Soldiers.  soldiers governor took Jesus away inside palace, is, praetorium, assembled whole cohort around him.  / They put reed right hand, kneeling before him, they mocked him, salute him saying, “Hail, ‘King Jews’!” They kept striking head reed spitting him. They knelt before him homage.  And when they had mocked him, they stripped him scarlet cloak, dressed him own clothes, led him out crucify him.  they took Jesus, and, carrying cross himself, he went out what called “Place Skull,” Hebrew, Golgotha.  XV. Crucifixion Death W ay Cross. they pressed him on, they took hold certain Simon, Cyrenian, father Alexander Rufus, who of coming country. They laid cross him, pressed him service making him carry behind Jesus.  large crowd people followed Jesus, including many women who of mourned lamented him. Jesus turned them “Daughters Jerusalem, do weep me, weep instead yourselves your children. Indeed, days coming when people will say, ‘Blessed barren, wombs never bore breasts never nursed.’ “At time people will say mountains, ‘Fall us!’ hills, ‘Cover us!’  for, these things done when wood green, what will happen when dry?” Two others, both criminals, led away him executed. Crucifixion; Father Forgive Them. when they came place called “Golgotha” (which means “Place Skull”), 9 they gave Jesus wine drink mixed myrrh gall. when he had tasted it, he refused drink. nine o’clock morning when they had placed him onto cross.  After being placed cross, Jesus said: “Father, forgive them, they know what they do.” Then, soldiers took clothes divided them four shares, one share each. They also took tunic, tunic seamless, woven one piece top down,  they divided garments casting lots them see what each should take. They one another, “Let’s tear it, cast lots see whose will be,” order passage scripture might fulfilled: They divided my garments among them, my vesture they cast lots. what soldiers did.  

Then they sat down kept watch over him there. 7 Pilate also had inscription written put cross placed over head, read, “Jesus Nazorean, King Jews.” 8 Now, many Jews read inscription, because place where Jesus crucified near city. written Hebrew, Latin, Greek. chief priests Jews Pilate, “Do write ‘The King Jews,’ he ‘i and am King Jews.’” 0 Pilate answered, “What i and have written, i and have written.”  1 He crucified two revolutionaries, one right other left. 2 people stood watched, those passing reviled him shaking their heads, rulers, meanwhile, sneered him  saying, “Aha! You who of would destroy temple rebuild three days, save yourself. you chosen one, Messiah God, come down cross!” Likewise chief priests scribes elders mocked him among themselves  “He saved others cannot save himself. So, he king Israel! Let him come down cross now, we will believe him. He trusted God. Let him deliver him he wants him. he ‘i and am Son God.’”  Even soldiers jeered him. they approached offer him wine they called out, “If you ‘King Jews,’ save yourself.”  There they crucified him, him two others, one each side, Jesus middle. scripture fulfilled says, “And he counted among wicked.”  One revolutionaries who of crucified him also kept abusing him same way.  He reviled Jesus, saying, “Are you Messiah? Save yourself us.” other, however, contradicting him, reply, “Have you no fear God, you subject same judgment? We have condemned justly, sentence we received corresponds our crimes, man done nothing criminal.” he “Jesus, remember me when you come your kingdom.” Jesus replied him, “Amen, i and say you, today you will me Paradise.”  Death Jesus. about noon noon onward, darkness came over whole land until three afternoon because eclipse sun.  about three o’clock, Jesus cried out loud voice, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?” which means, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Some bystanders who of heard “He calling Elijah.” But rest “Wait, let us see Elijah comes save him takes him down.” Standing cross Jesus mother mother’s sister, Mary wife Clopas, Mary Magdala.  When Jesus saw mother disciple there whom he loved, he mother, “Woman, behold, your son.”  he disciple, “Behold, your mother.” hour disciple took her home.  After this, aware everything finished, order scripture might fulfilled, Jesus “i and thirst.”  There vessel filled common wine. Immediately one them ran get sponge. He soaked wine, put reed put up mouth gave him drink.  When Jesus had taken wine, he cried out again loud voice, “Father, your hands i and commend my spirit.” And, when he had this, bowing head, he “It finished.” He breathed last handed over spirit.  And, behold, veil sanctuary torn two top bottom. earth quaked, rocks split, tombs opened, bodies many saints who of had fallen asleep raised. coming forth their tombs after resurrection, they entered holy city appeared many. When centurion who of stood facing Jesus, others him who of keeping watch over Jesus, saw how he breathed last, fearing greatly when they saw earthquake all happening, glorified God they “This man innocent beyond doubt. Truly man Son God!”  When all people who of had gathered scene saw what had happened, they returned home beating their breasts, all acquaintances stood distance. There many women there, looking these events distance, who of had followed Jesus Galilee, ministering him. Among them Mary Magdalene, Mary mother younger James Joseph, mother sons Zebedee, Salome. Blood Water.  

Now, since preparation day, order bodies would remain cross Sabbath—for Sabbath day week solemn one—the Jews asked Pilate their legs broken they taken down.  soldiers came broke legs first other one who of crucified Jesus. But, when they came Jesus, they saw he already dead, they did break legs. One soldier thrust lance side, immediately blood water flowed out. eyewitness testified this, testimony true. He knows he speaking truth, you also may believe. happened scripture passage might fulfilled: “Not bone will broken.” again another passage says: “They will look him whom they have pierced.”  XVI. Burial Resurrection B urial Jesus. there good just man named “Joseph” who, although he distinguished member council, had consented their actions regarding Jesus. He came Jewish town Arimathea awaiting kingdom God. He rich man who of himself disciple Jesus secretly fear Jews.  8 already evening day preparation—the day before Sabbath—and Sabbath about begin. So, Joseph straightly went Pilate asked body Jesus. Pilate amazed Jesus already dead. He summoned centurion asked him Jesus had already died. when he learned centurion, Pilate ordered body handed over Joseph.  Nicodemus, one who of had first come him night, also came bringing mixture myrrh aloes weighing about one hundred pounds. They took body Jesus down having bought linen cloth, bound clean burial cloths along spices, according Jewish burial custom.  3 Now, place where Jesus had crucified, there garden, and, garden, Joseph had new tomb hewn rock, which no one had yet buried. they laid Jesus there because Jewish preparation day, because tomb nearby. addition, Mary Magdalene other Mary, mother Joseph, remained sitting there, facing tomb watched where he laid.  They women who of had come Galilee him following behind, when they had seen tomb way which body laid it,  they returned prepared spices perfumed oils. When all finished, huge stone rolled across entrance tomb departed. . Following this, women rested Sabbath according commandment. Guard Tomb.  next day, one following day preparation, chief priests Pharisees gathered before Pilate  “Sir, we remember fraud person, while still alive ‘After three days i and will raised up.’  “Give orders, then, grave can secured until third day, order disciples come steal him, say people, ‘He raised dead.’ last situation would worse than first.”  Pilate them, “You may have guard secure best you can.”  they went secured tomb fixing seal stone setting guard. Resurrection Jesus. When Sabbath over, Mary Magdalene, person out whom he had driven seven demons, Mary, mother James, Salome, bought spices they had prepared they might go anoint him. Very early dawn, first day week, they came tomb. They saying one another, “who of will roll back stone us entrance tomb?” When they looked up, they saw stone had rolled back; very large. Behold, what appeared great earthquake, angel Lord dazzling garments had descended heaven, approached, rolled back stone, sat it.  entering tomb, they did find body Lord Jesus. While they marveling over this, they saw young man sitting right side, clothed white robe. They utterly amazed. appearance like lightning clothing white snow.  They terrified bowed their faces ground. He them, “Why do you seek living one among dead?”  The guards shaken fear him became like dead men. angel women reply, “Do amazed! Do afraid! i and know you seek Jesus Nazareth, crucified one. “He here, for, he he arisen.  Remember what he you while he still Galilee, Son Man must handed over sinners crucified, rise third day.”  And they remembered words.  “Come see place where they laid him.  Then go quickly tell disciples Peter, ‘He raised dead, he going before you Galilee. There you will see him, he told you.’ Behold, i and have told you.” they went out fled tomb, trembling bewildered, seized fear, yet overjoyed, they ran announce disciples. They nothing anyone initially, they afraid. they returned tomb announced all these things eleven, all others.  women Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary mother James; others who of accompanied them also told apostles, their story seemed like nonsense no one believed them.

[As result,] Mary Magdelene ran went Peter other disciple whom Jesus loved, told them, “[Then] they have taken Lord tomb, we don’t know where they put him.” Thus, Peter other disciple went out came tomb.  They both ran, other disciple ran faster than Peter arrived tomb first; he bent down saw burial cloths there, did go in.  When Peter arrived after him, he went tomb, bent down, saw burial cloths there alone, cloth had covered head, burial cloths rolled up separate place. other disciple also went in, one who of had arrived tomb first, he saw believed.  For they did yet understand scripture he had rise dead. disciples returned home amazed what had happened. Meanwhile, behold, Jesus appeared certain women their way greeted them. They approached, embraced feet, did him homage.  Then Jesus them, “Do afraid. Go tell my brothers go Galilee, there they will see me.” Appearance Mary Magdelene.  But Mary stayed outside tomb weeping. she wept, she bent over tomb  and saw two angels white sitting there, one head one feet where body Jesus had been. they her, “Woman, why you weeping?” She them, “They have taken my Lord, i and don’t know where he is.”  When she had this, she turned around saw Jesus there, she did know Jesus. Jesus her, “Woman, why you weeping? Whom you looking for?” She thought gardener him, “Sir, you carried him away, tell me where you laid him, i and will take him.”  Jesus her, “Mary!” She turned him Hebrew, “Rabbouni,” which means “Teacher.”  Jesus her, “Stop holding me, i and have yet ascended Father. go my brothers tell them, ‘i and am going my Father your Father, my God your God.’”  Mary Magdala went announced disciples, “i and have seen Lord,” what he told her. They mourning weeping. But, when they heard [again] he alive had seen her, they still did believe. Report Guard.  When leaving tomb, some guards went city told chief priests all had happened. They assembled elders took counsel. Then, they gave large sum money soldiers, telling them, “You say, ‘His disciples came night stole him while we asleep.’ And, gets ears governor, we will handle him keep you out trouble.” soldiers took money did they instructed. story circulated among Jews present day. Appearance Road Emmaus. Now, very day two disciples going village seven miles Jerusalem called “Emmaus,” they conversing about everything happened. And, while they talking debating, Jesus himself drew near walked them, their eyes kept recognizing him. He asked them, “What you talking about you walk?” They stopped, looking downcast. One them, named “Cleopas,” him reply, “Are you only visitor Jerusalem who of does know things have taken place there recently?” he replied them, “What things?” They him, “The things happened Jesus Nazarene, who of prophet mighty deed word before God all people. How our chief priests rulers both handed him over sentence death crucified him. “But we hoping he would one redeem Israel. Besides all this, third day since took place. “Some women our group, however, astonished us: they tomb early morning did find body. They came back reported they had seen vision angels who of announced he alive. “Then some those us went tomb found things just women had described, they did see him.” Jesus them, “Fools! How slow heart believe all prophets have spoken!

Must Messiah necessarily have suffered these things, enter glory?” Then, beginning Moses all prophets, he interpreted them what referred him all scriptures. they approached village which they going, he acted though he going farther. they urged him, “Stay us, nearly evening day almost over.” he went stay them. happened that, while he them table, he took bread, blessing, broke it, gave them. their eyes opened they recognized him, he vanished their sight. they each other, “Were our hearts inside burning while he spoke us way opened scriptures us?” they immediately set out returned Jerusalem where they found gathered together eleven who of saying, “The Lord truly raised appeared Simon!” “Then two returned recounted what had taken place way how he made known them breaking bread they did believe them either.  Appearance Disciples. evening, being first day week, disciples doors locked, fear Jews. while they still speaking about these things, Jesus came stood their midst them, “Peace you.”  When he had this, he showed them hands side. disciples rejoiced when they saw Lord. Jesus them again, “Peace you. Father sent me, i and send you.” they shocked greatly afraid, thought they seeing ghost.  Then he them, “Why you troubled? why do questions arise your hearts? Look my hands my feet; know I. Touch me see, because ghost does have flesh bones you can see i and have.”  And he this, he showed them hands feet.  While they still disbelief amazed, he asked them, “Have you anything here eat?” They gave him piece baked fish, he took ate front them. He them, “These my words i and spoke you while i and still you: everything written about me law Moses prophets psalms must fulfilled.” he opened their minds understand scriptures.  And he them, “Thus written Messiah would suffer rise dead third day, repentance, forgiveness sins, would preached name all nations, beginning Jerusalem.  “You witnesses these things.”  “And behold i and am sending promise my Father you, stay city until you clothed power high.” When he had this, he breathed them them, “Receive Holy Spirit. Whose sins you forgive forgiven them, whose sins you retain retained.” Doubting Thomas; Faith without Proof. Thomas, called “Didymus,” one Twelve, them when Jesus came. other disciples him, “We have seen Lord.” he them, “Unless i and see mark nails hands put my finger nail holes put my hand side, i and will believe.”  Now, one week later disciples again inside Thomas them. Jesus came, although doors locked, stood their midst “Peace you.” he Thomas, “Put your finger here see my hands, bring your hand put my side, do unbelieving, believe.” Thomas answered him, “My Lord my God!” Jesus him, “You have come believe because you have seen. Blessed those who of have seen yet believe.”  Second Charge Disciples. And, later well, eleven table, he appeared them chastised them their unbelief hardness heart, because they had believed those who of saw him after he had raised.  He them, “Go whole world proclaim Good News everyone. Whoever believes baptized will saved, whoever does believe will condemned.  “These signs will accompany those who of believe: my name they will drive out demons; they will speak new languages. They will pick up serpents their hands, they drink any deadly thing, will harm them. They will lay hands sick, they will recover.”  ACommissioning Disciples. commanded, eleven disciples went Galilee, mountain which Jesus had ordered them.  8 When they saw him, they worshiped, they still doubted.  Jesus approached them: All power heaven earth given me. Go, therefore, make disciples all nations, baptizing them name Father, Son, Holy Spirit, teaching them observe all i and have commanded you. And, behold, i and shall you always, until end age. Ascension. Jesus led them out far Bethany, raised hands, blessed them. And, then, Lord Jesus, he blessed them, he parted them, he taken up heaven took seat right hand God.  And they did him homage returned Jerusalem great joy, they continually temple praising God. They went forth preached everywhere, while Lord worked them confirmed Word through accompanying miracles. they reported all instructions briefly Peter's companions. Thereafter, Jesus himself, through them, sent forth East West sacred imperishable proclamation eternal salvation. Conclusion. this disciple who of testifies these things written them, we know testimony true.  Jesus did many other miracles presence disciples written book. There also many other things Jesus did, these described individually, i and do think whole world would contain books would written. these written you may come believe Jesus Messiah, Son God, that, through belief, you may have life name. Amen. Unification Index Unification Index (“Index”) your key back source Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke John. author authoritatively documented unification process that, every clause ONE, preacher, student scholar can comfortably source back original works. See more information. Index uses abbreviation “T” Matthew, “R” Mark, “L” Luke “J” John.

Thus, “T : ” means Matthew Chapter , Verse . Let us use ONE: - [ ] Page example: Peter approaching asked him, “Lord, my brother sins against me, how often must i and forgive him? many seven times?” Jesus answered, “Be your guard! your brother sins, rebuke him; he repents, forgive him. he wrongs you seven times one day returns you seven times saying, ‘i and am sorry,’ you should forgive him. i and say you, seven times seventy-seven times.” Acknowledgements When glass becomes full, impossible thank any particular drop its contribution. work. contributions too numerous subtle. who of can find spark flame? truth it. But, i and am nevertheless compelled make certain specific acknowledgements. work dedicated my father, Ronald (Arnold) Zegarelli. There no greater gift son can receive than have great father. There no greater gift son can give than do good works honor father. My mother, Dolores Zegarelli, her incessant love care. My wife, Jodi, gift our blessed marriage family, her incessant love care, including our two beautiful daughters, Bria Ella. Although different character, her contribution work no less than my own. Lisa Laurent, my true friend. Her love boundless. My blessed family, including my sister brother, Ronda Rodney Underwood, my parents, Andrew Kathleen Csuhta. Dennis Moskal, steadfastness. Sandra Marr, her inspiration. Shawnna Davis, her truth perspective. Albert Elovitz, greatest salesman i and will ever know. Rev. James Ross Torquato, S.T.L., friendship, love spiritual care. Louise Anne Ward her deepened review text, her insight invaluable suggestions when i and needed most. Duquesne University Law School, Duquesne University, Central Catholic High School Saint Bartholomew Grade School, all Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, most fundamental gift superb education. These institutions guided inspired me, provided environment deepened study religion, philosophy, history, political science, classics classical languages. i and live deep appreciation my many debts, joy determining manners which i and am bound repay. Gregg R. Zegarelli and ORDERING INFORMATION preferred method ordering book website: website automated facilities membership ordering confirmation. you cannot use website, you can order at: One Unified Gospel Press Forbes Avenue, th Floor Pittsburgh, PA - USA . . Contact special volume pricing. Published two related editions: DIVINE version UNIVERSAL version. DIVINE version: ISBN - - - - ISBN - - - UNIVERSAL version: ISBN - - - - ISBN - - - A portion proceeds sale work donated UNICEF non-denominational charitable purposes throughout world. There two versions work, separately published. See Introduction. version you reading DIVINE version. DIVINE VERSION: Also called “Christian Version.” DIVINE version contains whole unified text original Gospels. full text includes “divine miracles” Christians believe faith. example, immaculate conception Jesus Virgin Mary, raising Lazarus dead, Jesus walking water, Jesus’ resurrection dead. full unified gospel. you Christian any denomination, DIVINE version recommended. UNIVERSAL VERSION: Non-Christians, definition, do believe divinity Jesus. And, fact, some non-Christians may find violative their own beliefs study any work includes events plainly rest Christian faith. UNIVERSAL version—unlike DIVINE version—is those who of desire conduct more philosophical study Jesus. most part, these probably non-Christians; however, study Jesus’ teachings non-religious perspective does contradict Jesus’ purpose. some Christians, may refreshing study perspective. Accordingly, UNIVERSAL version subtext DIVINE Version: removes certain divine miracles necessarily require Christian faith. Where does so, removal well-documented scholars. example, UNIVERSAL version does reference Jesus being born virgin rising dead. does, however, have all beautiful teachings goodness someone who of admitted most one greatest persons who of ever lived, whether student believes him divine. you Christian any denomination, UNIVERSAL version recommended.

See Page example why work unique. Explaining Rejoice Return Parable Lost Sheep. tax collectors sinners all drawing listen him, Pharisees scribes began complain, saying, “This man welcomes sinners eats them.” So them Jesus addressed parable: What your opinion? man hundred sheep one them goes astray, will he leave ninety- nine hills go search desert after lost one until he finds it? when he does find it, he rejoices more over than over ninety-nine did stray. He sets shoulders great joy and, arrival home, he calls together friends neighbors says them, ‘Rejoice me because i and have found my lost sheep.’ i and tell you, just same way there will more joy heaven over one sinner who of repents than over ninety-nine righteous people who of have no need repentance. will your heavenly Father one these little ones lost. Explaining Rejoice Return Parable Woman’s Lost Coin. what woman having ten coins losing one would light lamp sweep house, looking carefully until she finds it? when she does find it, she calls together her friends neighbors says them, ‘Rejoice me because i and have found coin i and lost.’ Likewise, i and tell you, there will rejoicing among angels God over one sinner who of repents.  Explaining Rejoice Return Parable Prodigal Son. he said: “A certain man had two sons, younger son father, ‘Father, give me portion your estate should come me.’ father divided property between them. “And after many days, younger son gathered all belongings set off journey distant country, where he wasted inheritance life riotous living.  “When he had spent everything, mighty famine struck country, he found himself need. So, he became hired one local citizens who of sent him farm feed swine. he wanted eat husks which swine fed, nobody gave him any. “Coming senses he thought, ‘How many my father’s servants have bread eat, here am I, perishing hunger. i and will get up go my father i and will say him, “Father, i and have sinned against heaven against you. i and no longer deserve called your son; treat me you would treat one your servants.”’ “So he arose went back father. While he still far away, father caught sight him, filled compassion. He ran son, embraced him kissed him. “His son him, ‘Father, i and have sinned against heaven against you; i and no longer deserve called your son.’ father ordered servants, ‘Bring finest robe put him; put ring finger sandals feet. Take fattened calf slaughter it. let us celebrate feast, because son mine dead, come life again; he lost, found.’ celebration began. “Now older son had out field and, way back, he neared house, he heard sound music dancing. He called one servants asked what happening. “The servant him, ‘Your brother returned your father slaughtered fattened calf because he him back safe sound.’ He became angry, when he refused go in, father came out pleaded him. “He father reply, ‘Look, all these years i and served you once did i and transgress your commandments; yet you never gave me even young goat feast my friends. But, when son yours returns who of consumed your property prostitutes, him you slaughter fattened calf.’” “He him, ‘My son, you here me always; everything i and have yours. But, now, we must celebrate rejoice, because your brother dead come life again; he lost found.’” Teaching Forgiveness; Resolving Disputes. “If your brother sins against you, go tell him fault between you him alone. he listens you, you have won over your brother. “If he does listen, take one two others along you, ‘every fact may established testimony two three witnesses.’ he refuses listen them, tell church. he refuses listen even church, treat him you would pagan tax collector. “Amen, i and say you, whatever you bind earth shall bound heaven, whatever you free earth shall freed heaven. “Again, amen, i and say you, two you agree earth about anything which they pray, shall granted them my heavenly Father. where two three gathered together my name, there am i and midst them.”

Teaching Unending Forgiveness; Seventy-Seven Times. Peter approaching asked him, “Lord, my brother sins against me, how often must i and forgive him? many seven times?” Jesus answered, “Be your guard! your brother sins, rebuke him; he repents, forgive him. he wrongs you seven times one day returns you seven times saying, ‘i and am sorry,’ you should forgive him. i and say you, seven times seventy-seven times.”  Teaching Reciprocal Forgiveness Parable Unforgiving Servant. “That why kingdom heaven may likened king who of decided settle accounts servants.” “When he began accounting, debtor brought before him who of owed him ten thousand talents. Since he had no way paying back, master ordered him sold, along wife, children, all property, payment debt. “At that, servant fell down, did him homage, ‘Be patient me, i and will pay you back full.’ Moved compassion, master servant freed him forgave him loan. “When servant had left, he found one fellow servants who of owed him much smaller amount. He seized him started choke him, demanding, ‘Pay back what you owe.’ Falling knees, fellow servant begged him, ‘Be patient me, i and will pay you back.’ he refused. Instead, he had him put prison until he should paid back debt. “So when fellow servants saw what had happened, they deeply sorry, went their master reported whole affair. master summoned him him, ‘You wicked servant! i and forgave you your entire debt because you begged me do so. Should you have compassion your fellow servant, i and had pity you?’ “His master full wrath handed him over torturers until he should pay back entire debt. “So, my heavenly Father will do likewise you, unless each you forgives brother heart.” Reproach Call Repentance. There some people there time who of told Jesus about Galileans who of Pilate had killed very moment when they offering their sacrifices. He them reply, “Do you suppose because these Galileans suffered way they greater sinners than all other Galileans? i and tell you, no! Unless you do repent, you will all perish they did!”  “Or those eighteen people, whom tower Siloam fell killed them. Do you think they more guilty than everyone else who of lived Jerusalem? i and tell you, no! i and tell you, you do repent, you will all perish they did!” Teaching Necessity Deeds Parable Barren Fig Tree. he told them parable: “There once person who of had fig tree planted orchard, when he came search fruit found none.   He keeper, ‘Behold, three years i and have come search fruit fig tree have found none. So, cut down. Why should exhaust soil?’ “He him reply, ‘Lord, leave year also, i and shall cultivate ground around fertilize it. would well bears fruit future. But, not, cut down.’”  Proclamation Conditions Discipleship. Jesus disciples: Whoever wishes come after me, must deny himself, take up cross daily, follow me. whoever wishes save life will lose it, whoever loses life my sake gospel will find it. person shall save it. what man advantaged, he should gain whole world lose himself process? What could man give exchange soul? Son Man will come angels Father’s glory, he will repay everyone according works. Whoever ashamed me my words, faithless sinful generation, Son Man will ashamed when he comes glory glory Father holy angels. “Amen, amen i and say you, there some standing here who of will taste death until they see Son Man kingdom God come power.  Transfiguration. About six eight days after he this, Jesus took Peter, James, John brother, took them up high mountain themselves.  While Jesus praying, face changed appearance clothing became white snow,  such no fuller earth could whiten them. he transfigured before them, face shined like sun. And, behold, Moses Elijah appeared them, conversing him. They appeared glory spoke exodus he going accomplish Jerusalem. Peter companions had heavy sleep, when they awoke, they saw glory two men standing him.

Peter Jesus reply, “Rabbi, good we here. you wish, i and will make three tents here, one you, one Moses, one Elijah.” he did know what he saying, they terrified. While he still speaking, behold, bright cloud cast shadow over them, they remained frightened when they entered cloud. Then, cloud came voice “This my beloved Son, whom i and am well pleased. Listen him.” When disciples heard this, they fell prostrate very much afraid. After voice had spoken, Jesus came touched them, saying, “Rise, do afraid.” And, suddenly, when disciples raised their eyes, looking around, they saw no one else Jesus alone. they coming down mountain, Jesus charged them, “Do tell vision anyone until Son Man raised dead.” they fell silent they kept matter themselves, questioning what rising dead meant. disciples asked him, “Why do scribes say Elijah must come first?” He reply, “Elijah will indeed come first restore all things, also written Son Man must suffer greatly treated contempt. i and tell you Elijah already come, they did recognize him did him whatever they pleased, written him. So, also, will Son Man suffer their hands.” disciples understood he speaking them John Baptist. Proclamation Metaphor Good Shepherd. “Amen, amen, i and say you, whoever does enter sheepfold through gate climbs over elsewhere thief robber. “But whoever enters through gate shepherd sheep. The gatekeeper opens him, sheep hear voice, he calls own sheep name leads them out. “When he driven out all own, he walks ahead them, sheep follow him, because they recognize voice. they will follow stranger; they will run away him, because they do recognize voice strangers.” Although Jesus used figure speech, they did realize what he saying them. Jesus again: Amen, amen, i and say you, i and am gate sheep.  All who of came before me thieves robbers, sheep did listen them. i and am gate. Whoever enters through me will saved, will come go out find pasture. thief comes only steal, kill destroy. i and came they might have life have more abundantly. i and am good shepherd. good shepherd lays down life sheep.  hired man, who of shepherd whose sheep own, sees wolf coming leaves sheep runs away, wolf catches scatters them.  because he works pay cares sheep.  i and am good shepherd, i and know my sheep my sheep know me, just Father knows me i and know Father. And, i and will lay down my life sheep.  i and have other sheep do belong fold. These also i and must lead, they will hear my voice, there will one flock, one shepherd. why Father loves me, because i and lay down my life order take up again. No one takes me, i and lay down my own. i and have power lay down, power take up again. commandment i and have received my Father. There division among Jews because these words.  Many them “He possessed devil out mind. Just listen him!”  Others “These words one possessed. Can demon open eyes blind?”  Jesus Defends Claimed Blasphemy; You Gods.  feast Dedication taking place Jerusalem. winter. Jesus walked about temple area Portico Solomon. Jews gathered around him him, “How long you going make us doubt? you Messiah, tell us plainly.” Jesus answered them: i and told you you do believe. works i and do my Father’s name, they testify me. you do believe, because you my sheep. My sheep hear my voice; i and know them, they follow me. i and give them eternal life, they shall never perish.

Neither shall any man snatch them out my hand. My Father, who of gave them me, greater than all, no one able snatch them out Father’s hand. Father i and one. Jews again picked up rocks stone him. Jesus answered them, “i and have shown you many good works my Father. which these works you trying stone me?” Jews answered him, “We stoning you good work, blasphemy. “You, man, making yourself God.” Jesus answered them: written your law, “i and ‘You gods’”? calls them gods whom word God came, scripture cannot set aside, can you say one whom Father consecrated sent world blasphemes because i and ‘i and am Son God’? i and do perform my Father’s works, do believe me. i and perform them, even you do believe me, believe works, you may realize understand Father me i and am Father.” they tried again arrest him, he escaped their power. He went back across Jordan place where John first baptized, there he remained. Many came him “John performed no sign, everything John about man true.” many there began believe him. Cure Belief; Metaphor Faith Size Mustard Seed. next day, when they came down mountain came disciples, they saw large crowd around them scribes arguing them. Immediately seeing him, whole crowd entirely amazed. They ran up him greeted him. When they came crowd, Jesus asked them, “What you arguing about them?” man approached, knelt down before him answered him, “Teacher, i and have brought you my son possessed mute spirit. i and beg you, look my son have pity him, he lunatic suffers severely. Often he falls fire, often water. Wherever seizes him, he suddenly screams throws him down; he foams mouth, gnashes teeth, becomes rigid. releases him only difficulty, wearing him out. i and asked your disciples drive out, they unable do so.” He them reply, “Oh, faithless perverse generation, how long will i and you? How long will i and suffer you? Bring your son me.” They brought boy him. when he saw him, spirit immediately threw boy convulsions. he fell ground, he began roll around foam mouth. Jesus questioned father, “How long happened him?” He replied, “Since he child. often thrown him fire water kill him. you can do anything, have compassion us help us.” Jesus him, “If you can believe! Everything possible one who of faith.” boy’s father cried out, “i and do believe, help my unbelief!” Jesus, seeing crowd rapidly gathering, rebuked unclean spirit it, “Mute deaf spirit, i and command you: come out him never enter him again!” Shouting throwing boy convulsions, came out him. He became like corpse, which caused many say, “He dead!” Jesus took him hand, raised him, he stood up. hour boy cured. When he entered house, disciples asked him private, “Why could we drive out?” He them, “This kind can only come out through prayer fasting.”  He them further, “Because your little faith.” apostles Lord, “Increase our faith.”

“Amen, i and say you, you have faith size mustard seed, you will say mountain, ‘Move here there,’ will move. You would say mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted planted sea,’ would obey you. Nothing will impossible you.” Prediction Passion (Second).  all astonished majesty God. They left there began journey through Galilee, he did wish anyone know about it. they gathering Galilee, while they stood amazed every deed, he disciples,  “Pay attention what i and am telling you. Son Man handed over men they will kill him, three days after death he will rise.” they overwhelmed grief. they did understand saying; its meaning hidden them they should understand it, they afraid ask him about saying.  * first word each index item permits ease reference reader; example, use word "Teaching" denotes a passage where Jesus teaches a certain subject related text, "Reproach" denotes a condemnation. titles also intended provide one framework review—of many possibilities—to ease understanding related text; however, possible interpretations Jesus’ words innumerable, author hopes titles chosen, rather than limitation, will serve a foundation empowerment reader those many interpretations. [ ] Because text refers Pharisees, Sadducees scribes, some context very generally noted convenience. Generally, Pharisees layman followers Judas Maccabee; Sadducees generally priestly followers Simon Maccabee. term "Pharisees" means "separated ones." Paul a Pharisee. High Priests, such Annas Caiaphas, Sadducees.   Pharisees accepted written Torah, well oral tradition. (The Torah first five books Hebrew Scriptures/Christian Old Testament.) Pharisees noted their strict adherence rites ceremonies. Pharisees came ranks scribes (writers experts law). They accepted coming Messiah bodily resurrection judgment. other hand, Sadducees accepted only written word Torah. They rejected doctrines found Jewish Law, such coming Messiah, miracles bodily resurrection. There apparently social jealousies between Pharisees Sadducees because Pharisees, who of generally laypersons, may have appeared, times, more pious than Sadducees, who of generally priests. [ ] work summarily cited form “ONE:Reference”; example, “ONE: ” text which can found Page work, referenced back source(s) Page Unification Index. same citation can fully cited “ONE: [T : , L : ]” which fully identifies unified sources Matthew : Luke : .

ONE: The Unified Gospel of Jesus

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